Kimi ni Koi wo Suru Nante, Arienai Hazu Datta


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A plain guy who attends a prefectural high school in Minamisou in the Chiba prefecture, Iijima Yasuki, lived through gray days in his Science class.

Despite this, on the last night of the study training camp just before summer vacation, he helped the school’s number one beauty, Kitaoka Ema, when she was in trouble.

Now for some reason Ema has become pleased with him. However, she only talks to him outside of school. In the classroom she pretends not to know him.

Just what is Ema thinking?

There is a hierarchy in the school, with a disparity between a plain-type glasses boy and a flashy-type girl.

Two existences that were supposed to run counter to each other; a passing love story.

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I was supposed to never fall in love with you
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Date Group Release
01/08/19 Jiku Translation c4 part3
03/25/18 Jiku Translation c4 part2
03/09/18 Jiku Translation c4 part1
03/05/18 Jiku Translation c3 part2
03/02/18 Jiku Translation c3 part1
02/26/18 Jiku Translation c2 part2
02/26/18 Jiku Translation c2 part1
02/23/18 Jiku Translation c1 part4
02/23/18 Jiku Translation c1 part3
02/19/18 Jiku Translation c1 part2
02/19/18 Jiku Translation c1 part1
02/20/18 Jiku Translation prologue
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Sumire rated it
February 20, 2018
Status: c1 part4
Decent story so far. The author doesn't lie when he said the MC is plain. Letting himself get pushed around most of the time while having mediocre look and grade with no real ambition nor motivation thus far. Truly the definition of plain. But that's not a problem at all, for future development is what matter, so don't give up on it yet, stick around and see, maybe this will be another masterpiece in this dark hole called novelupdates.
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BabyDalyn rated it
June 25, 2018
Status: Completed
It's a story of a boy who is at the bottom caste of the class and a girl who's on top of the cast.

What I like about this series is the character's interactions and the depiction of their emotions. The MC's view to his surroundings and how he blends in.

Though the MC isn't a proactive type, he isn't actually a loner as what would you expect based on reading early chapters.

... more>>

He got a friend who sits nearby him as well as someone whom he knew from middle school who's attending the same HS and kouhais not to the point of being close but he get's along with them well. Though truthfully in class he doesn't communicate much sincd he knew few people but still later on able to talk slowly with them. The MC has somewhat borderline maturity with a tingeness of still being a teenage child.

About his looks... though said that he's plain, the people who knew him do not think so. Even according to his kouhai/committee fellows that he's somewhat of a secret ikemen. Even the female lead would comment that he dresses well outside of school. The only problem according to female lead is his glasses which has a geeky appearance.


As the story progresses you will see how the MC copes up and interact and improve the relationship and his view to his surroundings as well as for the female lead of how she develop her feelings and emotions for the MC.

This is a recommended read for a slice of life highschool romance readers. <<less
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Shitai rated it
February 27, 2018
Status: c2 part2
It is kind of fast paste, but I enjoy it overall so far. It seems pretty concise and short, but but there is still a pretty solid story told. So far, I would recommend to those who like romance/Slice of Life’s stories. Hopefully it won’t force some archetypes or cliches too much.
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