If You Are a Dodder Flower


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In her previous life, she tried her best, she struggled. In the end, she has lost to her own mediocrity.

In this life, she resigned to her fate.


After her mother passed away, Xia Rou reincarnated as an orphan and she got taken in by her mother’s lover. Once again she stepped into Cao family, and once again she had to confront the people she loved and hated……

She dares not to expect anything, only except that she won’t suffer any more in this life……

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New xuexin rated it
October 19, 2019
Status: c54
Let me just warn you, don't think that because the story is set in modern time that it suddenly adopts modern practices. Just be a bit open minded when you start reading this book and understand the setting.

So far I have enjoyed the story, because the FL is not focused on achieving revenge. She just wants to navigate away from her downfall while thanking and appreciating the people who took care of her in her previous life. The story is a bit slow paced with the intention to show you... more>> how relationships are built, which is probably what makes the story enjoyable. Even in the early chapters you already know who you want to ship.

Fair warning though, the ML may be a bit overbearing for some people's taste. <<less
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New joyfan rated it
October 14, 2019
Status: c45
Hmmm... I think it's written well, many of the characters are lovely. Their quirks will make you quickly adore them. On the downside.. many of the theme and idea.. is rather too chauvinistic for my taste. Personally, I will be less surprised if this novel is written as propaganda for anti feminist movement or if it's written by a traditionalist man.

I had to take a break from this novel multiple times after reading some of the things said by the characters.. such as what gender entails you to be etc,... more>> you could argue that perhaps the author is trying to emulate the character mindset based on his backstory. But I beg to differ as on multiple occasion the idea seems to be agreed on and reinforced by various other characters again and again. Even straightforwardly acknowledging and normalizing it.

There are many other flaws I would love to point out such as MC having self awareness yet constantly on denial or a very unnatural/forced characters growth.. some could be said less of a growth but more like a dip in IQ department.. but I felt how I would best describe this novel is just.. Read it after turning off your brain and don't take things to heart... and.. don't learn from it. <<less
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Moonson rated it
January 23, 2019
Status: c76
For those who love a deep romance story, which challenge the social classes, family-border and human complex feelings, then this is your cup of black tea in your mid twenties.

The story might be shorted to the rebirth of MC that trying to work her life to be the better one.

The special part is the MC is really conscious about her ownself. She comes from the different class with the ML and she tried hard to not be greedy with life as her own past life.

The story grows from MC childhood... more>> to eventually growing mature. The love story progressing fast at the end of the chapter. And voila, its a happy ending.

Very worth reading for those who wants to read a novel with more challenging romance plots. <<less
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Chiaroscuro rated it
March 21, 2019
Status: c16 part2
3 stars for writing really

-2 stars for writing

-1 stars for characterization

... more>> -0.5 for BL lmao

And deducted 2 stars because of sexist chauvinistic stuffs

(Mods I accidentally clicked 1 stars orz help fix)

Also there's BL mentioned, not prominent enough just like something in your peripheral vision.

The characterization is good, the MC is just a girl trying to live her life the second times, avoiding mistakes etc. The writing is really good.


I was very uncomfortable when reading this. Not because the age gap (well 14 years is a bit iffy) but because the overall tone of this novel. The author keep saying stuffs like how the male is satisfied because she's quiet, obedient, elegant with her snow white neck etc. And it's because they're dominant and used to give orders to people. How obedient and quiet girls are more... Likeable. It's like how people of old preaching woman's virtue all over again. The MC is like... White lotus or something. She's pretty, quiet, and obedient. Did I say obedient?? I understand it's because her past (how she used to be contrary and headstrong etc creating problems for her family) but at this point I don't care enough because it's the same stuff author writes over and over again. If I have to be dramatic, it feels like author brainwash us that obedient, quiet and pretty girls are more likeable.=_= <<less
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BobChan rated it
September 16, 2019
Status: c20 part1
Just about 1/3 of the way and I've read the words 'quiet' and 'obedient', more than I can count with my two hands. And there's still many more to come. It's ridiculous how the author uses it and adds after, "If she could only stay like this forever" or "Their gaze turned gentler seeing her so obedient".

