Kimi ni Koi wo Suru Nante, Arienai Hazu Datta


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A plain guy who attends a prefectural high school in Minamisou in the Chiba prefecture, Iijima Yasuki, lived through gray days in his Science class.

Despite this, on the last night of the study training camp just before summer vacation, he helped the school’s number one beauty, Kitaoka Ema, when she was in trouble.

Now for some reason Ema has become pleased with him. However, she only talks to him outside of school. In the classroom she pretends not to know him.

Just what is Ema thinking?

There is a hierarchy in the school, with a disparity between a plain-type glasses boy and a flashy-type girl.

Two existences that were supposed to run counter to each other; a passing love story.

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I was supposed to never fall in love with you
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New stanljpierre rated it
June 21, 2022
Status: Completed
Decent read, and while I wasn't really much a fan of the direction things headed nor the numerous misunderstanding, I at least enjoyed the ending.

Cant even say I even really liked either the MC or the FMC due to various reasons. They went months on end without speaking a word to each other and running away from their problems. Was quite frustrating to read tbh. If anything, the side characters had a lot more depth to them and were a lot more likeable.... more>>

Kumiko is the best girl, nothing will change my mind.


Anyhow, I wouldn't really recommend this novel, but it's something you can read in an hour or two so it isn't all that taxing if you do decide to give this a go. <<less
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Sumire rated it
February 20, 2018
Status: c1 part4
Decent story so far. The author doesn't lie when he said the MC is plain. Letting himself get pushed around most of the time while having mediocre look and grade with no real ambition nor motivation thus far. Truly the definition of plain. But that's not a problem at all, for future development is what matter, so don't give up on it yet, stick around and see, maybe this will be another masterpiece in this dark hole called novelupdates.
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anokatax rated it
July 31, 2021
Status: c4 part2
It's a basic premise. Unpopular MC who is pretty average/below average in studies, sports, social aspects, etc helps a popular FMC whose sandals broke at night (she was harassed by a guy, hid, then it broke as she was going home). MC gives her his shoes and walks home in his socks.

After this, the FMC seems to develop a crush on him and even tries to get his attention (we enter her PoV where she admits to changing her hairstyle because she thought it would attract his attention). She waits... more>> for him at the train station, tries to get him to come to the school's social events, tries to get him to get a phone (so she can contact him), etc.

My issue with this is that the two lack chemistry, and I don't think the MC has actually done all that much to make the FMC fall for him. His one night action was nice, but it was pretty basic, and the two don't even talk much together (she's on her phone for large portions of their train ride together, or they sit in silence). He also doesn't truly try to make any conversation with her, and it's all her asking questions and getting him to talk.

I just felt it was all fairly shallow for her to be so into him when they don't even seem to have fun as friends or anything; there's no shared hobbies, interests, or anything, and the two don't click. It feels like a forced romance of an unpopular average guy and a popular girl. Also, the MC has only ever complimented her twice but only for her appearance being "attractive/cute" in passing, which she liked and felt embarrassed over, but there's nothing as far as her personality or just enjoying the time the two spend together so it's just him liking her looks. <<less
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BabyDalyn rated it
June 25, 2018
Status: Completed
It's a story of a boy who is at the bottom caste of the class and a girl who's on top of the cast.

What I like about this series is the character's interactions and the depiction of their emotions. The MC's view to his surroundings and how he blends in.

Though the MC isn't a proactive type, he isn't actually a loner as what would you expect based on reading early chapters.

... more>>

He got a friend who sits nearby him as well as someone whom he knew from middle school who's attending the same HS and kouhais not to the point of being close but he get's along with them well. Though truthfully in class he doesn't communicate much sincd he knew few people but still later on able to talk slowly with them. The MC has somewhat borderline maturity with a tingeness of still being a teenage child.

About his looks... though said that he's plain, the people who knew him do not think so. Even according to his kouhai/committee fellows that he's somewhat of a secret ikemen. Even the female lead would comment that he dresses well outside of school. The only problem according to female lead is his glasses which has a geeky appearance.


