Every Morning the Most Popular Girl at School Sits Next to Me on the Train


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From the countryside, within a plain rattling train. Even though there are many seats to choose from, the most beautiful girl at school chooses to sit next to me every morning.
She also ends up leaning against me.
What is this… exactly?
Someone please tell me!

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New rodusk123 rated it
May 20, 2018
Status: c43
The writing is incredibly bland to the point that I skip paragraphs just to read the dialog because I can already tell whats going and I don't want to waste my time. At this point, I'm just reading to get this novel over with.

Now onto the actual story, at the beginning it had an interesting concept that was at the same time confusing and forced in terms of the relationship between the ML and FL. Everything was going great and had that hint of yandere feel to it (not a... more>> fan but that didn't affect me too much) that was discarded quickly. Every development between the two girls, one a co-worker and the other his girlfriend (oh and guess what, they're both beautiful/cute while the MC is plain, SHOCKER!) and the MC is forced and just wants you to give the author a bonk on the head for how moronic these characters are but then again, author might lose more brain cells and create an even worse story.

I don't even know to write a review for this 'novel' because of how bland and generic this is. It's to the point that whenever I see a new chapter post I go 'Oh great, time to read the next chapter.....' in a very sarcastic tone. I've yawned more reading this novel then being in a 2 hour class.

Translation is pretty good so I have no complaints there but then again I don't read nor speak Japanese so I'm basing this off of what I see from the translated chapters instead of the raw.

I would definitely not recommend this to anyone other then those who just want to add this to their completed reading list as this is almost over with only 49 chapters in total. Currently at 43 chapters for the translation and they update every week or so. For those who enjoy romance, you'll see none here though I do agree there are some fluffy moments but it's incredibly rare and the events later on just bring intense frustration because forced events ruin everything especially when they make absolutely no sense as to why it occurred.

If you want to know what I am talking about read this spoiler:


Mamiko (girlfriend of the MC) breaks up with the MC because he talks to other girls and she ends up losing confidence in herself. All he did was barely talk to them and she would lose her mind. They haven't gotten back together yet because you know that's going to happen at the end but they did eventually meet coincidentally while he was holding the hands of his editor so he can try to escape from being spotted by Mamiko.


Final note, this is all my opinion anyways so if you want to try this novel out go ahead. Just do not expect much out of this. <<less
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New Bluerendar rated it
May 5, 2018
Status: c40
Decently funny, with interesting enough characters, if not particularly special. I'm worried though, if the authour can wrap up this story satisfactorily... guess we'll see.
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Artemis1990 rated it
February 13, 2018
Status: c1
So... MC goes to school by train everyday and somehow the most popular girl at the school ALWAYS picks the seat next to him. Turn out that from the girl's POV, they are already dating for YEARS but MC didn't realize that fact (or forgotten...).

With only 2 chapters so far, I'll reserve judgement too far. Other than the girl sound quite yandere toward the MC, its pretty much seem to be a simple misunderstanding slice-of-life comedy. If you're into similar novel like "Why Is the Prettiest Girl in School Trying... more>> to Talk to a Loner Like Me during Lunch Break?" I say at least give this a try... and if its even HALF as funny as that novel, I say its a fun ride. <<less
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FlareZVector rated it
March 3, 2018
Status: c18
New Review:

I will give this five stars now because I loved the way he answered his sister's confession. He rejected her in such a harsh way that is not possible for harem protagonists. And he gave the job of talking to her to someone else. How the aftermath was dealt was good.

Old review:

... more>> A romcom involving a lot less dense protagonist and a Yandere. I've never read something like this (Or I might have but I'm too stupid to remember).

I'm giving it 4 stars for now. I love the idea and plot. It's a great story but it's just a romcom. Its just like a normal romcom but with a Yandere. That's about it. Currently there are no weird twists yet so I rated it four stars. I recommend it to those that like romcoms. <<less
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SeventhTale rated it
February 19, 2018
Status: c30
What we have here is a harem story centered in two-dimensional MC. It's like the MC is only in the story so that the heroines will have an object of affection. The story also started where the girls already like the MC, and like what the other review said, their reason is pretty lacking, either on what is written in the story or what we see. The only 'reason' I read is the MC is kind (base on Mamiko's mother).

If you read my previous review this is really likeable at... more>> first, as we have a heroine love our MC, and how their relationship easily progress. But now, what we have is a heroine that is became angry to the MC whenever girls talk to him (not the MC intention), which should be directed to the girl that talk, if she's really yandere. The MC is just a puppet of the story that acts his role as a harem protagonist without doing anything that he decided himself.

Yandere/clingy girlfriend, smart cool type gamer coworker, brocon sister. This should be a story that is made by merging some ideal heroines, but what we got is a story where characters badly compliment each other and a pretty bland MC.

In the end this is my preference, but this novel is at least fine to read if you're looking for something to read during free time.


Old Review

The premise of the story is really good for the love-comedy story. As this story starts from how their relationship as a couple will proceed together. Though the MC already have a girlfriend, it seems there are other potential heroine which made this to have a harem tag and there's so many elements here that made the story more interesting.


-little sister who confess to the MC in front of their father (father approves, probably)

-Co-worker who will know that the MC is her playmate whom she like in a game

-and a potential yandere girlfriend (probably she really is)


Even though there are almost no cute moments, at least we see a harem-like development around the MC who's already dating with a girl. As for the heroine, I can't wait to see her confront the other girls. She really loves our MC, but currently she's like a wife who found his husband cheating.

The chapters are long too with some multiple POV. It is a story really worth to read.

