I’m the White Pig Nobleman, but With the Memories of My Previous Life, I’ll Raise My Little Brother


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In a world where Western and Asian cultures mix together, the only son of Count Kikunoi from the Kiryuu Empire, is Houchou. His life was already over at the age of 5.

He, who was born in a corner of the country, has zero allies or useful skills in addition to being overweight.

What’s more, it seems that his brother Regulus, who suddenly appeared on his life and was presented for the Count as his brother, will kill him in the future for his right to succeed….

His only weapons, are the abilities of “cooking and sewing”, that he suddenly acquired along with the memories of his previous life as sprouted Japanese.

In the midst of all this, Houchou ends up raising his younger brother, but – “My brother is super cute, mmmh?”

–And now he’s acting like an idiot!

Handmade educational toys for his cute little brother and delicious chawanmushi (steamed egg custard)

“With the help of my previous life’s skills and my power as a housekeeper, I’ve been able to improve the rough life of the people living in my territory!”

“Just a small step, and we’ll lead our people and even the country to a better life.”

A fantasy of two young brothers managing their territory!

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I'm a White Pig Lord, but I've got memories from a previous life, so I'm raising my cute little brother
Shirobuta Kizoku datta Doushiyoumonai Watashi ni Zense no Kioku ga Haeta Ken
Shirobuta Kizoku desu ga Zense no Kioku ga Haeta node Hiyoko na Otouto Sodatemasu
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Pavetta rated it
May 8, 2020
Status: v1c1
The story premise is interesting, and I'm eager to see more. I'm a big fan of transmigration stories and this one looks like a good one.

The only negative aspect is that the translator needs an editor, because there are some errors that feel jarring. It's mostly some punctuation troubles.

Additionally, I was not a fan of the POV switch. The story starts in first person, then has a few paragraphs in third person (focusing on the same character) before going back to first person. I'm not sure if this is an... more>> error of the author or translator (maybe the MTL wrote 'he' instead of 'I'?), but it is annoying and takes me out of the story. I'd prefer if the first person remained throughout the chapter.

And finally, some paragraphs aren't properly separated with a line of empty space between them, instead being close together with no breathing space. It makes it more tedious to read. <<less
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Rurumson rated it
June 13, 2020
Status: v1c2
I'm interested in the story based on how the summary gave a teaser, and I'm a sucker for stories which uses the MC as a very "motherly" character and takes really good care of other people.

Sadly, this looks newly translated so not enough chapters to take in. As of v1c2, it's introduction. Still no cute little brother. Aside from a few hiccups in translation and grammar, it's a good read.

Rating it 4stars because I like the story's potential, but I will change the rating in the future depending on how... more>> I will enjoy it.

To the translator (if you can read this)... Thank you! Your efforts are well-appreciated. I really want to read more so if you'll let me, I will wait for your uploads! This is an interesting story so I'm looking forward to it. <<less
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Attackonfeelings rated it
January 30, 2021
Status: v1c8
love this story so far! Thank you translator! The ML is so cute and isn’t afraid to correct his wrongings from the past and improve himself. I’m very much attached to him, his parents seem like awful people and his future doesn’t look like the brightest at the beginning but I can tell he’s gonna be someone important in the future. I also love the idea of a protagonist reflecting on their previous life and the love they got from those people even if they are hated or ignored in... more>> their current life. <<less
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