I’m Fine With Being the Second Girlfriend


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“I also like you the second best, Kirishima-kun”

Even though me and Hayasaka-san both have the person we like the most, we are dating our second best.

Nevertheless, it’s certainly the truth that me and Hayasaka-san are lovers. We go home together, see each other in secret, and do things we can’t tell to other people.

But the second best is still the second best, so if the feeling with someone we like the most becomes mutual, then this relationship will end. We had such promise.

“I’m sorry. I’m an idiot, and I keep falling for you more and more”

Even though we both got close to the person we like the most, we keep on getting deep into each other, we couldn’t stop, and we couldn’t just let go of each other no matter what…

The result of this already unrecoverable, 100%
dangerous, unadulterated, morbid, complicated love is.

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Kines rated it
February 3, 2023
Status: c35
I read it at first cuz of yandere but I wouldnt recommend it. Why? Cuz its low key ntr. The 2nd girl, “likes (admire) ” mc’s senpai and its only till later that she falls for MC so for like first 75% its just her flirting with him but still wanting senpai every damn time. The first girl is so much better/worse, I think the author realizes how impossibly s*upid it sounds for a girl with a perfect fiance (mc’s senpai, again) to like a boy who proposes to her... more>> when shes 5 (maybe). And also her disgust for all males except MC feels forced to make it “ntr” proof so he can make make the girl just kinda f*ck around and then come back to MC later and just say “aw that was disgusting, I like you” its basically ntr without the f*cking and the only time the heroines are free to love MC without having to flirt with his goddamn senpai is at the end of it. Useless gumbo of drama. Not even good drama tbh <<less
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Hikki rated it
January 6, 2023
Status: v4
this novel is quite hard to recommend.

If you like cute romcoms, you wont like this.

If you like mature depictions of seishun complex characters, u wont like this.

... more>> If you like ecchi harem series, you def not gonna like this since it has a 2nd dude thrown in the drama that also spoils the fun.

Someone made a good comparison with school days, but in order for that comparison to be even more precise I would say this: this is school days but if everyone was Sekai.

In school days, not every character was shitty. But sekai was the one with the most deranged mindset. This LN is like that. The MC and every girl are shitty people. You wont find this fun if u read it as it was school days either: there's no good heroines to compensate the drama, it's just very heavy s*xual tension. It has no room to breathe.

Many call this series mature, but it isnt: there is nothing mature in a guy obsessively looking at his crush pictures with other man every day, feeling pain, and thinking: "ahh this pain gives me life!"

It's kind of unhealthy, and fetishistic, which this series is. If u have that particular fetish, u are gonna love this series. If you enjoy drama u may also like this, but it's quite heavy on the s*xual aspect, so you may dislike this if u dont like that. <<less
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Rampage Debut
Rampage Debut rated it
December 26, 2022
Status: v4 epilogue
School Days: LN version. The MC is same promiscuous two timing bastard like Makoto who thinks with his dick. Except that this time he doesn't get stabbed to death because the two girls here are more deranged (read: more horribly written) with zero self respect who swallow all his lies even after getting betrayed multiple times.

If you adored Makoto and seemingly didn't learn your lessons from the anime, this novel is for you where you can self insert as a scum who plays around with girls and has zero morals.... more>> Self insertion isn't a bad thing, but self inserting as a manwho*e who only thinks with their lower half is shit. Usually novels would try to cover up this behaviour under the excuse of betrayed, traumatic past, revenge, broken character etc., but this novel doesn't even try to do that; it's straight up degenerate's fantasy.

I genuinely have no idea how this thing made into Konorano 2023 rankings (even though I am the one who posted the list on NU). This is the only novel which made me wish there was a way to give negative stars as the novel propagates a very negative message. Even if you're here for, like one reviewer said 'action', please read some other 18+ tag novels; this thing will only poison your mind and turn you into a depraved human.

