I’m the Wife of the Yandere Second Male Lead


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Lucian Kardien.

He was the hero who led the war to victory.

He was the second male lead who loved the female lead so much that he turned yandere.

And I’m the fiance who will be killed by his hand,

Of all things, why did I have to transmigrate here! I must somehow increase his likability to prevent a “surprise” ending.

With a toothy grin and my clapping hands of approval, I’ll help him connect with the female lead!

But what is this reaction?

“Lady Pernia…. please don’t provoke me anymore.”

…….Why is it still a scary ending!

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The Blackened Second Male Lead’s Wife
흑화하는 서브 남주의 아내랍니다
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19 Reviews

New Akiraaa
Aug 13, 2022
Status: c111
I will write this review just to inform what this story is about. For male yandere lovers that likes an ML that is so attached to MC that other people are nothing to him. Who's murderous whenever someone is close to MC but never actually kills them because he's afraid that MC will dislike it. A yandere ML that imprison MC just to have her for himself. And lastly, (which is my favorite aspect btw) MC holds the leash to her yandere ML. That even though he has the desire... more>> to kill he will follow her every will just to make her happy. Comrade! I'm sure you will like this. If you don't like yandere MLs then I hope you will like it until the chapter 60s (because he turned yandere)

Their relationship at the earlier chapter is so cute (I'm not saying it's not in the latter half). And the interactions from the characters are so fun! I specially like the interaction between MC and the ogFL.

Anyways, I came here to read the yandere. If my review is all about the yandere part and nothing else. You can check the reviews of others to have more indept description about this novel.

What I really really like about this novel is that I can exactly see how ML, from a cute puppy turns into yandere. From just a small emotion, to a tiny thought, to the denial of his thoughts,..., and then goes the yandere. Especially when there is someone who keeps fueling the fire which I believe makes the yandere in ML appears earlier. I imagined that if he's not there, ML would atleast still be fine after MC and ML wedded (maybe?) but the inevitable will still happen so... 'shrugs shoulders'


That character is not bad though, he still helps MC and MC especially when it comes to his specialty


I find it funny how MC rehabilitate ML's tendencies.

She trained him like a wild animal. LMAO. Giving rewards, repeated actions, etc. I didn't see MC giving punishments (ML really tries his best to follow)


Overall, it does have some cliches that you often find in some novels but because of the comedy (it's not really special) I was able to read it through.

I just really like ML's who is so violent and scary to others but looks harmless and innocent when infront of MC (ML is a beauty). I will give this novel a 5-star. If you disagree then it's just a difference in preferences. <<less
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New Lemur
Aug 12, 2022
Status: c100
FL is an idiot. She spends the first 40 chapters or so constantly reminding herself that ML will turn into a yandere eventually, but then somehow completely forgets about it when they start dating, and then has the audacity to be surprised and shocked when ML begins acting like a yandere towards her. Seriously, what was she expecting? She already knew he had yandere tendencies, so why is she acting like she had no idea about it?

Asides from that, this novel suffers from the same issues as almost every other... more>> copy and pasted reincarnation/transmigration story.
    • It's the same rehashed plot that you've likely already read a million times
    • FL has virtually no personality
    • ML is a Gary Stu, with his only fault being that he loves FL too much
    • FL and ML have almost no compatibility personality wise (which isn't surprising considering the fact that they barely even have personalities to begin with) and you begin to wonder at a certain point why they even like each other
    • Even before ML's yandere behaviour surfaced, FL didn't seem to like ML anywhere near as much as he liked her, which is pretty frustrating imo
One of the few things I like about this novel was that FL's dad is great. Although he's a minor character and shows up only a handful of times, he has more of a personality and presence than FL ever did. I love how he's a huge chatterbox and spends hours talking about his deceased wife and the love they had for each other. It's both endearing and funny. <<less
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Jul 19, 2021
Status: c27
I really shock how really well written in start of story even with what MC relationship with people. She is little like fan but know respect people border line. Like summary mention, MC did try push ("second ML of OG novel") ML to saints in good way not like force but give an opportunity. ML does show interesting to MC without "coldness vibe" like common ML in novels.

So go for it because it actually well written fluff start of novel plus MC would try sincere building relationship ML and saint.
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Jul 13, 2021
Status: c27
so far, it's so cute!! MC is so adorable, and the ML is so cute, getting jealous and all. The OgFL (saintess) is also a good person, which is very nice to read since most novels would make them the villains or something. Thank you for the hard work, translators !!<33
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Mar 25, 2022
Status: side story 1
Seriously one of the best that I've read in dealing with a yandere male lead. Don't let the cliche sypnosis fool you, this story breaks free of several tropes and manages to do a good job of wrapping it all up together.

