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This story follows Ryua, a girl whose village was razed and villagers slaughtered by demons. After escaping the village, Ryua wandered in the mountains until she stumbled upon a dungeon. A 100 floor dungeon, unknown to others. The 100th floor, deep underground, was occupied by the <King of Destruction> in the guise of a senile old man . After a difficult battle, she found herself boosted to an incredible strength and escaped the dungeon. This follows her adventures afterwards.

Note: Kansutoppu is an abbreviation of <Counter Stop> in Japanese. It’s not “can’t stop”. <Counter Stop> is when a stat reaches the maximum, and the counter for it stops increasing.

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Counter Stop!
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Parpaing rated it
January 13, 2017
Status: c49
Boring protagonists which has no backbone even though she is the most powerful being in the universe, the author wrote her in a way that she didn't understand how powerful she is, which is extremely frustrating, also, she beats herself up every god damn time something bad happens to anyone around her thinking "oh I could've saved them if I were stronger" and is selfless in the most s*upid ways, to the point where if she were to recieve money from the king for saving the f*cking country and she... more>> would want to give it back and even though she has a clear objective, which is finding the one-winged demon to get revenge, she does nothing about it, just wandering about, doing nothing. The writing is your usual easy to read, bland light-novel style. Also the author is using every overused childish trope there is, like a character hating themselves for being weak recieving a dark item and becoming strong and a bad, hateful person, but thankfully the main character saves them with the power of friendship. Oh and be prepared to be force-fed the "Killing people is bad, you shouldn't do it, no matter what even if the person is mega-hitler on steroids" morale, partly by way of introducing countless "evil" characters who kill people for fun.... because they're bad guys ! And they're evil, so they do evil things !

To summarize, this novel is childishly written, the sort of thing you'd expect out of a 14 year old who watched a lot of moralizing shows for kids which spouted things like : being evil and killing people is bad, friendship is magic, and wanted to do his own kind of story. <<less
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Adastria Lillith
elhessan rated it
May 18, 2016
Status: c48
A refreshing background of MC. A 15 yo (according to the conclusion from the TL) girl with mind of someone around 10 yo and godlike power that came from her hardwork. The pace of the plot so far is so-so (not too fast and not quite slow), and the story this far is interesting. As for the MC she is so adorable. Yes she is naive, she doesn't want to kill human, even demon who took appearance of human, but she will not hesitant when facing a monster. She is... more>> also pure, and that makes most of the points of her cuteness. She was a sole survivor of demon attack and secluded (trained) in a hellish level dungeon for 10 years and somewhat lacking the common knowledge, but that only increase hee cuteness even more. Hahaha <<less
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Seregosa rated it
January 4, 2017
Status: c20
Well, I don't really know what to say here... I liked the story at the beginning, it was a cool setting and all, it was not written extremely well and the plot was incoherent but it gave a fairly good feeling. Then at around chapter 10 or so it started to go down major time at the "ghost mansion" part. All of a sudden, the author decides on some whim to write a freaking horror story. It was so badly written, I was honestly flabbergasted. Seriously, I've hardly ever seen... more>> anyone write that setting in such a bad way. We had the classic mansion, some random quest giver, vengeful spirits that are freaking immune to anything and shows up in glass or whatever and creeps up on you with black holes for eyes, some bodies in the basement, some walking skeletons or something and some monsters invincible to anything but light magic and then some random crappy sob story that the ghost shows after subjugating it. Yeah, the random clichés that are more overused than a porn star. And the author managed to mangle that concept so freaking hard it's unbelievable. First of all, you'd need to consider setting, characters, atmosphere, stuff like that. Here we have an super overpowered protagonist and some wimpy side kick with a random creepy mage. Then we have a fantasy world with monsters, ghost type monsters too, and for some reason they decide on a troublesome quest with ghosts when there are better quests and the healer is a freaking super wimp that probably would wet herself at the mere sight of a "ghost"... Yeah... Well, it's hard to fully describe it, but I've read and watched a lot of stuff, and this was so horrible it made me want to puke, especially the conclusion that came out of nowhere for no reason and moved on to an improvised sob story. I never want to read something like that again.

So, I read those chapters and decided to give it another few chapters to see if things got better, but now I started to notice massive plot holes and weird transitions coupled with crappy writing and no clear storyline. It feels like the author is just pulling stuff out of his ass and sometimes just completely jumps over entire chapters worth of information. One time they met some assassin guy and they start talking after he tried to kill someone, clearly heading into a direction where they're going to fight because he's an a**hole, like every other "evil" character that kills for fun. And just when it was heating up, all of a sudden the story jumps over at least several paragraphs worth of text and BOOM they've subjugated someone and I don't even know who the heck they subjugated and what the hell happened to that evil guy that needed a spanking. Everything was just cut off right in the middle of the conversation.

