I, Who Was Reincarnated as the Target of a Otome Game, Ignore the Romance Elements and Overpower Everyone. However, I Will Help the Villainous Young Lady Because Deep Down, She’s Actually a Good Person


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A handsome blond-haired, blue-eyed guy corners a beautiful girl with white hair and deep purple eyes against the wall. It’s what they call a “wall slam” in those so-called romantic games.

“You’re an interesting girl, aren’t you?”

Their faces are so close that it’s hard to breathe. The surrounding girls are squealing with excitement… No, they’re seriously annoying.

This is the stage of the otome game “Love Academy Koigaku” at the Royal Magic Academy in the Kingdom of Ronaudia.

The handsome guy is one of the capture targets in “Love Academy,” Prince Sieg Stallion, the second prince of the kingdom. The girl is the heroine of “Love Academy,” Millia Londo.

The students at the academy are neglecting their classes, completely absorbed in romance. Well, it can’t be helped in the world of otome games, but I’m not interested in romance at all.

After school, I sneak out of the academy and head towards…

“You guys are so slow.”

Deep within the labyrinth, I dash through a swarm of giant dragons, taking them down one by one with two swords. With each defeat, the dragons vanish, leaving behind only magic stones.

I may have been reincarnated into the world of an otome game, but it doesn’t concern me.

Ignoring all the romance events, I delve into dungeons—this is the kind of story it is.

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Otome gē no kōryaku taishō ni tensei shita ore wa, ren'ai yōso o mushi shite musō suru. Akuyaku reijō dake wa hontō wa yoi yatsu datta kara shiriai toshite tasukeru kedo
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dionrizqi rated it
June 6, 2023
Status: --
It's okay I guess. MC is good he always keep his mental age, definitely not low-res member because he doesn't bat eye to girl around his (arius) age. The villainess girl and protagonist girl also interesting. The minus is MC progression is so quick, already op since early chapter and can solo most difficult dungeon on daily basis. And the main story (otome game) is slow because the story always shift to MC going to dungeon, I mean why bother, he is already clearing most difficult dungeon anyway. When he... more>> is going to dungeon is always boring because he can do it easily. <<less
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deshou rated it
December 13, 2023
Status: v1c135
This is honestly just wasted potential. The idea is that MC wants to focus on getting stronger rather than follow any of the love story of the game world that he reincarnates into. I mean, that sounds perfectly fine right? The problem is that the author just drags that out soooooooooooo far. It's even kind of insinuated that MC gets off from getting stronger. In the later chapters he has a bunch of girls obsessing over him and just can't get it up for anything other than battle. Oh, but... more>> he's "le totally nice guy who will drop what he's doing to help people he cares about, m'lady." MC is just constantly saying that they're all friends and he doesn't love them but that doesn't stop the girls from obsessing over him. Honestly, I think the only characters that don't have brain damage in this series are MC's family, three of the princes, and MC's mentors. <<less
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Alone-_ rated it
July 8, 2023
Status: v2c22
So far it's below average. You click on this novel expecting to see drama and judging from the title, from a third-party perspective, that's what I thought at least. Let me just say that's not what I've been getting at all so far. It's mostly just been dungeon diving and not even the thrilling kind. It's honestly quite boring, you can literally skip through almost his whole entire childhood besides when he meets this girl named Jessica. Even then you wouldn't be missing anything really. Once he attends the academy... more>> it's still uninteresting because he still mostly goes to dungeons so you don't see any of the drama that takes place.

So basically you don't get any entertainment from his dungeon diving because he's op from the start and there isn't any danger. Once he gets to the academy the drama is almost nonexistent as of chapter 17 volume 2. All in all it's a novel you would read if there's nothing else and you want to just waste time or something.

Solid 2/5 honestly, but since I don't know if the drama kicks up I'll give it a 3/5 out of pity.


Okay, I've read a little further in and the story is actually quite interesting now. It's still nowhere near a 4/5 but still interesting non the less. I'd say it's an okay read. I'll bump it up to an actual 3/5 now. <<less
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Dumdazn rated it
November 25, 2023
Status: v7c171
The title is incredibly misleading. There is no love story.

The MC is technically sent to the world of an Otome game, BUT, let’s be very clear... the company that designed the Otome game used the framework of an action/adventure rpg after it was bought from a different company.

