Imperial Physician Empress


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An obstetrician suddenly travels through time and becomes a wealthy young lady. She has three unmarried fiancés who take turns to pursue her. A bewitching and handsome man tries various methods to charm her: “Let’s get married!” Her neighbor, a high-ranking official, reminds her of their previous engagement: “We have already been promised to each other!” An arrogant emperor declares: “Who dares to steal my woman?!”

What does a boring obstetrician do after crossing over to the beautiful and prosperous Dongyang? She inexplicably becomes a wealthy young lady, gains an unexpectedly talented fiancé, and is bothered by a playboy who plots against her every day. Inexplicably, she becomes a court physician in the palace because of her medical book! Inexplicably, she becomes the rival of the emperor! The Imperial Garden is a place of beauty: plump swallows, slender swans, icy skin and jade bones, snow-white skin, blooming flowers, and bright colors like peach blossoms. It’s sweet, spicy, and wild. She is overwhelmed by the dependence of the palace’s birds on her. Faced with the boundless beauty of spring, she just wants to escape…

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Yu Yi Huang Hou
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New D_darkness rated it
January 31, 2024
Status: c90
What’s the heck did I read?

MC supposed to be someone with high IQ and low Eq, but what was this? It’s nonsense. I can’t stand MC logic ... more>>

she was imperial doctor and author emphasized that she she only had heart for patients, but this girl secretly delivered letters between concubine and her love affair, hidden from the emperor (ML) . Beside that concubine wasn’t even on good terms with her opposite ML who treat her well


I didn’t finish reading this, really I can’t stand it anymore. I’m not often write reviews but this one not recommended for anyone who came logical plot <<less
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cgem rated it
September 23, 2023
Status: --
Translator here! I'm reading this story as I translate and while skimming through chapters, the story is filled with mysteries and entanglements with doses of medicinal herbs and modern knowledge about gynecology.

Our female lead, Ji Wanbai, is a very intelligent woman in her medical field, but when it comes to dating and relationships, she is not the brightest, something that both amuses and frustrates the three men who have an interest in her when she switched bodies with a rich jewelry merchant's daughter, Yun Yinglu. She just wants to be... more>> a good doctor to her female patients and the Emperor who can't seem to produce an heir.

Our suitors include:

Qin Lun is a handsome medicine shop and coffin store owner who playfully courts her thinking her medical knowledge will boost his stores' sales

Du Zibin is a Minister of Justice and Yinglu's ex-fiance who can't seem to sort out his feelings nor forget her

Liu Xuanchen is the Emperor who mistakenly sees her as a male physician, yet can't help feeling attracted to her

Unlike some other transmigration stories, this is a body switch event. The 2/3 of the story is Ji Wanbai as Yun Yinglu. The 1/3 of the story is Yun Yinglu as Ji Wanbai in modern times meeting up with her ex-finace of that time. <<less
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frenchywitch rated it
December 5, 2023
Status: c1
I caught up with the current translation and I like it so much I’m this close to try to MTL it...

but the translator is doing such a good job that would be a pain! I hope they’ll keep sharing the story with us.

According to the title, it’s obvious who will win the heart of our rather dense doctor... I feel sad in advance for the other two lol.

it’s such an interesting and original story! Not everyday we find a novel around gynecology and Physician Yun is so gentle... can... more>> she take care of me too? I love the underlying message how no woman should be ashamed. Can’t wait to read more! <<less
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