P.S: For the reviewer who was asking for spoilers, University Arc starts with Volume 5 so there are now 2 more girls joining the fray. I hope this puts you 'out of your misery'. <<less
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hiiro16 rated it
March 2, 2022
Status: v2c6
NON-SPOILER REVIEW: I thought it was going to be as much of a trainwreck akin to the manga called Scum's Wish by Yokoyari Mengo, but I couldn't have been more wrong—it's an unexpectedly mature yet youthful piece of writing.

Reading through it made me feel a plethora of emotions ranging from sympathy and dejection to madness and ecstasy. It really feels as though the characters are alive. I also adore the dialogue and the heavier themes in this series since they're very similar to the enjoyment I've experienced from reading NISIOISIN's... more>> Monogatari Series or Watari Wataru's Oregairu. Give it a shot if you're tired of run-of-the-mill rom-coms and if you're into sheer depravity. Keep in mind that it gets overwhelmingly erot*c and at times, morally questionable (even for my standards; though, I still thoroughly enjoyed it!) starting from the last few chapters of Vol. 1. It only gets increasingly sensual from there.

At the time of writing this, I just couldn't find anything like this LN so if anyone can recommend me a LN as emotionally heavy and erot*c as this, please let me know! Also, I give the most sincere words of gratitude to the author, illustrator, as well as the translator (s) and editor (s) for this series—we appreciate all of your hard work!! <<less
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Kongisaurus rated it
January 19, 2022
Status: v2c10
A new type of romance light novel after the rise of easy-to-understand romcoms. The story uses this popularity outbreak to write a completely different setting however, it still maintains the main character that appears to be the typical loner with just one popular friend who already has a girlfriend, and somehow is having his way with an unattainable girl.

"Second Girlfriend" is what the story relies on, using the idea of the main character having two girls that he likes, this also goes for Hayasaka, which is the girl that has... more>> brown hair and big b**bs. Hayasaka's main characteristic is her personality that portraits an angel who is thought of by everybody because of her pureness, but is in a secret relationship with the MC. Tachibana is the other girl and is the N1 girl for the protagonist. In contrast to Hayasaka, she has a mature appealing. At last, we have the N1 boy of Hayasaka who plays a crucial role in the story.

The story does not have NTR however it does have some weird interactions made by the protagonist that may make it uncomfortable for the reader. Now that that is out of the way, you should understand why this story is popular in Japan.

A secret relationship opens up a lot of possibilities for the reader to think about possible outcomes for each event that occurs in the story. Despite this the plot keeps getting spicier with every passing chapter, making the story addictive since you don't know what is going on. The story is borderline hentai which makes the peak moments even more significant. Character writing matches perfectly with the main idea. Different personalities explain why each character makes certain decisions, this can also be used to create more impactful moments. Arguably the best part of the story imo.

Illustrations are 10/10.

If you are tired of the same rom-com read it.
If you like h**ny scenes read it.
If you like a good drama-filled novel read it.

Do not read it if you do not feel like reading an overcomplicated romance that nobody knows how is going to end, except the author I hope. <<less
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frankmatin rated it
May 18, 2022
Status: v4
Really crazy novel, All thing in this is twisted.

MC FMC They are all scum I guess it smells like NTR vibe the whole time since the start, on Vol.3 story is wt*? the weird[worse] things suddenly come up too much.

if your mental weak I do not recommend this series.

I can't see how it can end well.

-Edit- Now On V4

the thing is still going weird on V4 but went in a different direction.

... more>>

it seems NTR vibe is clearly gone, and MC makes a move with wt* plan to cool things down? On FMCs seem to crease their move and lad to a good way.

In late thing have turntable omg what the heck is this....

this is the end of the season everything is done[cliffhang with time skip], V5 seems to be fresh.

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Zakoo rated it
January 18, 2022
Status: v2
Most romantic novel you will find the FMC to be cute, beautiful, cool, erot*c maybe.

But in this novel, both FMC will simply bring you fear.

The kind of fear you feel when you did something unforgivable and you know it is time to repent, no way out, you can hear the steps behind you coming closer and closer. You pray for a blissful solution perfectly knowing such a future will never come.

Honestly it is new in the romantic world of LN. I advise anybody to try it
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Reginald Bull
Reginald Bull rated it
October 7, 2022
Status: v3

If you like a typical high school romance with very detailed and good ecchi scenes then this is a banger!