... more>>

A few examples:
Ch. 1 part 2
Her (Cheng Wan) neck was long and white as snow, it was a beautiful curve when she lowered her neck, at the same time it also symbolizes her humble obedience.

This action of hers has made Cao Xiong felt satisfying.

Ch. 2 part 1
She's (Cheng Wan is) not clever, sometimes blurry, the worse is she doesn't really pay attention, when anything happens, she doesn't have any idea on what to do. She only knows to be gentle and obedient.

Ch. 2 part 2
This woman is soft and obedient, she is just like a plant of dodder flower raised in Cao Xiong's room, can only be used for relaxing and decorate the scenery to be more pleasing. Even Cao Xiong himself thought the same looking at Cheng Wan.

Ch. 2 part 2
Obedient, that was his third thought. That attitude, within her softness there was a sense of obeisance that would satisfy a man.

Ch. 3 part 2
Before he met her, he already had some thoughts in mind. If she is obedient, then they will take her as their little sister, accommodate her to study on a university, and help her choose a great husband in the future, and we'll act as her maiden home. But, if she is a troublemaker, then he will let her live comfortably until she turns into an adult, and give her some money to do whatever she wants.
Ch. 3 part 2
Fortunately, Xia Rou looked like an obedient child. He hoped that she would behave like her mother and not make any troubles to the family.

Ch. 4 part 1
Seeing the child obediently listening to her advice, Lady Fang's expression wasn't as serious. Although she didn't like the child's status, she still pitied her for becoming an orphan; her eyes when she looked at her were friendlier now.

Ch. 4 part 2
Great, this girl is very quiet. If she could be this quiet forever, that would be best.

To give her food, clothes and shelter, and then let her study in a university. The way she looked now, she didn't seem to be troublesome.

Ch. 5 part 2
"She looks fine. She cried for a bit so she's probably still upset. Just give her some comfort. She even burnt some paper money for Aunt Cheng just now." He thought of it and added: "Quite sensible, and quiet."

Ch. 6 part 1
Cheng Wan's personality had always been as such. When someone exerted force, she would choose to simply be obedient. It was really luck that had brought her to Cao Xiong after she had been dumped by her former husband.

Ch. 6 part 2
In the eyes of an elder, an obedient child was usually lovely.


The bones of the plot can be considered to be good, but paired off with the 'silence and obedience is virtue of a girl'—it just becomes bland.

As the other reviews had stated, the author writes mildly in a sexist way. The female protagonist is one that does go with the flow, but they're rather just meek and a white lotus.

At this point of the story, I can't say that I'm too interested but it's not so bad yet—there's just annoyance at the number of sexist terms used and how it's just accepted because of what happened.

The translation quality is very good though. Would recommend if you really have time to read, are bored out of your mind, have patience, and can take what is being written with a grain of salt. <<less
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Kei-Em03 rated it
August 3, 2019
Status: Completed
First off, its so easy to MTL totally worth it. I love how she's being doted on. Love the brother's interaction with her.

... more>>

Though I am a bit put off with how fast they came together that I feel there should have been more chapters so it couldve been dealt with in a more slower pace than that (they jump off like ML:I love you, MC:Confuse and all, a day passed and they are already making out, then like a week/couple of weeks passed and BAM they did it)

So this could have more chapters in it.

The mental breakdown was wow. Its great that it was put in because boy thats a natural reaction.

But then I was hoping for more chapters. Its like the whole plot of thing were made at the least the very last 5 chapters.

Then the ending was so abrupt that I was hoping for atleast 1 extra which was sad cause theres none.