Probably the thing I loved the most was how they addresed the male lead blackening.

... more>>

Male lead blackens around 60, although truthfully he's always had the potential to blacken (not just because of his past but because of his genes) but even so he never hurts the female lead or anyone close to her. Instead, he locks her up in (his own view) the coziest and best place for her, his mansion, full of things that she likes. And yes, she does escape, but she comes back and they work on his problems.

I really, really love how the male lead acknowledged and knew he had problematic thoughts. His main priority was still taking care of FMC and making her happy, but because of his genes he can't stop or prevent himself from feeling angry and jealous of other people who even just look at FMC. He tries hard to rehabilitate, to suppress everything, and it works for a short while (he even took medicine to suppress his darker emotions) but because of the s*upid b*tch nobles, it gets drawn out. And you know what happens here?

He still doesn't hurt anyone, other than himself. Because he didn't want to hurt Pernia, FMC who didn't want him to just hurt innocent people and give in.

It's at this point that Pernia herself realizes that he sacrificed so much for her too, while she wanted him to act normal so that she could have the life she wanted. So they leave for their own territory and she works on accepting him for who he is (blackening and all) and he learns to tolerate other people around her.

Again, male lead never hurts the female lead, he doesn't lock her up like he did before, and she chooses to stay with him because she loves him.


Also, in regards to the crown prince (original male lead) and saintess (original female lead) :


They end up together, but worry not because the crown prince also gets his sh*t together and becomes a better person!

After Pernia becomes best friends with the Saintess, he asks her how to be close to the Saintess, and Pernia teaches him empathy and kindess how to not talk smack about people and actually understand others. Eventually Saintess has to go to another country to study medicine, and he lets her go because that's her dream, even when she decided first to stay because of him, and promise that he'd help her in making the country better for the people although eventually he follows her so that they don't have to choose between one and the other.

They have twins at the end of the main story and they have a sweet relationship too.


I can't really think of a plothole, either. The king isn't a paranoid as*hole villain, he sees male lead as his own even to the very end, and the empress (and empress dowager? This part was the only one that confused me I think) falls for male lead's beauty trap...

Also, they have 3 children at the end! It's an absolute happy ending where no one (that's either a side character or main character) dies and everybody is in peace after the main story. Excellent way of navigating the 'blackened male lead' trope, and a really, really satisfying ending too. I'd definitely recommend this to others. <<less
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Aug 21, 2021
Status: c32
I just read it from start to finish. It is so good! The translation is on point and they have conveyed everything well. Kudos to the translators and good job! Please do not drop this cause I have been looking for a novel like this for a while now. I'm really invested at this story.

The plot is interesting, the storytelling is great, the characters are well written. The story is not too light but also not heavy just right. There are no unreasonable characters and I love the MC, the... more>> ML, the OgFL, the OgML, and other supporting characters... I am really rooting for them all and I hope everything goes smoothly, and will not have a long-term and heavy misunderstanding. Thank you to the author for delivering such a story! <<less
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Aug 24, 2021
Status: c32
This piece is exceptionally hilarious!

The MC's wit and humour is to die for and you'll love all the small characters that were well written.

ML is a total cinnamon roll and at this point, him carrying yandere vibes is like a cute fluffy bunny gone rabid - still cute tho ugh, kawaii is justice.

If you're up for a hella fluff and side pain gags, don't miss out on this fun piece.
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Mar 16, 2022
Status: c78
The story is really good till about chapter 60 and then it kinda falls apart for me. Now I’m personally here bc of the male yandere/obsessive love tag. That’s my cup of tea right there. But the way that the author frames it in the word of FL/potentially second ML is that the ML is being childish due to his obsession with the FL. But he was ready to take responsibility for his decision to stay with the FL no matter what, so I really didn’t like that kind of... more>> dismissive description. Ticked me off tbh.


Another thing that lowkey made me angry was the FL getting pissed with the ML after finding out how obsessed he is and the FL tries to run away from a war zone by herself and immediately gets herself kidnapped lmfao. It caused the ML to go berserk and kidnap her back after murdering the entire enemy army (imprisonment type of deal). After escaping, she left him in the snow with no power to move or fend for himself due to the power of the Saintess.


Like dang, you don’t have to love him as much as he loves you but that’s really harsh. Right now in ch.82 there’s some effort at reformation and reconciliation and the author tries to frame it comedically but maybe it just doesn’t translate well bc it feels really abasing towards the ML for being crazy or yandere. “Training him as if he were an animal” type of deal.


But in reality it’s probably his devil powers just driving him nuts. So if they wanna solve the obsession they probably have to find a way to extract his powers.


