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A poor orphan, who lost both parents, stumbles upon a mysterious space and embarks on the path of cultivating immortality. From then on, he cultivates spiritual herbs, refines immortal pills, opens a shop, practices military formations, and establishes an immortal kingdom…

This story is about cultivating immortality and farming, with a focus on ordinary people, not horses.

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rhianirory rated it
January 10, 2024
Status: c62
I haven't read many xianxia that give the MC subordinates almost from the get go unless they are part of a clan, so that was interesting. The author is sometimes vague and skips over important things like three years of war but then focuses for several detailed chapters on alchemy or experimenting with spirit tools.


the MC basically goes from poor orphan to general in a paragraph


it's been a typical xianxia so far. My rating atm is 3.5
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onlycrimson123 rated it
January 9, 2024
Status: c16
TL;DR: Slow, traditional Wuxia at least in the earlier chapters, with some plot and translation inconsistencies.

The description of this novel is relatively misleading. Before I started, I believed that the main character would stumble upon a cultivator's abode and, upon exiting, live the life of a cultivator. That is not the case at all.

This is a very traditional Wuxia from what I have read. The main character stumbles upon a treasure and, relying on it, he slowly rises to become stronger.

The "space" that is referenced in the description is the... more>> equivalent of a storage ring in Xianxia novels. The main differences are that time passes 20-30 times faster in it and it allows the growing of any plants in it with boosted medicinal effects. This is a slow-burn kind of power, nothing that will allow him to immediately rise to power, and fully suits the setting of a Wuxia.

There are no glaring issues in this novel. The translation errors generally don't hinder my understanding of the book's contents. An example is "winehouse" was translated as "Wan Shi Jiu Fang." This confused me at first glance, but the context clues in the following paragraphs allowed me to understand it regardless. For the rest of the book, besides these one-off instances, the translation is actually above-average compared to many other translation groups.

The plot inconsistencies are not glaring as well, just sometimes slightly annoying. For example, there was a fight between 5 people and a large snake. The snake raised its tail and was about to swing down on two people laying on the ground. In the time between it raising its tail and striking down on those people, another character climbed up vines to a clifftop, then carefully extracted numerous plants (which were stated to be particularly fragile), then climbed back down from the clifftop, then ran over to the two people laying on the ground, then took both of those people and ran out of the range of the snake's tail. The character who did all of this wasn't even superhuman, he was just an average guy, while the snake was a monster of extraordinary strength. To put it in a much less wordy way, it is entirely unrealistic.

Another example is the way the character's strength progressed. The main character's brother is said to be an extremely talented genius and he breaks through a certain realm in 6 months. The main character has the cheat of overpowered medicinal plants and also breaks through that realm at approximately the same time. But then it is offhandedly mentioned later that every single one of MC's friends, three in total, also broke through in the same amount of time. How is that possible? Who knows, the author wrote one sentence saying it then moved on.

It is not the largest flaw, but it is worth mentioning.

Regardless, I would recommend this novel if you are into traditional slow-paced Wuxias. It is not something I'm into so I will not read further, but I am sure many will like this novel. <<less
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