The story is second grade, but the characters and 'action' is top grade.
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Depression is my new friend
Depression is my new friend rated it
January 24, 2022
Status: v2c1

Many may see the title and think "oh it's gonna be like every other rom com manga/LN where two females fight for mc" but NOPE that's not what happens here. Well it kinda does but that's not the main priority.

I had been seeing some advertis**ent for this novel's manga in YouTube and insta a few weeks ago and since Im a fan of black haired Cooldere/Coodere char I had to give it a shot.

Has a really undertone NTR vibe to it which many may dislike but... more>> the author handled it perfectly so as to make the readers feel upset but not disgusted enough to leave. Ever read/seen Kuzu no Honkai/Scum's wish? Yup that's exactly the kind of LN this is but a little less morbid.

I thought the author would simply start off with this dramatic storyline and with a little stressful tone then simply go "random cliche go" later on in the volume but NOPE he sticks to the eerie/stressful feeling.

Now the characters, while reading it I felt extremely sympathetic towards our ML and sometimes the two FMLs. Although they are not totally fresh in terms of personality, none of them feel like oblivion npcs. The author creates them so that they can fulfill their tasks and he is successful in making them do so.

I won't really be speaking about the plot in this review cause I personally feel like the synopsis explains everything but it undermines something, the lvl of infatuation the ML and one of the FML has for their crushes and I'm not talking about their infatuation towards each other.

So far I really enjoyed reading it and although some parts really hurt when reading, I liked that it hurt (I'm not a M) and again, not for the faint hearted who think it's gonna be 24/7 wholesome LN. <<less
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FluxXimuX rated it
January 28, 2022
Status: v1c4
I'm making an advance review for this novel since I got to say, even if I've only read only a few chapters I could see the outline and premise of this novel which considerably shows potential

First it is easy to understand and is well written, the premise and world building is there along with what characteristics does the female leads and the male leads have and their line of thinking... even as early in the chapter you can already tell what to expect.


... more>>

Although the scenario in itself is a loophole since the concept of having a second girlfriend and dating while having another person as a love interest is an anomaly and abnormally but well, this is a novel and who knows the concept maybe happening in some places along the world and its just that my moral and traditional thinking at play thinking its weird.


but I think I will stop reading for now I somehow can't handle it and push through in reading it since just like the other reviews have said, if you think about the title you would probably think that the novel is light hearted but it is more matured and complicated (and wierd LOL / (^.^) /). I would probably get back at this once its completed cause when I read such novels it would probably only irritate me if I got cliff hanged and the love story is not concluded.... welp see you on another 4 years maybe LOL / (>, <) v (or when I get impatient enough to not continue.) <<less
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Coronmira rated it
January 25, 2022
Status: v2c10
This is so messed up that it's good, so damn spicy. I am kinda scared for the MC in the future, Hayasaka will turn yandere given her mental and emotional instability, and Tachibana's obsession with MC seeing that she ... more>>

actually kept her childhood promise to not let other guys touch her and watched MC and Hayasaka kiss in front of her THEN try to be his "2nd girlfriend" even while having her own fiance (the MC's best friend, which makes it even more messed up)

makes me think she'll be a yandere too. I don't think this will have a happy ending, (I even think someone is going to get stabbed or pushed off the stairs) and that is great <<less
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Silkyye rated it
January 6, 2024
Status: --
Easily one of the most frustrating and unsatisfying novel out there. (Other than NTR maybe?)

The protagonist is made incompetent and indecisive on purpose for the plot, and goes against his own interest so there can be "drama".

The yandere element is overshadowed by cuckhold vibes and just plain frustration at every single one of the 4 main characters:

... more>> Protag: Not going out with the girl he likes most for some of the dumbest reasons ever conjured up by man. ("Filial piety" and to not "betray" his friend???)

Blond haired girl: Getting needlessly jealous over the protag spending time with the girl he likes most despite them agreeing their relationship should be secondary to pursuing the one they like most.

