Kochugunshikan Boukensha ni Naru


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Imperial Galactic Army Officer Alan Corinth’s ship is seriously damaged after being ambushed by an unknown foe in hyperspace.

Even though it was through sheer coincidence, he became the sole survivor.

The stricken ship fell to the planet below.

Alan alone managed to get to an escape pod.

Alan the Imperial Army Officer wagers his survival in this savage world on the symbiotic nanomachines (nanom) in his body.

The world he landed on was home to a prosperous human civilization, which seemed to have a strangely similar genetic pedigree to himself.

In this puzzling fantasy world of swords and sorcery, Alan will live to the fullest alongside his comrades.

What will Alan achieve in this strange world?

A Science Fiction Fantasy in a Middle Ages setting starts here.

Associated Names
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The Galactic Navy Officer becomes an Adventurer
The Starship Officer Becomes An Adventurer
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New ehutch79 rated it
June 17, 2020
Status: c1
Just no.

im not even through the first chapter and I’m snoozing here.

when the author should be trying to hook us into the story, I’m reading about an ai writing an app to determine how refreshing the face of the MC is? Who gives a shit, and what does that even mean?
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New pomoli rated it
June 17, 2020
Status: --
This is a cool idea ruined by shounen manga like interactions. If I wanted that I'd read a manga.
Nothing more to say, dropped.
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SFBaka rated it
February 28, 2020
Status: --
Hi guys. SFBaka here. This review is written mostly as a reply to phreakinsane's review, which might dissuade a lot of potential readers if not addressed properly.

Let me just put this out there first:

There is no r*pe or NTR in the series. None whatsoever. I, as the translator, guarantee it. Now you folks must be wondering why phreakinsane would come to a conclusion that r*pe occurred in the particular chapter he/she mentioned, which is chapter 50. It all stemmed from Google Translate being a little off in the machine translation... more>> of said chapter leading to him/her hastily concluding that r*pe transpired when it, in fact, didn't. I can't put in any more details since it will constitute spoilers and it involves some somewhat major characters who will appear in future chapters. But, again, no r*pe or NTR folks. Read with confidence.

And for the record, there were three young women involved in the scene in question. To mistake one of them for a man (therefore hastily concluding there's NTR) is already an indication our dear machine translation reader didn't manage to actually read through the said chapter properly, let alone understand the context.

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1996611 rated it
January 8, 2020
Status: --
Great premise is until it got to the Kingdom building part! It was all RPG at first then it suddenly switches s to kingdom building. Let’s not mention the fact that of course he can suddenly do magic once he learns it and in fact he can even do it better that the natives who have been learning it since like... forever cuz imagination duh! And the natives never knew they could use by simply imagining hard enough.

Don’t know why but Japanese novels have great premises but some how ALWAYS... more>> [email protected]*ks it up, Chinese for the most part is repetitive cultivation system crap, so far Koreans seems to be the best so far (GENERALLY) <<less
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Juslin rated it
March 30, 2020
Status: c30
It's pretty bad. Okay, first of all, let's talk about the characters. They are flat as hell. It seriously feels like they have no emotions at all. They literally all talk the same way except for a few key moments. Like for example, one character goes like 'HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO MILORD LiKE THAT YOU PEASANT' on the first meeting, then immediately her character mellows out. What? Not to mention a highly trained knight made the s*upid mistake of endangering herself and the person she's supposed to protect by... more>> compromising their identities. Another example is a member of the army (our MC) constantly letting his guard down and making dumb mistakes. Like, he's not even a soldier or anything, dude is stated to be an extremely capable lieutenant, yet he makes still these kinds of mistakes back to back? Of course, there is also the examples listed by the other reviews that are justified by 'brainwashing' (sure that makes sense but it doesn't change the fact that the characters are boring) If I were to summarise, it would be like the author is making up standard scenarios beforehand and forcing the characters into that plan, even if it's like fitting a square block into a round hole lmao.