As the story progresses you will see how the MC copes up and interact and improve the relationship and his view to his surroundings as well as for the female lead of how she develop her feelings and emotions for the MC.

This is a recommended read for a slice of life highschool romance readers. <<less
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Moonlight Prince
Moonlight Prince rated it
April 21, 2022
Status: Completed
Wow wow wow just wow. That ending felt so satisfactory yet I want to crave for some more!


Also, this should have first interc**rse tag. Didn't really expect that they'd have a wild s*x for first time, like holy hell! Doing it straight for almost a day? That's crazyy

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simak rated it
May 1, 2022
Status: v2 illustrations
This story has a good strong start and captures student life. The story telling I s compeyent. The main character is almost interesting. The heroine isn't even in the top three girls in the story. Kumiko, Tamura, and Risa are all way more than appealing than Ema. This story felt like it was written to avoid tropes and ended up with a mass of missed opportunities.

... more>>

The MC tried programming, which explains why he picked the computer over the phone. However, the author doesn't do anything with his interest or translate it into a hope, ambition, or even a freaking club.

The heroine hates crowded trains because she was groped on one. Ok, why didn't she invite the MC to hang out somewhere to kill time?

When the band came up, Ema could have asked him to lend her some music, too. IRL, women have picked up their BF's interest in whiskey, muscle cars, religion, vegetarianism, etc. The MC looked so lively talking to Kumiko, I wanted to shake him when he did nothng at their meet up, not even want to keep in touch or go to their next concert.

In Volume one, their unrequited love causes worry, fretting, and jealousy. It does not inspire them to be better or do better. Their only shared aspiration is to maybe go to a school in the vicinity of each other. That is not just lukewarm, that is 23 C at 1 atm. Not every story needs to be a burning shonen competition, but the MC remains underdeveloped. Only my own ti m e in school and first love experience lets me relate. However, that empathy does not go any deeper than the surface, because there is no reason for me to get more invested.


My overall impression is that th is is competent story, but commits the sin of not being that intetesting. <<less
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SightnSound rated it
April 21, 2022
Status: v2c9
Good story with good pace throughout. Characters are well drawn out and it keeps you interested throughout.

The story knows when it wants to end and how which is always a plus. People might have complaints about the MC because he is "Dull" but it is in the freaking description. Complaints about the FL are probably more justified but not in a way in which I have a major issue with.

I gave this 4 stars as it is an easy and enjoyable read for someone who just wants to read a... more>> romance novel. <<less
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Renovartio rated it
March 12, 2022
Status: v2c7
It always baffles me when people read very few chapters or read a series with a premise they don't like and give a bad review. If you only read a few chapters then you really didn't give it a real chance. If you don't like the premise, why did you pick it up in the first place?