Black haired girl: Going along with the protag's utter lunacy and lack of braincells and not breaking up the engagement with a guy she doesn't even like. Then doing romantic sh*t with him out of "guilt" after her feelings for the protag are exposed (what is this? NTR?)

"Friend": Refuses to take a hint after it gets exposed that Black haired girl doesn't like him, abuses her guilt to do sh*t to her (what is this? NTR?)

Honestly cannot think of any other novel that caused me to hate every. Single. One. Of the main cast, so at least it gets that badge of honor. <<less
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June 20, 2022
Status: v3c3
One word: Spicy.

First thing's first, there's a convoluted love polygon going on between four characters:

... more>>

Our protagonist stuck with in endless dilemmas, Kirishima;

the main love interest of our dear protag but 'unrequited', Tachibana;

the girl who supports the protag as the protagonist as his lover, but is still gunning for another, Hayasaka;

and Kirishima's friend who is a year older and is the initial love interest of Hayasaka, Senpai.


This novel's completely two translated volumes explore how the main protagonist's relationship with the two main girls of the story progresses. Tachibana, the cold beauty everyone admires but can't approach; and Hayasaka, the perfect nice girl everyone adores and loves. Think Yukinoshita Yukino and Yuigahama Yui lmao

The story is about Kirishima's dilemma of liking Tachibana, who is in a 'relationship', but still keeps his feelings strong, but unsaid. Enter Hayasaka who becomes his girlfriend, even if she knows he loves another. Because Hayasaka herself likes another man. They both become each other's alternative lover, wherein they'll be in a secret but relatively tame relationship until they either one or both of them get together with their main love interests.

And from there, everything spiral out of control.

I won't say anymore about what happens, but things will get frisky. FAST. And Tachibana enters the fray, and things get more chaotic.

Regarding this novel, the prose was relatively basic. But that's fine. There's no need for flowery language to complicate the already messy relationship that's happening in this novel. The story's delivery was actually really great. You thought you'd know what happen but the story progresses in way that subverts your prediction. Before long, you'd find yourself on the next chapter.

The characters in this story are alive. The story not only has the main characters, the side characters are likeable too. The characters have their own considerations and reasoning for each of their opinions and choices on the matter. You can feel them interact as much, even if the writing was basic.

My main gripes were relatively few, mostly with the story being a constant tease, but I guess that's a part of it's appeal. This story is, at least, worth a read. Please give it a try. <<less
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Shadp rated it
June 8, 2022
Status: v3c1 part2
If the MC wasn't so indecisive I'd rate him 5/5 otherwise he's 4.5/5

It's really a great bonus that the MC isn't a herbivore and would be willing to get on with it if it weren't for the circumstances.

Alright, now for the story. The plot is not conventional by any means but rather cliche and predictable however it is the execution that makes it appealing. It gets more interesting the more you read it unlike some where they hook you with the first volume and then proceed to outright drag you... more>> downhill later on.

What defines a good novel for me is when I lose track of time and this novel certainly fulfills it.