Everyone else is like the most generic of generic people. Bad guys are perverts and s*upid, good guys are background characters to highlight how cool our MC is, the guy he coincidentally saves happens to give him everything he needs, he meets random people and gives them tons of free stuff because he's a good guy, everyone! It's s*upid that everyone he meets happens to be extremely honest and kind, lacking any sort of flaws or deficiencies that can separate them from others. No, it's just 'good guy' good guy who happens to be merchant' 'good guy that has a slang'. I'm of the impression that if you want to make memorable and realistic characters, they should contain unique 'good' and 'bad' sides.

So next would be the plot I guess. It's boring. Nothing happens at all. It's just 'oh they did this' and 'oh they did this again' and 'oh wait did you already forget about this? Just to make sure let me make them do it again'. One chapter literally repeated the same sentence like around ten or more times (I can't be bothered to find it again). There's a key difference between repeating a sentence for emphasis and not knowing how to write a novel. How about the content? Well, it's cooking and cooking and cooking again. I swear the main point of this novel is actually cooking. At first, I thought it wouldn't worship Japanese food but it ended up doing so in the end. I do wonder why so many Japanese novels like to do that. Does anyone actually enjoy reading it?

One of the most s*upid parts of this novel has to be the money. They have a ton of different kinds, small copper, large copper, small silver, large silver etc. Etc. Except there is also a numerical number like 134, 033 dollars. So that's already pretty hard to remember. Do you know what's worse? YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW MUCH THAT IS IN OUR DOLLARS. He asks 'oh so how much does a bread cost' at the start like Japanese MCs do to convert it to yen, but guess what, the novels responds with 'Idk lol' and never brings it up again. And the novel also never converts the money to you. So basically, you have no idea what the significance of a dollar is, therefore the constant repetition of how much so and so costs and how much money this will bring in means absolutely nothing.

They give quite an in-depth explanation of the sci-fi world but don't really do anything with it other than the nanomachines, you can argue that it's for later but I'm of the opinion that if you give some random information, you have to show why we needed to know that within like 10 chapters.

How about the magic system? Well, it's garbage. I had high hopes since it's a sci-fi and magic book, so I was expecting creative usage of magic and combination of tech and magic but no. The most they did with it was a magic scanner. The rest is garbage RPG like magic with stuff like 'Fireball' and 'Fire Arrow' and the MC is great because wow he can do it stronger and faster than others thanks to his nanomachines. Very disappointed about this, they could have at least tried to do something interesting. Like 'MC has less mana than others because he's not native, so he makes up for it in efficiency and creativity instead!'

The novel has harem and romance tags as main tags, yet after 30 damn chapters, there is not a hint of both tags even remotely appearing so I have no idea why they are there. At this point I'm starting to suspect the author is going to write something like 'I love you' 'I love you too' and wrap it up in a few chapters with no set up at all.

I'm lazy to write more but all you need to know is that this novel is bad. It's good as filler but not entertaining at all. <<less
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phreakinsane rated it
February 16, 2020
Status: c50
As of chapter 17 I was totally sucked in to this story. I liked the translation, the premise, and the characters at that point.

I especially like the story being portrayed by two different perspectives the way the author executes this has been very entertaining for me thus far.

I continued with mtl and later on there is a scene which made me drop the series and drop the rating. But it started out really good. So I guess just don't read past chapter 49?

I don't recommend starting it though since the... more>> story is still far from over even 90 chapters later. Unless, ofcourse, r*pe and ntr don't bother you like they do me. Then you may still get something out of this.


A scene where two women are getting raped and the husband of one of them is being forced to watch.

The women are "saved" by MC and kill the bandits... but.... NTR and r*pe are both instant drops for me. Totally ruined the series for me


NTR and r*pe are both instant drops for me. This novel has both in atleast one scene. Totally ruined the series.

Although everything up to that point was pretty lighthearted, unfortunately, this one scene was enough for me to end it. :' ( <<less
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April 22, 2020
Status: c31 part2
The story started fine as the intergalactic officer (protagonist) was trapped in a fantasy-like planet and met a gal there. However afterwards there are quite a number of chapters about enjoying good japanese food and it turns out to be one of the typical slow-pace stories with overpowered dense protagonists partying with gals. There are many cases in which what the characters did didn't make any sense. Also there are too many pov parts. So far it doesn't show originality and any exciting plots, but let's see whether there will... more>> be any improvement later. <<less
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DryWater rated it
March 30, 2020
Status: c26
Alright, I think I've had enough.

