I Corrupted The Good Male Protagonist


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I possessed the friend of the male protagonist who suffers from an incurable disease.

I just wanted to play a lot and enjoy my short life before I die, but the good male protagonist keeps interrupting me.

It was sickening so I tried to coax him into the path of evil… Well, he suddenly turned into a villain. Is this my fault….?

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I Corrupted the Good Male Lead
My Male Lead Is So Cute
선량한 남자 주인공을 타락시켰다
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15 Reviews

Mar 18, 2021
Status: c21
I loved the story very cute and funny. It even got me to cry in some parts. The main character of novel has a unknown disease that has no cure. However she's content with her life just wants to make the most of it. Well everyone around her still has hope that they will find a cure. Since you read the novel that she was in. She knows that she will die before the story even starts. I absolutely love her personality she's sick. She still very much pessimistic but... more>> also kind of bright and bubbly at same time.

The male lead is the typical "I didn't have emotions until I met you" stereotype. He's a very obedient child and tries to be perfect and everyone else except with MC. She just brings out the human side of him instead of the doll that is meant to please and be useful. (He is kind of like a doormat before her)

so far I really like the story. It also has some misunderstanding so if you don't like that you probably won't like it. I do believe ML it is showing signs of being a Yandre. But not the kind that would mu*der you in your sleep if you try to leave. (At least from this point of the story) I absolutely love it.


Now here I am about to talk about bad news. This would 100% 5 stars if it wasn't for the translator.

Translator seems to be very unreasonable. The translator now has decided to put some chapters behind the class code. Forcing people to join the discord to get code to read the chapters that are blocked. For me this feels like someone clout hungry rather than someone who wants to do this for the joy of the story. It seems very weird and fishy to me and I don't want to support it.

If I was able to be read the story raw I would. I have always supported the books once it comes into English whenever I got a chance. No other book a I read unless it was a rated R part for a book has done some like this. At this point in the story of they are children. And even in those cases the code easy to access and not on discord. I just find it really gross. I could understand for copyright reasons. However at that point we should probably make it easier to access the code. So people can joy the story like it's meant to be. Instead of having the story blocked out. That's some weird form of censorship and I'm not here for it. Especially when it's not your story to sensor.


What is above is no longer the case at moment.

and more option about it

Even tho this not true at moment it still stand it not safe to join discord groups or click links that are not public accessible. Especially for the younger group that reads these types stories. Because you can not see what you going in to and hacking, tracking, doxing and grooming are a things that more likely happen in servers that are not public. (I'm not saying this server I'm just saying in general)

I understand now that translator was just trying to protect their work. Which is reasonable and understandable. However I don't think it was a smart move. Password protecting the story made seems more bad then it most likely was.

That is why it left a bad taste in mouth and I don't think I go back to read not matter how much I love the story nor how good was the translation.
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Apr 26, 2021
Status: --
Reminds me of "The Evil Lady's Hero".

They both have the same sort of male lead and deal with them getting "corrupted". He's overly courteous and nice and compliant. He's "perfect, " but in a very polite, restricted, and distant way. It's less him being nice and good because he is nice and good, and more because he is a shell empty of personal desires. He's acting along the "ideal young nobleman" script he is expected to follow because he really doesn't care to deviate, and because he and others believe... more>> he needs to be carefully controlled to avoid hurting people.

Our female lead shows up, and suddenly, he has something he wants. He's seems to view her as one part adorable pet he needs to care for as 'his', and one part absurd chaos factor he can't control and shouldn't. She teaches him it's ok to be a little selfish and the flood gates are released. Then she has to deal with the consequences of a hyperpowered male lead who is now off his leash.

This will appeal to those who like possessive or yandere male leads, but don't want them going too far and being creepy, controlling, or abusive, since he does actually stop and listen to her and want to make her happy.

It's not all simping and devotion, they boss and heckle each other in a refreshing way.

Our puckish female lead accepts that, after dying herself, she's transmigrated into the body of someone who's going to die in two years, and takes on the attitude of "I'm going to enjoy everything while I can" with this bonus time she's been allotted. She's not particularly interested in saving herself or hunting down cures. She wants to have fun with her new body's shockingly beautiful face, and enjoy money, food, and dresses. Her main hobby is poking the male lead as a source of entertainment, and if you can get past a few early chapters of her being an embarrassing lil sh*t to him, it is a very rewarding read and the two are well matched, partial psychos. <<less
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Jul 18, 2021
Status: c28
this novel really fluffy with slight angst tone. I love the FL she's hilarious and likeable. I never really get attached to any FL on any romance novel except this one. The FL really fit all criteria I like for fl. Not strong or weak, not clever or s*upid. Hilarious, unique, adorable and relatable. I love how FL is not a saint or evil. Ml? I love him ofc. I love ML that treat female lead with special treatment. I love dark male lead that are only nice to fl

also... more>> did someone just rate this novel 1 star despite them liking it just because they don't like the translator? Also some reviewer literally say disgusting things to the translator. Its not like you pay to read this :/ nobody force you to read. Please be considerate toward the translator <<less
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Oct 05, 2021
Status: --
To be honest, I started reading solely because the cover art looks nice.

The first chapter starts pretty lively and goes straight to the point, successfully hooking me in. The writing is really good and keeps me reading. MC's POV is somewhat standard, but the glimpses into ML's POV is wild.

