I’m Just a Mob But I’ll Aim for the Strongest! ~I Reincarnated in a Game World and Seek Strength Freely~


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To conquer the heroine in the romantic action RPG ‘Lovely Sorcerer,’ high stats, accurate choices, and player skills are required. A young man who thoroughly played the game until completion wakes up one day to find himself inside ‘Lovely Sorcerer.’
He quickly understands that he has been reincarnated into the game world, but the character he embodies – Hermes von Luna Celaria – is nothing more than a nameless mob noble in the main story.
Though slightly shocked, he decides to aim for the strongest position as Hermes in a world he longed for, despite being just a mob.
Yet, there is still something he does not know.
This place is subtly different from the world he knows well…

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Mobudakedo saikyō o mezashimasu!~ Gēmu sekai ni tensei shita ore wa jiyū ni tsuyo-sa o oimotomeru ~
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