This novel is very poorly planned. There is so much filler that it really makes you wonder if the author just wanted to satisfy a word count. The author heavily relies on tell-don't-show where it's basically just "MC does this, MC does that".

Do not take that cooking tag lightly. The author is constantly jerking off about how good the MC is at cooking. Normally, I don't mind the cooking parts of isekai all that much, but this author just goes overboard with it that I... more>> find myself wondering why he didn't just write a cooking novel instead.

Now for MC himself. He's a blatant self-insert. He has the exact same goody two-shoes, overly humble, overly polite, overly generous "personality" that's copy-pasted through every other isekai out there. He's so overpowered that he's basically the strongest person on the planet. He can instantly learn magic just by imagining it. He can basically deus ex machina away any problems with his nanomachines. Language gap? Don't worry about that, nanomachines will learn the language for you. Don't know something? Why bother figuring it out for himself when he can just ask his trusty built-in wikipedia. The way his character is written is honestly just so lazy. The other characters aren't any better as they all exist to praise or gawk at the MC whenever he does something. If you take away the sci-fi parts in the beginning, you basically have a generic isekai with nothing that stands out.

+1 star for the excellent translations though. <<less
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lexonia rated it
May 11, 2020
Status: c28 part1
The start was good. I was hoping for more ability/action will be coming in ongoing chapters. Instead its going for a food making plot. I am not interested in a food recipe neither how its sold. I hope the action will be back in following chapters but I have lost my patience with this one. Translation quality is good but plot is weak.
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albreo rated it
October 15, 2019
Status: v10

The execution of this novel is totally rubbish thought the plot seems decent enough. This is more of a slice of life fps point of view novel where MC keep thinking in his head "I will do this and do that" and he really did those. At the time, there are two point of view of MC and heroine constantly keep a misunderstanding banter ongoing, a typical japanese trope.

Next, is an example of how characters totally lack of any emotion to past and present. An entire ship just blowed up,... more>> your entire platoon just got wiped out, all of your friends for two years turned into meat paste then our MC shed a manly tears for just one sentence and that is. The same goes for the heroine. Your grief is truly short, I said.

When you watched Clannad, you grieved for 7 days straight. That is how it should be. The translation quality is great. No complain here. <<less
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Passerby rated it
May 15, 2020
Status: c33 part2
As stated by others the premise is very promising and the translation quality being good. But the story could suddenly become all about (not) cooking etc.

Although I have interest in cooking, I'm still put off as:

    • There's no recipe or other actual cooking knowledge.
    • No story progression
    • The "cooking" is all about the pointless stuff like "xxxx looks just like yyyy that I know", "I almost forgot to make xxx", "xxx praised/finds it delicious" for a whole chapter or more.
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grimsol rated it
June 8, 2020
Status: c32 part1
Tl;Dr: Garbage.

This novel is a cook book disguised as a sci fi fantasy isekai. Everything is about Japanese food. EVERY BLOODY GOD DAMN THING.

Thrash plot aside, there is nothing explaining how or why the MC is OP and the MC doesnt care simply going along with the world's common sense.

... more>> The character interactions are forced to the point of anil sphincter diarrhea cringe.

Nothing about the MC's own home world is explained only a huge d*ck wave for a new discovered planet called Earth.

Plot. There is none. No plans where it should be glaringly obvious what the MC's plan SHOULD be and not about how to bring Japan to another world.