Nonetheless, the novel is a 4 for me, great peak (though gosh that's short), translations a 4 great work and thanks 😘😘😘, characters are likeable

though Id have to admit the brothers are so loose with their s*x life (or was that a natural thing for guys 🤔)

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ike_00000 rated it
July 1, 2019
Status: c35.2
So good!!!

Characters: MC is a lil listless and weak, but it's alright even for someone that hates weak female leads. Her self-awareness certainly helps, although it's kinda over-emphasized in the story, but it's true eg. In the situation with He Lili and Cao Yang. I actually really like the other characters and her relationships with them all, especially ML. I love the building of building familial ties with this group; I would have loved if there was more detail about how she bonded with each member, not just Cao Yang... more>> and Cao An (like we know why for the others, but it's not really as thoroughly explored, especially with the second brother). The side character Hu Xuan is also really good. I like that the author portrays both the beautiful and ugly side of her characters, acknowledging relationships and people is a flighty thing (Hu Xuan is the best example, and even MC's relationship with Lady Fang).

Yes there's definitely chauvinistic elements, but personally when I read this story I chalk it up to that particular family's interests as well as the reality of the upper-class social circles of this setting. In the beginning it is especially irksome, when the author describes the mother, but MC herself has tried NOT to be a dodder flower. There's two outlooks on the author's real opinion: (1) MC is trying not to be that white lotus stereotype, and author is making a small protest against the chauvinism or (2) since MC "fought" her last life and failed and is more obedient, similar to her mother, this life, author is condoning it. Either way, even as a girl growing up in a society that teaches all to be independent, I don't really find this affecting my enjoyment of the story (after the part of the mother).

Plot: Definitely a slice of life story, but it's basically as the synopsis says. A girl was taken in by a rich and powerful family; she caused a lot of trouble for these people that cared about her in her past life, so now all she wants to do is listen and not worry them. As she grows up with them, the lines between familial and romantic bonds slowly become blurry. I'm excited to read more as her past gets increasingly revealed!

It does feel like there's a little bit of inconsistency in her past life though since she was supposed to be super thorny yet somehow the brothers still liked her? Oh well

Writing: Pacing is good, great writing and translation! Very little translation error and some passages even show literacy beauty. The update speed is also quite good right now, thank you to the translators!!

Overall, this is definitely a recommended read for those that like this genre! <<less
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astroblues02 rated it
February 16, 2019
Status: --
I often wonder how it would be like to be reborn to the past. Unlike other reincarnation/transmigration/reborn novels, this one gives a vivid description of what it would be like if one is reborn. The MC's growth is slow but compared to how she was in her past life, she has accepted who she is and what she is in the family. The ML made himself as her guardian and from there his love blossoms for her without him knowing. The pivotal point is somewhere near the end of the... more>> story where the female finally integrates the past and the present to fully accept the reality which is... they both love each other.

BTW, translation quality is superb. I just MTLed it after reading chapter 8. The story is worthwhile, more slice of life mixed with fluff *whispers* 14 years age gap^^ <<less
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Fictionaddiction rated it
March 15, 2019
Status: c1 part1
This story is really good. I'm addicted and keep checking for new updates every 5 min. You will love it with your heart even if you may sometimes not agree in your mind.

The translation is excellent and it's updated regularly.

Summary which contains some spoilers:

... more>>

Xia Rou reincarnated in her 15 year old body after dying at 25. She wants to correct the mistakes she made by hurting the people she loved due to her inferiority complex.

her mother a weak lady has been abandoned by her father for that reason and thus after attempting suicide was rescued by Cao Xiong. Who wanted a mistress bec. He felt lonely after the death of his wife, and didn't wish to introduce a stepmother to his 4 sons (although they know about the mistress).

constantly hearing others calling her mother a mistress Xia Rou felt inferior and was determined to be better than her.

after her mother's death. Cao Xiong took her to raise. Due to the family being a military family and somewhat poor in communication+servant gossiping+her already low self esteem from being a mistress' daughter. She was willful and ignored the Cao family's well wishes bec. She viewed them as though they were looking down on her.