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Bakaleaf rated it
April 9, 2018
Status: c31
Another fake harem no touch genre (at least for me) novel

One of the many story out there who want to force harem X reality X School Life

First Harem - rate : ZERO another novel that is a big insult toward real genre harem novel

... more>> Second Reality - rate:ONE when you add reality to something that it should not be it will ruined the whole story author seem to force a touch of reality in this novel which is a total B*LLSH*TING at least for me.

Third School Life - rate: ZERO yup I saw the genre tag school life X harem got hook and read it but another TOTAL B*LLSH*TING from the author. To hell you call that school life because school is mentioned (*flip table)

The story it seem goes hay wire when MC meets the mother I feel that this story is no good already at that part I already put this on my graveyard list.

The story it self was not bad but the author seems to take it to a force direction when it should not be. For example the romance is so-so and to much POV of other characters!

well it's a typical Japanese novel there is only very few good Japanese novel out there. <<less
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rijimon17 rated it
April 1, 2018
Status: c27
I find the the heroins reasons to be extremely lacking at best.

... more>>

Mamiko (popular girl) likes him because of a misunderstanding from when the MC (10yrs ago) asked her to go out with him and has been "dating" him since. The little sister is a bro-con (not particularly dissing it because it's pretty common in stories like this. And the co-worker is in love with his game character. Who she finds out is him and almost immediately falls in love.


Don't get me wrong. I like this novel and it's one of the few novels I'm still caught up on. But there reasons for falling for him keep leaving me with more how's and why's then English test questions <<less
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Typo rated it
April 18, 2018
Status: c34
It was very very cliche. I won't spoil anything (and there's nothing worth spoiling) except for the chapter where I dropped it to explain why I did so.

So first of all, I don't particularly dislike cliche romance with predictable "development" and stuff. The writing style is also bland, basically everything is cliche and bland except the first chapters, to which the whole title explains what was happening. After that, it's just a whole bunch of cliche romance, bland style of writing and forced development. However, one particular development made... more>> me stop reading completely. I'm gonna tag this as a spoiler but you should read this in case you don't want to be disappointed.


Ever liked retarded soap opera dramas? Well here it is at Chapter 33-34, Basically main heroine get super jealous due to ridiculous reason of MC talking to his first love at middle school, his co-worker or other girls (note that MC and main heroine are already dating, also 'first love of MC' has a boyfriend already. They were technically both in love one-sidedly to each other before but aftaid to confess, until they got apart and their feelings changed). So then, MC apologized once but when main heroine saw the MC talking to his co-worker (co-worker's feelings for the MC is one hell of a very forced development btw) and seeing that the co-worker looks like she's in love, the main heroine thought "he doesn't need someone like me cause he has other girls". Do note that THE MC AND CO-WORKER WERE SIMPLY TALKING. There has also been no evidence whatsoever that the MC does not cherish the main heroine, he did fell in love with her and even argued with the heroine's mother and announced that he'll marry the main heroine. Bruh what the f**k is with this chick's brain? Afterwards she decided that they should break up, to which the MC was ofc sad and thought that it was his fault for making the main heroine jealous EVEN THOUGH it was because of the utter stupidity of the heroine. I feel like it was so forced considering that the scene about arguing with the heroine's mother about marrying the heroine just happened a few chapters before, and very coincidentally after the forced romantic feelings development of the co-worker. Judging by the current development, there's no doubt that the author will push the co-worker to the MC to which some sh*tty drama will happen and then at the end the heroine will come back to the MC, only to have another sh*tty forced development to happen that will once again break them apart only to get back again. I don't want another sh*tty Domestic na Kanojo roller-coaster development.


I would give a 3-4 on the first chapters since I don't particularly hate cliche and like fluffy stories, but when after around chapter 30 it's 2. If the development goes the way I see it and doesn't change, then this novel is just plain bad and wholly deserves a 1. <<less
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versitas_x61 rated it
April 11, 2018
Status: c32
I think people are being too harsh on the review. Here is a thing. Most bad reviews here have a point, but I feel like author is trying to set up a story or a stage. There is no conflict in the story yet, but you can see it developing as chapters go. The chapters are fairly short and I don't think story can be judged properly yet without seeing the conflix, climax and the resolution.
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Shieko rated it
April 4, 2018
Status: --
First people who don't understand stand the girl prospective go to Google and search erotomania it's mental illness in which the person who effected think he love someone extremely and the other person is also in love with him so this is so called yandere definition in medical scienc and this is first novel who show true yandere in real life prospective
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erowarrior rated it
February 25, 2018
Status: c10
Before I give this series 5 stars but now after reaching chapter 9 I reduce one and at chapter 10 I reduce another and drop this novel.

... more>>

But after chapter 10 it become unreadable. MC is an idiot, characters are shallow and plot is stupid. Prettiest girl in school being in love with a nobody is not weird but she think she's been dating him for 10 years and only talk to him after 10 years is another thing.

Normally when you date someone you would be lovely-dovey with each other but she only sit near him AFTER 10 years.

But thats not something that you can't ignore, I said it once and I say it again. MC is an idiot, he is stupid to the point that it made me drop this novel. Non of his actions are like humans at all, while reading this novel I thought I'm reading about an AI in human form.

When you start dating its normal to pay attention to your phone, its normal to think about her and call her, but our dear MC silence his phone, go to school normally and tell people he is dating. Thats all.-.


Anyway this is another common harem story so if you don't have anything else to read / you are too bored and have nothing else to do, read this. <<less
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Vietpride218 rated it
May 2, 2018
Status: c38
It's just gloriously funny. There's many different characters whom you can all look forward to seeing, but the stars of course are the protagonist and the beautiful girl in the seat next to him. Translation is great too, so extremely solid, laugh out loud shenanigans.
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