Illustrator is Kakao... so you'll be having a great time looking at those godlike pictures. Best regards to those who know ;) <<less
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Watcher53 rated it
March 26, 2022
Status: v2c10
This novel is crazzzy..... in the 5/5, 11/10, 200/100 way!
Its an amazing novel that makes you feel things, this is the relationship drama novel that goes insane. The feeling of dread, uncomfortabness, its like a bomb that ticks bigger and bigger in the background for every scene.
This author doesn't stall things out. This author doesn't let the characters rest, and the vibe this story gives off is constant. I enjoy the foreshadowing, the speculation every chapter, the stressful, the hopelessness.....
Trying to understand the characters is a great part of the joy, each of them are a bit broken, complex and not just in their relationships with the other characters. Its truly satisfying to see the characters grow (?) and change.
The last thing I want to say is that you will spend the first 3 chapters thinking you understand where this goes, but this author throws curveballs, left, right, and cliffhangers of intense unpredictability!
Y'all must read this. It is intense, remember to have a drink next to ya for calming purposes.
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Longchinchin rated it
January 16, 2024
Status: Completed
I just want to say this for those who want to read the novel because it seems different and interesting, normally I don't comment back on the page about the novels I read but this I have to say it. The beginning is good, and the development is good, it is different, it is exciting, and full of potential. The novel has 4 volumes in total, the problem begins to be seen from the volume n 3 onwards It's not a spoiler, but it's close. The novel reaches a point,... more>> it seems, where the author does not have much imagination to continue the status quo of volume 2, or he wants to give it too much realism to the novel... but it begins to embroider what we know as NTR. I won't make it long, I was probably exactly like you when it came to seeing comments on the novel for then read it... and, if you asked me, I say with extreme certainty that I regret reading the entire novel. Especially the awful ending, and the even more awful near-ending where it's done actually a little bit of that damn NTR... So my rabbit is, if you read this, stop reading at volume 2, and take the opportunity to read something else that you have stored, believe me brother, you will thank me. <<less
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Aozorah rated it
March 7, 2023
Status: --
This novel... blew my mind by how much it differs from other JP romance in this site. The tags are missing, this should be tagged as seinen and adult. This novel is about a love triangle? Or maybe a square in a high school setting. Is there an NTR? Yeah, there is, it depends on how you view it.... more>>

The worst so far is only holding hands

. And there’s a reason for it. But when you’re at that point, you’re already inside the black hole so you’ll keep reading, i’m a person allergic to NTR but this one kept me salivating for more.

Don’t read this if you’re faint hearted, because the story is so messed up, the characters are so messed up, and I love it. I agree with the other review that If I had to describe this novel in one word, it would be “Spicy” <<less
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jkmj rated it
August 31, 2022
Status: v02
Ahaha, too crazy for my taste. Either way, it has an amazing story for those that are interested in such a genre.

Like what the others have said, the story is hot, but too hot for those that are more into vanilla romance stories. Vanilla Fags like me got burned. Why?

    1. If you view it from the MC side, it's basically NETORASE. Meaning that the MC is pushing the FMC to another guy. And the said FMC is actually his girlfriend (which they keep as a secret to the others of course). Same with the said FMC pushing the MC to the 2nd FMC. And guess what, they both actually hate to do it from the bottom of their hearts, yet they still do it because obviously NETORASE does give some people masochistic pleasure.
    1. Now if you view it from the other guy's side, it's NETORARE. Although engaged and everyone knows that the other guy does loves the 2nd FMC, the three still do things behind his back.
    1. To describe it lightly, the three culprits which are the MC, the 1st FMC (short hair) , & and 2nd FMC (long hair) are just fooling around with the other guy's expense.

Either way, even though I haven't read that far yet, but seeing how the 1st Volume goes, I believe the Netorare & the Netorase aspect the story will get worse IF the author want to keep the spiciness ongoing.

The only good ending I can see for this one reminds me of a H-Doujinshi by Miyabe Kiwi titled Share Loveru. Hahaha.


Anyway, the story is great, only if you have such kinks though. But for me, I don't recommend it if you want to focus on romance. The title itself says that it has some cheating on the MC side, but I didn't expect an even complicated kind of cheating than that. It is more of a kinky kind of cheating, not one due to unavoidable circumstances. It's more about pain & lust, rather than love or romance.
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Raestloz rated it
August 11, 2022
Status: v2c2
Holy crap

I never thought a story about cheating can be this good

Ok so right from the very beginning you know this is going to be a roller coaster ride of ntr, harem, and shuraba. That much is obvious, and pretty standard

... more>> The thing that separates this novel with others like it, is that it's consistent.

There are only 4 main characters, and the number doesn't change. The premise is love square and it also doesn't change. It's the one constant that keeps the whole thing going, and the whole thing keeps going at a consistent pace. There's no "filler arc", there's no "fanservice" arc where they do ecchi things without progressing. Every single le*d act is meant to keep the story moving, and it's such a terrifying and exciting roller coaster ride that I don't want to get off.

This feels wrong. I shouldn't get excited about it yet I here I am, and somehow it feels really appropriate when you count in the subject of this novel. <<less
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