Lantern: Behold the Bayonet


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Chu Ci couldn’t help but smile: “Han Yue, I’m about to die. You should be happy, why do you look like you’re about to cry?”

Han Yue paused, coldly replying with a question after a while: “Your death should bring about much joy to many people, how would there be a person who would shed tears for you?”

“…That’s true.” Chu Ci sighed as he nodded, “I don’t wish for you to shed a single drop of tear for me, dirtying my road to reincarnation.”

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The Light on the Bayonet
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02/24/21 Xiyang c1-4
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meridianna rated it
March 10, 2021
Status: Completed
who's the madman translating this? *check the name* OMG PLS XIYANG ASGF

coughcough, anyway... how to put this one. first of all, too abusive. dog-blood drama everywhere... but with the knives straightly pointing at your heart. i, for once, don't know what's the deal with this CP. sure, our Chu-gong is very nice but pitiful, because he was trapped with that one crazy man named Han Yue. but, yes, but Han Yue's feeling toward Chu Ci is actually very genuine... to the point of obsession from the start (i see you,... more>> the gong who has 800 years crush). so is Han Yue a scum gong? yes he is, but he's very clear about his love to Chu Ci which is... well, unlike the standard scum gong who treats his shou badly and coldly. Han Yue abused Chu Ci mainly because he wanted Chu Ci always together with him. that thinking is good, but the method is screwed. his love is just very *HEAVY*.


the feud between them is quite complicated. I won't mention here. I just don't understand why Chu Ci (shou) still keeps Han Yue alive after those abuse and rap*ng (well I'm not kidding). it's not like he couldn't kill Han Yue (gong), using some surprise attack I'm sure he could do it. for revenge? hey that's too far. I can't think another reason except Chu Ci himself has some feelings toward Han Yue.


most common opinion about this novel: maybe bad ending will suit more. the happy ending is just like some Deus Ex Machina bullshittery.

i can't comment most plot, I skipped them especially the painful ones (cough). the characters are good. and honestly, I much prefer the other two Lantern. it is Huaishang's early novel so the flaws are very apparent. and the quality of plot is not as good as her recent works. not to mention (cough) problematic themes (cough). if you check Huaishang jjwxc page, you'll see this novel is being locked :>


but anyway, you readers can be happy as the gong became housekeeper in the end of novel. well sorry, I'm very critical with this dumbo dino-husband. oh maan, seeing Chu Ci again in Poyun makes me sad after I know what happened to him here. well although in next Lantern (提灯照河山, not the Peach Blossom one btw), his situation turns better and he lives very well. too well maybe..... aww yiss, let him do whatever he wants. including badmouthing Han Yue. accidentally I made spoiler thread for all Lantern. if you want to ask more spoilers, let's go there.


edit: Lao Long's name is Long Jiwei and the little dragon is Xuan Lin, and they ARE pair. you can read more about them in another Lantern ((提灯照河山), tho they're only side couple. Long Jiwei is so good... <<less
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Amk rated it
March 16, 2021
Status: Completed
Started off quite strong and has a mystery element that makes it unique from other BL. I think the 1st half was extremely enjoyable.

The best part of this novel for me was well written characters. The backstories of our 2 protagonists are interesting and they both have very distinct personalities from the start, the best part being that neither of them are pushovers. Some of the side characters were good as well, including ML's friend (Pei Zhi) and father.

Agree with Meridianna (1st reviewer) though that the repeated drama and abuse... more>> gets tiring after a while and only takes away from the plot instead of developing it. The author could remove a good chunk of the drama in the 2nd half

e.g. Mc's disease

and the novel would have been just as good, if not better.

Great novel for those who love dog-blood, revenge, abuse, action, etc. Not so great if you're looking for storyline or fluff. <<less
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CrescentLuna rated it
April 13, 2022
Status: Completed
mtl this novel recently. I love this story. I accept ML and MC together because ML have some toleratable and considerable. Even there r*ped and painfully sex, there abused physical but not too far to tortured MC to dead. This ML far better than ML in Earned Favors novel who kept abusing and tortured MC to dead the whole story.

Who are never read novel with more bloody brutel and ruthless crazy ml, theres read EARNED FAVORS. You gonna crazy and crazy many time and want to slap the MC for... more>> accept ML at the end. <<less
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Burning_Rose rated it
August 5, 2022
Status: c15
Despite the tags I still read it cuz it's written bu Huai Shang. But omg I regret reading it. The translation is incomplete and I think the translator did a good job abandoning the story.

The ML is just typical arrogant abusive rich kid who doesn't treat others as humans. Surroundings, characters and their families don't have a bit of positive traits.

While the MC is just depressed as hell cold and quite beauty who hates the ML and is quietly by his side. Rebelling and enduring with his own past and... more>> all that.

This novel's not for me. <<less
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