I, Who Was Reincarnated as the Villain Character in a Game, Was Secretly Enjoying My Role as the Villain While Pulling off Heroic Moves Behind the Scenes. However, My Actions Were Exposed to My Fiancée, Who Absolutely Despises Me


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Using game knowledge and strength training to avoid a future of destruction!

I was a corporate s*ave in a black company, but before I knew it, I was reincarnated into another world. And not just any world, but into the role of the villain in a game I loved… In order to avoid the future of being killed by the protagonist, I start taking actions to become stronger with all my might. Utilizing my knowledge from the game, I focus on one thing: strength training! As I live this way, gradually, the attitude of my fiancée, who used to hate me so much, begins to change…?

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Ki11erChr0n0s007 rated it
March 19, 2024
Status: c45
Typical mental ret*rded Japanese person isekai.

The translation isn't the best, feels like Google did translation and no one bothered to check it over. Many points where genders are switched or items bring mismatched. MC is one of those "This a game world, so I MUST follow how story goes" and "this event will definitely happen despite me already clearing/ solving it." When faced with literally ANYTHING that doesn't match his preconceived notions of story he'll deny it. Example: his fiance who supposedly hates him, shows him interest and... more>> affection, even coming to see him as much as possible to literally just talk, but he is constantly confused by this and deny her feelings at times. Another example is: his father and brother's incompetence is easily priven and he could save alot of time and lives if he just showed even a little of evidence but, NO! He's so obsessed with "this event that I've already solved happening resulting my family being stripped nobility and being executed" that he just doesn't bother.

Basically waste your brain cells if you want to read this but honestly between scrappy translation, stereotypical MC, and poorly handled events and story points. I hope you choose not to. <<less
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I actually quite like it so far, we'll see if we get more here shortly, there is a bit of a trench in this path its well trod but we'll see if its fun hopefully.
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