Also, the personalities are extremely flat, boring and annoying. The healer is first introduced like some bimbo or something, you know, the kind of "onee-san" that is a bit haughty and over the top but kind, well, it turns out she is a freaking wimp that is more scared of tiny level 1-2 rabbits than the guys from monty python after the whole holy grenade trauma. She's basically spending every chapter crying or shifting to being an annoying uppity fool that hinders the MC. The MC isn't really better though. She is introduced as some carefree super overpowered protagonist while being a bit naive/carefree. We later find out that only the super overpowered part is right, I mean she did defeat an ultimate level boss in two freaking hits. When she gets into the guild for the first time to register she gets teased a little bit by the other adventurers, the standard template, but she freaking breaks down and cries, yes, she CRIES. Someone that spent 10 years inside a dungeon darker than the darkest night with super monsters prowling around everywhere wanting to take a bite off her and she never fears any monster or anything scary is actually a mentally unstable child with a mental age of 5. She acts like a spoiled child and can't talk back at all. Her intellectual capacity is not any better than the ones named "muscleheads" in other novels, she is a complete fool.

I don't know, I should've given this 1 star instead, gave it 2 stars for being somewhat interesting for the first 10 chapters. The writing is just way too bad, it had much potential but it turned out to be so extremely bad I had to drop it. I rarely drop novels when I read more than 5 chapters because I always hold a hope for it to turn better, but I honestly can't believe that this author would turn this story into anything interesting or worth to the time to read. Seriously, don't pick this up unless you can handle what I've written here, because it's all true. The main character could've been cute as a part of some guys team in another story or just a cute little sister character, but it just doesn't work as a lead character. <<less
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kanade12 rated it
December 25, 2015
Status: --
A girl with final boss soloing powers with an social mental age of 5 is freed into the world. This is a cute story about a girl with no friends or family making friends and learning to live in the world.
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Dissimilate rated it
May 5, 2018
Status: c57
After reading the translated prologue and 57 chapters that are currently available, I have taken a full week to figure out how I would rate and review this story.

First, I will list my personal criteria that I consider to be the minimum required for an "Overpowered Main Character" to be rated as Good (Good being the lowest at 3 stars).

Then, I will make a spoiler section where I will list some of the many ways that this story fails to meet those minimum requirements.

Please keep in mind that... more>> this is my own personal opinion and everyone's opinions vary so not everyone will feel the same way.

My personal criteria for this type of story can be broken into 3 sections: The Main Character ; The Environment ; The Interaction between the Main Character and the Environment.

I will now break down each of these 3 sections.
  • The Main Character- For the overpowered main character type story, one of these two things needs to be well written: Write how the MC slowly becomes OP over time, or if the MC starts the story as OP then write flashback style histories that shows how the MC grew to become OP.
  • The Environment- This category has 3 parts: the World, the People, and the Politics. This section should also include the reason for why the MC needs to be OP. Whether it is the world changing, or an individual or group trying to take over the world or whatever reason it is, the explanation is part of this group.
  1. The World is what can be considered the "Law of Nature." Things such as Gravity, Physics, Magic that can bend physics, Technology Levels (the levels only at the start of the story since it is possible that the MC may make those levels increase), Monster types, Demon types, Demihuman Group types. Of course you will only need to give an overview or description somewhere if they will appear in your story, if not then it is fine to leave them out.
  2. The People are the individuals that are part of the MCs story in some manner. People such as side characters, love interests, individual antagonists (not group antagonists such as "The Assassins Guild" or "a group of bandits"), individual political figures such as the king, or the prime minister, or the adventurer's guild master (again this does not include the groups).
  3. The Politics are the inner workings of the groups or countries that affect the MCs story in some manner. A country of birth, a country that the MC travels to, the adventurer's guild that the MC joins, or the thieves guild that the MC fights against. The story needs to have the foundation of these groups written or the reader will see no reason for them to interfere with the progression of the main character, either in a good or a bad way.
  • Lastly is the interactions between the MC and The Environment. This can be the MC learning how to handle the newly acquired magic capabilities, or the MC learning the rules of the Adventurer's Guild, or how the MC is punished for breaking the rules of the country they were born in. Each of the interactions the MC has with the environment that affect how the MC grows, learns or acts needs to be well written or the story will fail.
The following spoilers will show how this story fails to meet my criteria.


