I’m Going to Destroy this Country


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There was once the worst Skeleton Demon King who even gave the gods headaches.

“If you do our work, we will make you a human.”

But he was deceived by the gods and sealed.

“Since the Demon King is gone, let’s eliminate all the demons.”
“Let’s leave the demon extermination, preaching, and everything else to our precious .”
“The Skeleton Demon King will be imprisoned for life and tortured in the maggot.”

That’s what was said for sure.

“Oh my, little dear Saint, have you woken up?”

Did he become a Saint?
And even the son of a nobleman in the Holy Empire that feeds the gods?
Then if he destroys this country, won’t the gods also be destroyed?

“Oh my, why is little Saint seemed so happy?”
“Little Saint, this is a disgusting toy of the Skeleton Demon King. Would you like to break it once?”
“The great gods recovered everything from the Skeleton Demon King who challenged the gods without restraint.”

…Let’s destroy this country.

Let’s eliminate it while breaking the backbone of the gods.

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이 나라를 없앨 예정인데요
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3 Reviews

May 19, 2023
Status: --
Placeholder review/rating until there are more chapters...

As of chapter 4, so far so good. A guy was transmigrated from Korea into a fantasy world, then back into that same fantasy world again. Even as a baby MC has no qualms about showing off his power and isn't hiding it like so many other protags. Has that cliche that gods are inherently corrupt and evil which I'm starting to find boring and annoying, but is otherwise solid so far.
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Nov 02, 2023
Status: Completed
One sentence.

Its dumbness that makes it funny.

You must be wondering, sometimes frustrated, why th he showed off his power and quirkiness so much. Why can't he be, you know, a bit more normal?

I can't deny that I, too, felt frustrated sometimes because of his absurd action. But let's break the storyline down to understand his behavior better.

... more>>

He reigned as Skeleton King for hundreds of year, if not thousands, but I forget how long. He hated being skeleton and wished to be a human since he was once a human, yet he loved and cherished his skeleton (some are undeads) underlings nonetheless. He got life and death reversal curse that made him have no emotions, love and cannot die, it's amazing to be honest that his humanity is still there after hundreds of year, remind me of White Star.

It's implicitly said that he got the curse lifted after being born as baby saint. So, he should be more human by then, right...?

Okay, wanting to be human didn't mean behave like human, hey, he just craved those flesh and blood? Not really wishing to be human, it's just that human has the flesh and blood that suit his taste better. I mean he did kill and use bones of dragon as his body, yet he thought it wasn't enough.

Well why anyway he didn't pretend to be your typical baby, I mean, he tried at first but those servants turned out to be assassin? And then his family not welcoming him neither (except his uncle), he will be a dead baby saint once he pretend to be a helpless baby? Good enough if the poison they gave in the temple is helping you power up? Why bother to pretend anyway since the Gods should not intervene the world directly, which means minimum monitoring. And there is one bigger reason why he was assured being himself will not made him die, when he wanted to chose between his uncle and the king, his survival origin shine brightly on his uncle, more on the previous Saint that should have hate him. While we know he trusted that survival origin so much, even though sometimes he tried to deny but no use.


Anyway, it's because he thought it benefits him more if he was seen not normal from early, since he guessed he will not die doing it due to his survival origin. Well, it's not that he shows his weird temper to just anyone, he just showed it to people to blame them his crime and they cannot deny the crime (yes, I'm talking about Shuri, and God of Crime) and to people who loves him so much that can accept and still loves him best (yes, he will shows it to his uncle later on, and his grandpa...).

But I took away a star since, still, there's no explanation why

Supreme God loves him so much that he'd better weaken himself to retrieve his lost soul. I mean, it's not like he was the God's son or similar.

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Dec 31, 2023
Status: c50 part2
This is a comedy and from what I've read it's not serious at all. There is some slapstick but its mostly situational. I enjoy the humor, but as is the way with comedy, not everyone will. If you're not sure the humor will work for you: get to the when Isaac's making trouble in the Eshua estate (in the 20s chapter range) before coming to a decision. As that seems to be his modus operandi going forward.

Favorite moments so far: eating the finger bone, and head of house and uncle reading his test results for piety. Both had good set up and execution of the humorous situation.


The plot isn't quick (50 chapters in and he's 10 year old). But it keeps me entertained so I don't mind. There hasn't been enough development yet to say its 5 stars, but I can comfortably say it's a 4 so far.
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