When Reincarnated into the World of an Addictive Game, Where I Seek Strength Endlessly. Can the Protagonists Please Pursue Love Freely… Wait, Why Did a Flag Get Raised!?


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To conquer the heroine, one needs high stats, accurate choices, and player skills in the romantic action RPG called Lovely Sorcerer. A young man who had immersed himself in the game until completing it woke up one day to find himself inside Lovely Sorcerer.

He quickly realized that he had been reincarnated into the game world. However, the character he became, named Hermes von Lunacelia, was nothing more than a nameless noble mob in the main story.

Though slightly shocked, he decided to strive for greatness as Hermes in the world he had longed for, even as a mob.

Little did he know, this place was subtly different from the familiar world he knew…

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Though It’s Just a Mob, I’ll Aim for the Strongest – When Reincarnated into the World of an Addictive Game, Where I Seek Strength Endlessly. Can the Protagonists Please Pursue Love Freely… Wait, Why Did a Flag Get Raised!?
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Engue rated it
July 16, 2023
Status: v2c39
Kinda meh. I mean MC sounds like: "Oh! I was reborn as an extra in my favorite game. Oh woe is me! I'm just a son of a duke and have loving family that was never mentioned in original work. My starting stat are mostly the same as MC of original game, just additionally have maxed charm." At this point I guessed that it is not reincarnation as extra but NG+ with benefit of making fun of original protagonist.

And what next: "I don't want mess with games plot. Lets avoid... more>> heroines and concentrate on becoming first in every academy evaluation. *nod-nod* I know that becoming first in those would win me some favors from heroines, but I'm not aiming for them so it alright. So I train using game knowledge and shortcuts to achieve that. Eh? Why they talking to me? I mean I showed ability in fields that heroines interested in, have maxed charm and helped them out in my foolproof disguise which doesn't count since... you know... foolproof disguise (some messily applied bandages should count as such, yeah), but that not how you attract girls. There definitely something wrong!" And here I stop reading this novel.

In conclusion this novel aren't bad, good writing, easy to understand translation but plot is disappointing. No tension, easy difficulty and OP MC. Even humor bits are lukewarm. <<less
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TamaSaga rated it
August 12, 2023
Status: v2c61
Quite frankly, a mob who CLAIMS that he's a mob... however he's such a fan of the world that he found himself in that he does what any self-respecting gamer would do, make himself stronger. Please bear in mind that any self-respecting fan would not do this by stealing the important protagonist events and items. If you haven't realized what I'm getting at yet, this is a cold-blooded gamer concerned only with number one. He's not a fan.

... more>>

He claims that he doesn't want the attention. One of the events in the game that he explains is how, if the protagonist wanted to pursue a girl's route, he needed to score higher than her on an exam. He scores higher than all of them to get what amounts to a gold star, and now he's complaining about the lost time and exposure because they're all seeking his attention.


I'd like to punch him. Maybe that will clear his head. <<less
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Shut it
Shut it rated it
June 27, 2023
Status: c20
Utterly disgusting, I just couldn't understand the mentality of these Japanese MC. Why do they keep trying to avoid all the female characters as if they are some kind of disasters? First he said he want to avoid any characters in the game (Protagonist, heroines, etc.), then what about the girl he saved and other people? Didn't he said she doesn't show up in the game?? I can't help but wondering whether he is some kind of freak that doesn't want to interact with anyone despite his position as a... more>> duke's son which requires high social skill. I just can't give it any higher rating than 1 star until the latest translate chapters. <<less
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Nylazir rated it
August 10, 2023
Status: v2c43
Starting to understand the others' reviews. I tried to read as far as I could but the MC is just very annoying.

I second Engue's opinion.

The MC honestly feels like some hypocrite. He keeps repeating his "goal" of staying away from the heroines to get stronger but somehow still ends up getting involved with some girl. He then uses the excuse of "I can't leave a girl alone" blah blah, and emphasizes that as the reason to why he helped or saved them.

Honestly, at this point, those MCs who actually says... more>> they want to save the heroines is far better than this hypocrite.

Also, I rated it two star for the story concept. Too bad the content itself is tr*sh but there's an interesting speculation to the summary that I'm assuming since no one is mentioning it:

The MC may be a protagonist to the SEQUEL of the game. But it was probably released after he died so he wasn't aware of it.

That's why there's heroine like girls also popping up like Victoria, daughter of the Duke that MC thought of as a mob, Seria (? Forgot how her name was spelled), the "bullied" child with a heroine like determination to get strong in swordsmanship kind of setting, then that adventurer girl, daughter of an earl whose father was supposedly as strong as the sword saint.

These "mob girls" setting were starting to come off as some heroine settings.


Anyways, this assumption is the reason why I TRIED to read even further but the MC annoyed me so I'm out. <<less
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matosch rated it
July 11, 2023
Status: c25
Typical OP MC because of cheat knowledge Novel.

MC try´s to become the strongest and does so in an extremly short time. Doesn´t want to influence the main story line, but shows of that the original MC is not the only one with all elemental affinity. He shows he is way more OP for his age then the original Magical genius girl.

He saves the background girls and they fall in love like all the other tr*sh isekai storys. As of chapter I think 25 something, something not in the original story... more>> line happens and MC instantly takes care of it.......... (seriously its as you except it from other story´s, the handeling)

Translation is good, story writing is 3-4 stars as well, but story itself maybe 2.5 to 2 stars so far (reads like a better another tr*sh isekai story).

If you are new to the genre it will most likely sounds good to you, for people that have read a lot of this, its only for if you don´t have anything else to read. <<less
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Coldfanai rated it
January 5, 2024
Status: v3c110
The previous reviews are on point.

The story is kinda good at first but has a lot of plot holes like, its a game world but should have become a reality world but all the other characters seems to have a status screen as they know their own level.

Secondly, all the other characters are weak af, to be told the greatest leveled person so far is only lv60 which the MC reach in half a year🐔 like if you think about it there must have been a couple of max lv... more>> old guys but the author just shrugged it away by saying the normal lv of a knight is 20-30 like how noob are they. The author is making the MC stood out a little to easy by dejecting all the people of their world.

Thirdly, the source of this novel is tr*sh. Grammatical error is a minor but translation error is major. For ex: Lea become Leah then RARE in some chapters.

Fourthly, The characters are very underdeveloped like for their age 15 and no heroine or other mob characters are well written basically their facial and families are mentioned.

This novel can be very good its just the author lacked imagination on making the story realistic and common sense based.

🤣He should get Transmigrated to another world for some experiences <<less
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DragonLordADN rated it
November 18, 2023
Status: v3c148
MC is the definition of hypocrisy. He calls himself a mob despite having everything the protagonist had and more. He knows some heroines affection depends on being better than them in their field of interest and some from having events with them. He comes first in those subjects and repeatedly involves himself with multiple events and wonders why they're all attracted to him. He also has a maxed charm to boot.

Overall as clinche predictable story as you can get.

I stuck around till MC meets the protagonist to finally get what's... more>> going on. Surprise oh surprise, a lot of comments already guessed the result.


Protagonist/Atlas is a reincarnated person too. Unlike MC he's much younger and never played the game.


The biggest reveal is he died much later than MC when a part 2 game was released.

Guess who's the protagonist of part 2? Yep its MC.


At the end of the day atlas was a normal person. So seeing MC who had it all (money, fame, talent and power) running around wooing the girls he decided to give up and live normally rather than get involved in a sticky situation. (Ngl I thought that was the most realistic decision yet)

Better yet all the new girls he's involved with are the new heroines in the sequel.

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