I will say that the translator did a great job and the setup and background characters get a lot of good development. Honestly worth a try just for that. It’s just that when it comes to the MCs, their love doesn’t seem compatible bc the FL isn’t willing to throw in everything like the ML is. Which isn’t wrong, it’s incredibly realistic not to give yourself wholly to love. But my heart just hurts for the ML bc the FL can’t and won’t reciprocate that for him.

Tldr; The ML is obsessive but the FL isn’t down for it but still wants a romantic relationship with him. <<less
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Feb 23, 2022
Status: c69
Very good, plot is amazing until chapter 65ish in which the plot takes a sharp right turn ... more>>

Turns out male lead is an actual Yandere, and starts throwing all kinds of red flags to the female lead who is fortunately not here for it leading to forced isolation; forced kidnapping, rampage killings... personally I can't stand how the relationship went from such healthy communication to such toxic behavior - all the behavior I've been trained to look for in cases of domestic violence... don't even get me started on the emperor

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Jun 28, 2021
Status: c41
This story is so cute the male lead, Lucian and female lead, Fernia or Pernia (?) have so much chemistry. The OG FL the saint is also a good character she is not evil like in some other novels she is actually good and is trying her hardest to cure people. The only one I disliked in the beginning is the OG ML but after reading more he actually gets better. I've been reading this story on Kakao and glad it got picked up don't pass this novel up. Now... more>> I gotta read this again in English lol.
LUCIAN is so cute (>.<) ! <<less
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Jun 28, 2021
Status: prologue
I loved the story, for the first time I fell in love with a ML Lucian and very cute, thank you translator for the hard work
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Mar 20, 2022
Status: c83
This story was a five for me until I reached the chapters 60s.

Prior to the that point the story is sweet with lots of fluff. The characters are all enjoyable with delightful character development. The FL is sweet and sets great boundaries with characters, which is so refreshing.

Then... it just got frustrating.

... more>>

The way ML turns yandere is written. While the threat of it occuring was always in the background, its frustrating because the solution is essentially the FL trying to "rehabilitate" him as if he's an animal. It comes across to me almost like enabing the behaviors. She sacrifices her healthy boundaries because she thinks she can save him. It just feels so wrong.


At this point, I'm on copium that the story will turn around and get better. It hasn't yet though. For me. <<less
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Nov 08, 2021
Status: c50
It's lovely, I just read the whole thing in a few hours. It's refreshing because there's no extended misunderstanding, and the ML is emotionally mature, he knows when he starts liking the MC romantically and he's so damn cute. I giggled through every interaction like a fifteen year old.

Read it, you won't regret it.
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Oct 16, 2021
Status: c11
Bouncy gr*pe lol, And I realized why there are grapes on the cover... Lol.

Thank you for translating, translator ≧∇≦

I like the pace of the story, the ML and FL are lovable, the story is cute and adorable, just only that A-Hole Crown Prince is getting on my nerve, so annoying...

Overall, I like it so far
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Feb 26, 2022
Status: c72
It's so good I truly enjoy read this. Currently on Ch 72 and I can't be patient to read the next chapter. Unfortunately, it's not available yet. Thank you for translation.
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Feb 07, 2022
Status: --
This is a gem, its funny, sweet and wonderful story to read, though I am a bit (a tiny bit of dissapointment, its like 1/100) dissapointed that the ML's first love is not the FL, but I still love this because the ML choose to moved on and tries to fall in love with the FL, which he did. And the process of it is sweeter than honey.
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Dec 01, 2021
Status: c95
The ML is so cute. The FL is really funny. This novel is worth your time if you want a good laugh.

also, the hair and eye color combination between these two ??? Adorable <3

Edit: I recommend everyone to read up until chapter 60 (before the story turns dark) because the beginning is very funny and lovable. Then, everyone should decide for themselves if they want to continue
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Aug 03, 2022
Status: c96
Ok I love the plot, especially the relationship of the crown prince and OG!Fl. The only issue is the relationship between ML and FL.

... more>>

She treats him like a trained dog. ML himself also acts that way just so she’ll stay. It’s an obvious unhealthy relationship. Although in actual it didn’t bother me that much since I still continued reading, it still gives me a tiring expression just thinking about it. TBH i’t made me happy knowing he didn’t actually change just by FL’s simple choice to ‘rehabilitate’ him by simple ‘rewards’ and ‘punishments.’


It was gen better before chapter 60 honestly. <<less
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Jun 10, 2022
Status: Completed
I really couldn’t stand the FL!! That’s all! Even though some might say all the problems lies with the ML or someone else (emperor) but for me it’s that wretched FL. Beginning was okay then she started going all fangirl, involving herself in matters that doesn’t even concerned her (e.g rectifying orgML personality), her treatment towards ML, or taking rash cum worst possible decisions (e.g running away from a battle area and eventually getting kidnapped).
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