In this life she understands their good intentions and strives to not hurt their feelings and be a good girl.

why I said you would love this with your heart but maybe not mind?

Because I do believe her actions in the first life are justified. For example, her mother just died and she is wearing black. The house keeper tells her you are in somebody else's house and it brings an ominous feeling, so you should wear neutral colors. So she goes online and fills her whole wardrobe with black. And this causes the house keeper to treat her stiffly! I would do the same if I were her honestly. Anyway I won't add more coz I hate lengthy reviews.

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Pink-kun-s rated it
September 11, 2019
Status: c1 part1
I have no problem with the translation, it is great. The story itself isn't, really. I can't understand those stellar reviews.

The writing style is okay I guess, but the content made me feel uncomfortable all over. The males in here are chauvinistic pigs, yes I am eyeing the ML and his father too. What's with this brainwashing that obedient, spineless, cute and just shut up and look pretty kind of girl are the best? Sorry, it just doesn't sit well with me.

The MC is repeatedly said to be stupid and... more>> this is really annoying. She has no backbone and does every little thing the ML says. Though it is related to her previous life, but to this degree, it is insane! She's always praised by other characters for knowing her place and this has me wanting to smack my computer.

The ML is a pig and the MC is full of double standard concerning him. He's a player and apparently likes to be obeyed. And in all truth, the guy should have stayed that brother figure instead of pursuing her. I would have stomach it better then.

Reading this only served to boil me with anger and I wished that the MC would have left that house and started a whole brand new life somehow. <<less
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Randomness rated it
June 28, 2019
Status: Completed
The characterizations are good, the story flow is smooth enought, and I honestly doesn't feel bored when I read this novel.

But.. How should I say this

... more>>

I liked the characterizations, but I hate the chauvinisme implied within.

MC's character : I liked her self-awareness, but I disliked the implication that in order to be 'better', the MC don't give herself a breathing room. No wonder near the end, the break down happened. And I hate the fact that MC is more doll than human at that point, so content to have her future decided by others. Self-knowledge doesn't mean crushing your dreams and become puppet.

When the MC and ML are merely 'siblings', I liked their relationship. I know they will end up together, but when it happens, I found myself wishing that MC stays with The Boyfriend.

MC and ML's relationship is seriously unbalanced and unhelathy. It's fine when they are 'siblings', but when ML forced the romance, I feel myself losing the fondness I have for the ML. I am left wanting to scream, "Scum!" towards the ML.


Nevertheless, I found myself remembering this book, long after I finished it, so in my mind it's worth the 4 stars. <<less
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SnowyRAWR rated it
April 18, 2019
Status: c23 part1
I love the story, MC, and plot so far. I can't wait until the I find out who Xia Rou ends up with.

I think before she reincarnated, it was hinted that Cao Yang like Xia Rou. Hopefully, Cao Yang and Xia Rou ends up together. I still can't believe there is like a 16-year age gap between them. I think it was mentioned how Cao Yang is almost 30-years-old while Xia Rou is 15-years-old.

Ironically, the father and eldest son have the same taste in women.

I can't wait for the next... more>> update!!!! <<less
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Tully rated it
June 27, 2019
Status: c34 part2
I can't help but say this is a brilliant portrayal of human nature.

  1. The MC is very self-aware. Out of all the rebirths and second chances I have read, I acknowledge that she is cut above the rest. Now, when I look back to those MCs, I feel kind of sad to realize how lacking in character they were compared to her. She's very simple, mature, realistic. She was never seeking revenge so the lack of dog-blood drama is a plus.
  2. The characters are complex. No one is good or bad, they are all greys. The author was able to portray how the treatment of a person depends on circumstance and identity. In reality, human relationships are indeed that much complex. That is especially true in the concept of rebirths or second chances. Your friend now can be your enemy in the rebirth.
  3. Pacing is great. The author knows what specific events and character realizations are appropriate in order to push forward changes in feelings and POVs--something I quite appreciate. Reading this book gives you a steady and quiet feeling much like the temperament of the MC and the Cao Family.
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Tanzi rated it
October 9, 2019
Status: Completed
I liked this story very much MC is cute and nice though she was arrogant, rude and proud in her past life, but she changed, like how any people change after getting betrayed from their closed one and having a second chance after they messed up everything.,