-The Main Character

  • In the prologue, it is stated that the MC is not affected by poison or paralysis but the story has yet to show why she is not affected or how she became immune.
  • In the prologue, the MC's shoulder becomes extremely damaged by the final boss but the story does not mention any kind of healing ability or healing potion that fixes this damage to her body.
  • In the prologue, the MCs experience and level are clearly shown to the MC and the reader. Although it is stated that the MC cannot write, it is not stated that the MC cannot read. Also, the MC is suddenly able to read numbers the first time she tries to check her level in the first town, but she somehow is not able to read the numbers of her level while in the dungeon at floor 100. At the same time, the MC knows what floor of the dungeon had certain floor bosses because she read it when she killed them. This ability to read, then sudden lack of ability to read, as well as the failure to tell her friend or the people in the guild really makes no sense.

-The Environment

  • For this section I will be focusing on the Adventurer's Guild and the actions of its staff and members. Any reader would feel that if the guild did not know of the existence of a dungeon that is mentioned by someone, instead of immediately dismissing it as a lie, shouldn't they at least investigate the possibility by sending a group to check or at the minimum ask the girl to show them the direction she came from or perhaps have her guide a group of known adventurers to it herself?
  • If the guild believes that the MC is lying about the dungeon, they only need to look at what she is wearing. She is obviously not in regular clothes and it is stated by the author that she is wearing the furs of different animals that she killed in the dungeon since the clothes she wore at 5 years old no longer fit her. Apparently no one in the guild building during her interview can recognize badly worn homemade clothes made of monster furs! Have these people never seen monster furs before? Maybe they don't know which monster those furs are from, but they should at least recognize that she acquired those furs from SOMEWHERE!!
  • Also there is no mention of any kind of spatial magic or item box so how do these guild people not see the huge black sword she is carrying?
    Well, she must be carrying it on her since there is nowhere else to put it and she didn't leave it anywhere?

This lack of common sense shown by both the guild staff as well the the already registered adventurers shows the the foundation of the guild politics is completely missing and so each time it affects the MC the story just gets worse and worse.

-The Interactions between the MC and the Environment

For this section, I will not relist the failures between the MC and the adventurer's guild.

  • The MC being a relatively short and youngish looking girl standing at the entrance to the first town and staring at the walls, is immediately talked down to by the normal commoners going into the town even though she is wearing beat up, probably very dirty monster furs instead of normal clothes while wearing a big black sword and yet no one cares or questions this poor little girl either about her appearance or why is she even looking like this.
    Please tell me how this makes any kind of sense?
  • Where is her main black sword during the tournament that she wins? She uses it during the attack on the town afterwards so she obviously has it on her. Again, very badly written interactions between the MC and the environment.

Each of these categories are individually very poorly written. There is no cohesion between the 3 at all. So no matter detailed or descriptive the author gets about a town, or clothes, or a characters appearance, or a battle, the story as a whole will still fail.

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The evil lurking inside of you
aerd2 rated it
November 19, 2015
Status: --
Bored me too fast. I like OP god characters, but this novel is just plain. 20 chapter and still nothing has changed much. 3/5 or 5/10 if you prefer. Go read Konjiki no Moji Tsukai or The New Gate for a better story. It’s not a novel that you can read without pause.
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Galileo rated it
September 17, 2017
Status: c56
I love this story!~ The MC is a cute & kind girl, she's a bit mentally underdeveloped because she was separated from other humans for a long time. She was in a dungeon, filled with horrible & strong monsters, only surviving through luck & tenacity. But is now trying hard to find her place in the world. She makes a few friends & acquaintances as she begins her journey. And she has begun to grow up in more then just her physical attributes. She is facing reality head on, &... more>> her life is beginning to take an interesting turn. I really like how this isn't a typical op protagonist, that is perfect in everyway. She has her short comings & we can still see her trying to over come them, as she journeys. I can't wait to see more ^u^ <3 <<less
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Lachiel rated it
October 24, 2015
Status: --
Follow a cute grill on her adventure... Since she's already OP its just a adventure... Yup..

This novel is great, the pacing is good we don't have to worry about some kind of forced fight where shes in trouble.. We only get to see her try to live her life.. and find home.

The story is good, the pacing is good, the setting is unique, the romance is.. idk Can't really tell at this point. We do have some interesting characters introduced throughout the story and it helps add character to... more>> the setting.

I recommend this to anyone who likes female main characters. <<less
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techniker rated it
January 8, 2019
Status: c57
First time to write a review; I found this a great light/fluffy read. That said there were some plot points that don't make sense as others have mentioned in their reviews.

... more>>

The only thing I really want to find out is if the MC is truly human, from all the flashbacks to her life in the village pre-dungeon along with the casual mentions of the village by people she asks, it makes it sound like it was impossible for anyone to have lived, which is why it makes me doubt her humanity

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