I’ll Build a Harem in Another World With Conquest Skill


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The protagonist, an average salaryman, suddenly finds himself reincarnated into another world through his home PC.

With no lingering attachments to his previous life, he readily accepts his new situation and decides to follow the guidance of a deity-like figure. The deity offers him the chance to customize his appearance and bestows him with cheat skills, as long as they fit within a certain point limit.

Excited, the protagonist decides to become an ideal handsome man and acquires skills to build a harem of beautiful girls. He also wishes for the ability to become overwhelmingly powerful.

He chooses a skill called “Conquering Skill” as his primary ability, complemented by other skills that would enable his overwhelming power.

This “Conquering Skill” not only allows him to search for his preferred type of beautiful girls from all over the world, but it also predicts events that would increase their affection towards him and advises him accordingly.

However, creating a harem isn’t as easy as he thought…

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