Definitely one of my new favorites, and I recommend others read it too.

ps. The TL goes beyond c21 btw!
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Feb 07, 2021
Status: c17
Guyyyyss this is so good, I'm only up to chapter 17 because that's what is currently translated but it takes the sick girl trope and plays with it in a way that makes you really root for the MC. No pity party-- the people around her do that for her. The interaction between the leads is heartwarming and cute and you just wanna see them progress further. Definitely following this one!
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Feb 12, 2021
Status: c17
I'm in love with this novel!! No words can describe it. The translation is very good too.
the story is fantastic! The characters are extraordinary lol and so many unexpected things happen so far.
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Jul 26, 2022
Status: c59
i had to make an account JUST to review this beauty lmao. Idk if i’m just insane but this is the best reincarnation novel I have every been lucky enough to find. The ML is sort of crazy but still dotes of FL in the cutest way possible. If ur like me and love slightly toxic, but incredibly sweet, slowburn and entrancing romances — this is for u!!

p.s. Im not finished the novel yet (c59) so take my review with a pinch of salt! The ending might be ass... more>> idk yet :) <<less
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May 05, 2022
Status: c56
  • I really like it, MC doesn't act like a nice person she just act normally and even teach ML how to say no and not be perfectly nice to the point where people use him a lot
  • I also like the fact that ML father know that their method of teaching ML how to be nice is not right to the point it brainwash him.
  • MC family I really dont know how to feel about them they left MC to find a cure for her, they left her alone and ask for their friend to help take care of her and then to the curent chapter we found out that MC brother steal MC stuff like how can he steal the things her sick sister have🤨 anyway the parents seem's ok
  • Im really into sick FL because ML needs to worry about them more and I also like child protagonist I want to know how they develop liking to one another also I like childhood friend trope
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Feb 23, 2021
Status: --
The story is cute, fluffy, and sweet. The pacing, character development, and execution are great. The premise is also interesting with the MC being transmigrated into a sickly childhood friend of ML who will die at 18 years of age, topped with an excellent plot twist of the revealing of the ML's secret. To be honest, I really cried when the MC confesses.
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Jan 30, 2021
Status: c15
Irina [our now female lead of the story after reincarnation] was originally a friend of Adele [the male lead] who died before the start of the novel. Her death actually paved the way for the original female lead and the male lead. LOL!

Anyway, as what's said in the summary, she possessed the body of an extremely beautiful, but terminally ill lady so she just wants to make the most out of the remaining time Irina has. But of course, since nobody knows that she's got no hope and is really... more>> gonna die, they're trying to stay positive, especially the male lead. Hence, Irina's growing irritation with Adele and her deciding to play tricks on him, which leads to his "blackening".

So far, the story is really interesting and kinda fresh since instead of rescuing someone from dying or being a heartbroken second lead, our protagonist accidentally flips the ML's switch. Also, once you get to know the reason why the ML is such a freaking saint, it gets more amusing and sorta worrying that Irina is re-educating him.

Really looking forward to their future, since the original plot is already messed up. How far will Adele "fall" from being the perfect male lead and can Irina handle him going all psycho if ever. <<less
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Dec 20, 2022
Status: c64
Even though the story is generic, the characters are very likable. The main characters, Anastasia and Adele have an interesting dynamic together. Adele is not your typical male lead with no feelings (well he sorta is) he actually feels like a character and actually valid reason to have his reality wrap around Anastasia. Anastasia is a really good character too. Usually korean novels have really boring protags, but Anastasia actually has a personality and doesn't feel like a total self insert. Unfortunately, the side characters are a bit one dimensional... more>> and are pure archetypes but some characters (villainess eonni) are actually likable instead of being the basic and boring side characters that exist for no reason. The plot can be a bit slow sometimes, and any chapter with Adele that doesn't move the story forward is a complete snoozefest. Other than that, it's a really enjoyable story. Adele is a standout male protagonist and you'll definitely enjoy the MC and ml's dynamic. Also it will satiate any yandere ML desires you have without the ML being too hardcore. <<less
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Aug 17, 2023
Status: c36
I've only read the manhwa but it's cute. The FL doesn't really mind his semi-stalker like personality and the ML is slowly opening up to her. She wanted to see his true nature early on and I don't know if this will chase her off and cause misunderstandings, but I do know that they both like each other. The ML's dad knows what he is like so he forcefully made the ML a nice person, this changed when the FL told him that she wanted to see the ML's true... more>> self. The FL is someone who doesn't have a complete will to live, she will try survive but she won't regret dying. The ML is someone who will sacrifice many people for the FL.

When I saw the backstory, it seemed a bit shallow. Just what I thought but there were many excuses that could be made for when the ML threatened to kill his father late at night... Also, why doesn't the FL's family wonder why her personality changed? <<less
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Dec 25, 2022
Status: c23
I really like both the MC and Ml. The story is good and worthwhile to read. However yanderes just don't appeal to me that much. So I'll drop this.

Don't get me wrong it is just a matter of preferences.
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Dec 29, 2021
Status: c31
The plot is consistent and does not drag on forever like other novels I've read. The story is smooth, the characters are loveable and the development between the MCs are adorable. It has a tinge of angst and I'm not mad about it. I'm really curious as to what will happen between the two but I'll put it on hold for a little bit and let the chapters pile up again so I can binge read this in the future. Also, , translations are amazing and actually makes sense which... more>> makes me really happy and thankful.

Deffo would recommend people to read this! <<less
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May 30, 2021
Status: c33
The story is good! It's funny and full of fluff. I also like the fl's personality and the ml's situation problem. I totally recommend it for those who likes light hearted stuff yet likes that there's consistency in the story. There also lots of fun characters. Thank you translator-nim for picking this up!
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