I Will Save The Princess


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Ophelia was known as the stuttering disgrace of the Imperial family with hand tremors.

But in my eyes, she was the lovely princess that I had raised to the best of my abilities.

However, on the day of her debut.

The nasty remarks from the Emperor broke her heart, and she threw herself out of her window.

As I followed her with the frame of mind that I’ve lost everything…

When I opened my eyes, a four-year-old Ophelia was shaking to wake me up.

“Ha, ha, Hannah, I like this flower the, the best… that’s why… I will give you this flower!”

A small chubby hand held out the flower to me.

As I accepted the flowers, I made up my mind.

…In this lifetime, I’m going to save my Princess from that tr*shy Emperor.

But just why is this d*mn Emperor…?

“Who is your master?”

Beyond the Emperor’s obsession, this time round,

《I will save the princess》

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공주님을 구원하겠습니다
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