... more>>

The sweetness of having a new family and four attractive older brothers, MC 's life became a bliss. She was treated like a princess and those cute moments with his brothers was really enjoyable.

but you see everything was ruined when ML confessed, ML is a perfect older brother there's no doubt but as a boyfriend he is possessive, yandaree also that age gap is really big. Well ML is more handsome & powerful than her ex boyfriend but still I cant accept this ship. She was better with her ex boyfriend.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Miss Ruby
Miss Ruby rated it
September 29, 2019
Status: Completed
I read the whole thing in one day. Some parts of it didn't sit well with me, like how she kept talking about how terrible she was in her previous timeline. In my opinion, she behaved just as she should have, considering her circumstances. Another part, is the misogynistic aspects sprinkled all over the book but I won't go into that.

The ending was frustrating to read through. I wish she had ripped out the ML's balls. What a piece of shit. Can't say anymore or it ventures into spoiler territory.

PS:... more>> The translation is outstanding. <<less
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newcumber rated it
March 19, 2019
Status: c16 part2
Sooooo cute and fluffy. Well written, and well translated. Can't wait to see where it goes next. I keep wanting more updates!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kanjipills rated it
August 26, 2019
Status: c14 part2
I had to drop this story. Not because the story was not great or anything, it was because I didn't like the flow of where the story was going. Nothing wrong against it but it made me uncomfortable.

... more>>

Main point: It was uncomfortable for me to learn that ML is one of her siblings.

I had a hint that it might happened but around chapter 14, I was reminded of this gut feel so strongly I had to look for spoilers. Turns out it is true. I liked it at first how she was rebuilding her relationship with the Cao family. I wanted their connection to be purely familial but I guess it won't happen.

To be honest, I never saw ML as the ML-type. I've always viewed him in the story as the 'sibling' for MC.

The age gap was also uncomfortable. It was tolerable with MC's mom and MC's stepdad since they were already at their 30s to 40s. But since I was reading it at the time MC is still 15 and their were already spoilers about who the ML is at MC's current age, I found it unpleasant.


I will still give it a 4 because so far I have enjoyed it. The translations were sometimes inconsistent, but they were good in general. There are times that the narratives gets repeated, like how MC is so shameful of her past. I know it is for emphasis but it gets kind of tiring of you kept reading about this for almost every chapters. <<less
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RINKO-S rated it
June 19, 2019
Status: Completed
Well, I admit I was somewhat disappointed in the last 10 parts, although I expected what would happen but I did not expect it to happen that way, I enjoyed it at first but somewhere I started to feel annoyed and finally I could not accept what happened.
I also did not really feel the interactions between the family. I really wanted the novel to be deeper in their relationships, not romantic love, but family love.
Uday the last part of the novel, the rest is ok.

Thanks for the translation... more>> ! <<less
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MsKumiko rated it
May 10, 2019
Status: c26 part2
I love this story. The translator had done an amazing job, and the author is great too.

If you like stories where the main protagonist goes with the flow of life, then this might be your cup of tea. The bond between our MC, Xia Rou, and the Cao clan is peaceful.

I have a few gripes though.

... more>>

Xia Rou can be really spineless and pathetic to some ungodly levels. Such as when she was attacked by that annoying brat, and what she let happen between Cao Yang and He Lili when she could've prevented that.


There's also


her weak willed personality is such a stark contrast compared to her past life, but her abrasive attitude wasn't all bad. Her naiveté, inferiority complex, and entitlement was the problem, not making herself more assertive. The author seems to like to emphasize obedience in a child, more specifically a woman.

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