That said, the premise for the series is a trope but overall it's just a jumping point for the story. The story switches pov between the main lead and female lead. The interactions aren't... more>> forced, the story is captivating and leaves you wanting more. I've read the first volume in a single day. Unlike many other series like, this the story is very believable and heart-wrenching. I would totally recommend this series for people who like romance. <<less
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HamletJr rated it
April 26, 2021
Status: v1c7
It's an okay story. Gotta mention that this isn't actually a light novel, it's a full-blown novel. The cover image is the only illustration in the entire novel. The plot's about a typical antisocial and introverted MC who had some kind of trauma in his past which caused him to shy away from the world. The waifu is the typical cool and popular girl who's real cute and is cold to all boys except for the MC. Not criticizing the novel just for this though, because I like romcoms, and... more>> as long as it's fluffy and fun, I'll read anything. The only problem I have with this novel is the translator. Seriously man, imagine being 7 full days late. Can't be me. Anyways, if you are a fan of romcoms, this is a great read. Not really outstanding, but it gets the fluff done. <<less
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Shitai rated it
February 27, 2018
Status: c2 part2
It is kind of fast paste, but I enjoy it overall so far. It seems pretty concise and short, but but there is still a pretty solid story told. So far, I would recommend to those who like romance/Slice of Life’s stories. Hopefully it won’t force some archetypes or cliches too much.
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KISKU rated it
April 28, 2022
Status: Completed
Don't like the MC he's complete simp for a girl who badmouth him with a second thought so she could feel safe, I mean if irl someone spread rumour about my friend and completely sure it's false no way I'll badmouth him about it and just for what so that my image won't get dirty and it's like... Whatever, and people be like this novel is so realistic f*ck that sh*t I wouldn't talk to a girl who badmouth me behind my back and and MC be like if sore... more>> looser if it was irl they would've moved on and fMC personality is sh*t too she's like fake people we see irl full of shitty. I liked it at beginning but that drama at the end didn't suit it, it was forced to get them end up together. Such a waste <<less
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Nimuu rated it
April 25, 2022
Status: Completed
It's been an while since I have a romance drama story like this. I can't find a novel like this before except the ones with anime counterpart. I would say that the atmosphere is very similar to "Just Because", Tsuki ga kirei and Golden Time anime if you are familiar with those. I can't express well how much I enjoyed it since I'm not that fluent in english.
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fim33 rated it
February 22, 2022
Status: v2c5
I feel it's more a 4.5/5 than a 5 overall. The story is bittersweet, and I think that's quite good. I'm knocking off the 0.5 stars because

I prefer every other supporting female character in the story to the female lead

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December 27, 2021
Status: Completed
Quite a nice read.

The vol.1 is really nice and easy going. MC isn't the dumbest dude out there, quite realistic, a little bit self depreciating. Side characters are OK, not that much of an impact but play their role.

Vol.2 is also good, a little bit more slow in the spacing.

A good read in general if you like SoL, drama and romance.
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l2aYz rated it
June 18, 2021
Status: --
It's pretty nice so far but noting remarkable in the whole story. There's some force event as well. MC met FL when she just got s*x hara by some dude then he gives her a hand. Of course, They start talking to each other and feeling for each other later. But As you know those two aren't match by Japanese teen standard somehow (popular girls/glooming guy can't be in love?) So, The ML deserves to be bullied by everyone and our FL tries to cover him in a silly way... more>> which leads to silly drama between them. JUST talk to each other FFS yeah, you may think that but oops that would be too easy. Well, you can guess the rest.

even so, I'd recommend this novel to everyone who wants some good decent romance for killing time but if you want something fresh there's is none. <<less
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-Isa- rated it
April 25, 2021
Status: c6
A decent story about an underestimated (generic) MC whose kindess is overshadowed by his status in most people's eyes. The heroine though is annoying, and there is absolutely no reason for the MC to even like a selfish girl like her who also judges other people through status.
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fakkeng rated it
May 17, 2021
Status: --
It's a pretty interesting story. It's a story about a how a gloomy guy might finally encounter his spring time of youth unknowingly. The synopsis may be quite wrong in some way because the FL doesn't really outright ignore him during class, it's just that they don't have any moments where they have to interact in the classroom so far. So if you're turned down by the synopsis (like what happened to me before) then go ahead and give this a try.

As of chapter 5, the story still hasn't hinted... more>> as to why the female lead's interested in him so its kinda bummer to wait for updates. <<less
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Unknown2512 rated it
April 28, 2021
Status: c7
It's a fun story to read. The characters are consistent and make sense. The MC isn't really an introvert or anything like that. He's also not completely shut off from the world and beyond, he has friends and a few normal people to talk to. For the Heroine, I can understand why she has a strong personality and is a little cold towards boys, but trust me, the more you get into her character the more you will understand her, especially her past. Their relationship started off as unremarkable, but... more>> slowly their progress can be seen whenever they spend time chatting on their way home from prep school on the train which happens once a week. If you understand girls, it's natural for them to withdraw from boys they don't know or are pretentious about. That's what happened to the MC before in the first year of their school, he was dumped by the Heroine. I just finished vol 1 and thought about buying vol 2 on book walker. There is a conflict at the ending and it looks like it will be resolved in vol 2. <<less
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