This is ridiculous. <<less
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rindman rated it
May 24, 2020
Status: --
I'm sorry to tell this, but the heroine's country is in ruin by the rebels, and they talk about cuisine when heroines country in crisis? I know they need to wait for her knight at her cousin's kingdom whom support the rebels, and trying gather all information but, the intermezo about cooking is too much. I can grasp the whole picture how this novel end. The MC gain more knowledge about magic tools and magic then the knight gather to receive an order from the princess, then they start the... more>> journey to the nobels in her counrty who will support them, and to take the whole country the AI iris will found the MC, and use all the resource of the starship to support them take the country and finish the objective. I'm certainly sure that my guess at least 90 percent will hit it. <<less
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sumantri_eko rated it
December 16, 2019
Status: c14
I give this 5 stars of 5. This is unique unlike another isekai with bullsh*t plot and teenager loser MC (I hate this kind of novels the most). What I like from this novel is there some explanation regarding the civilization difference. And those bugs, I'm not have to take long to understand it, because the author seems using Starship Troopers as the reverence. Just like about magic explanation, if you read "She is both called Goddess and Satan", it has similiar type explanation. Magic as energy substance, and those... more>> nanoms are able to understand the principle behind it, so it doesn't using aptitude like in common isekai novel which is overused and I'm tired reading it. So looking forward for future chapter. <<less
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jpmrblood rated it
June 1, 2020
Status: --
The translation is great. Because of that, I can read the story and dwell into the story. Kudos to the translator

The story premise is a human with advanced tech and A.I. Thrown into a world of sword and magic. I like how the story author try not to downsize the current civilization. It has its perks and charms.

I know some CN novel already with this theme. But, it was refreshing from a JP novel. The translation quality makes this story unique.
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falloutexile3 rated it
December 4, 2019
Status: c18
What I was looking for: time filler.

What I found: a novel I am looking forward to seeing (hopefully) updated regularly. Currently rated 5/5.

Albreo, I understand your statement about mourning/emotions, but I offer a few rebuttals (newcomers beware spoilers).

... more>>

1) Keep in mind that the MC was "brainwashed" before leaving the ship, who knows what all got scrambled around upstairs when that happened.

2) The relations of Alan and the crew were not well established, and since the majority were in cryo, it's hard to say just how many of the active crew at any time were "comrades in arms" vs "that guy who works in accounting. Y'know, what's-his-face" I'd wager none of them were like a "Bucky Barnes" to him given he didn't ask about any by name when he came to.

3) Assuming the setup is anything like the modern military, training would stress teamwork and camaraderie, but do not value the dead at the cost of your own survival. I would expect Alan's and Cleria's upbringings both stress survival over emotions and provide training accordingly. (I.e. You can mourn the dead when you are safe). Those tears Alan shed were short lived as he transitioned into survival mode because he thought he was safe and then suddenly "oh crap, something is wrong with the escape pod". He's working in survival mode from that point on for several chapters. While his exploratory attitude might be seen as lackadaisical in some situations, he is expanding his essential knowledge foundation of the planet and it's unique situations. (Magicles)

4) While not specifically mentioned so far, Cleria in all likelihood did mourn further while Alan was out hunting as there was likely little to do while she was recovering and her mind would naturally wander to current memories and not just the wonder that is "Lord Corinth", (though he has become an emotional anchor and is probably also what is keeping her from sinking into utter despair from her current situation).

5) Just because Alan is not mentioned currently mourning his crewmates doesn't mean PTSD will not hit him like senpai truck-kun later. (Then again, that's assuming the brainwashing/Nanom don't somehow "fix it".)

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I_UwU_I rated it
November 3, 2019
Status: --

For now I give it a 5 because the plot is unique although it's isekai I kinda like the sci-fi vibes from the MC's side. Yes the story is slow but the plot is solid and needs to be slow paced to explain everything in detail wich is kinda good. What's more the misunderstanding genre is my favorite so if you're not a fan of that genre this is not for you. I know there's a lot of misunderstanding because of the language barrier of both sides at first (Keep... more>> that in your mind) the MC will get used to it.

when he gets in the town where he can learn more about the heroins world

the misunderstandings will soon clear up geeez guys have a patient. Furthermore I like the character design which is kinda like ledo (from suisei no gargantia) and the illustrations are good. Give it a shot it's worth it and its free 😉. <<less
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LordBored rated it
March 18, 2020
Status: c29
Great premise like everyone says it could use a little work on the storyline but it has so much potential. It does do some weird switch to kingdom building and the magic system should be improved but I hope the author was able to fix it. I personally love the idea of taking someone from a sci fi setting and placing them in a fantasy one.
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