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The story revolves around the title character, Karin, the middle child in a family of vampires who immigrated to Japan two centuries earlier. However, Karin is different from the rest of the family in that she produces blood instead of feeding on it. Because of her unusual condition, Karin lives her life just as an ordinary teenage girl would, despite being considered something of a freak by her family. She is able to venture outside during the day and attend high school, and follows the sleep pattern of normal humans. However, the general peacefulness of her life is disrupted with the arrival of a new transfer student, Kenta Usui…

Associated Names
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Cheeky Vampire
Chibi Vampire
Karin Zouketsuki
かりん 増血記
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Jul 26, 2018
Status: clast
I have not actually read this as a novel. I have read it as a manga (in which it's named Chibi Vampire, not Karin), and I have watched the anime (which IS named Karin). While I liked both of them, I have to say that the manga is by far the better story. The anime only follows the manga plot for the first episode and then they're are two completely different stories. There was only one thing I didn't like with the manga, and that is that the ending... more>> made me cry my eyes out and then left me with a feeling of unsatisfaction. <<less
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