The “Villainous Young Lady” ceased to exist early on and transforms into just another potential harem member for the MC.

The MC isn’t dense in the usual sense. He has awareness and observes those around. He fully understands that love and women are not... more>> his strong suits and simply chooses to focus on what he thinks will be best for his development, and that’s training and fighting monsters. <<less
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Kira. 111
Kira. 111 rated it
October 14, 2023
Status: --
Well... it's stale and boring.i mean the early chapters were not at all interesting like even if you skip them by just scrolling and reading some here and there you can understand that stuff... since the start no proper world building explained... they say nobel society. Blah blah.. but author keeps on changing MC's family from Duke to marquis and marquis to Duke blah blah..

Author wants us to show MC as emotionally mature dude and not dumb MC.. but hell with that... dude just acts like dumbass around girls oblivious... more>> of their feelings. MC don't really have a proper goal but somehow always say that this otome story hinders his goals and blah blah.. also

They made him God knows how much op in those early chapters... that seemed too ridiculous for me like.

I didn't understand the author's sense of rush to make him op even before start of academy.. like this potentially ruined so much plot that could happen in academy.

Dude just clears dungeons the most difficult ones in solo, and goes to adventurer guild eats the food and cycle... who the hell cares about this cycle dude..

Author shows more about these dungeons where MC can literally one shot or aoe all the monsters including boss, rather than the actual otome story happens in the world

I know you want to show MC as the guy who's not interested in otome stuff and wants dungeon stuff... but that doesn't mean that you have to keep on making dungeon scenarios one after author... if he's that obsessed with them he should've atleast made MC like somewhat weaker and shown us that MC went through hard work while clearing dungeons to become powerful.. but nah...

Author doesn't even bothered to show a proper otome setting or atleast those dungeon fights and stuff both ended up so stale and boring and made it painful for me continue...

The progression of everything is soo slow expect those early chapters where MC's status went to ???... (those chaps were practically useless though)

All in all if you like uselessly op MC who doesn't really have a goal and not even interested in girls in a world where setting isn't properly explained and where there is no immediate threat worth fighting for existed and a academy where everything is soo slow... go for this <<less
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Deadmilkmen rated it
September 22, 2023
Status: c106
Pretty mediocre. Its not a bad story, but you're actually better off reading this just with google translate. The "translator" mistakes peoples names. I don't even know how he did that. Google translate actually makes it clear who's talking.

As for the story, it's pretty boring with an OP MC right off the bat. He pretends not to be interested in teenagers since he's like 40, but then proceeds to be a dense harem protagonist. It constantly talks about him going into dungeons, and it's just boring. Dudes OP so who... more>> cares about him killing god level monsters over and over? This story just doesn't know what it wants to be.

This is also an example of a really bad harem. All these girls fall in love with the MC. He repeatedly tells them he doesn't understand love and they can only be friends. Instead of ending it at that the author keeps writing scenes of these girls telling him how much they love him, them all spending time together, him saying how much he cares for them. Then he always ends it with "but just as a friend"

It just makes the MC seem like a piece of garbage. Imagine if a woman did this with four men. <<less
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SonicWizard rated it
November 24, 2023
Status: c51
Your usual reincarnated power fantasy, except this time hes a capture target in an otome.

The MC is great at pretty much everything, and the author decided to make him one of the most powerful beings alive by the time he was 12 years old, during the prologue. The protagonist has 3 character traits: 1. Hes dense as f*ck which I guess is a prerequisite for japanese OP harem isekai. 2. He will fight back if someone picks a fight. 3. He wants to be as strong as possible. Beyond that... more>> he could be replaced with a cardboard cutout most times and not much would change as he is just that uninteresting.

The story flounders between SoL and litRPG and it makes it painfully obvious the author wanted a munchkin protagonist but doesn't know how to anchor the story around that. With him being so powerful it shoves the character interactions into the forefront and they just aren't interesting enough to prop up the dungeon diving sections. Well to be more precise the interactions with the MC aren't interesting. The rest of the gang seem to interact just fine. Which just makes the protagonist feel even more out of place.

The translation is mostly ok but it frequently misattributes dialogue so it can confusing at times and there's the occasional word salad.

all in all its a 2/5 since its really just plain boring and it doesn't seem like the author has the writing chops to be able to course correct. <<less
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dragonulera rated it
April 16, 2024
Status: v3c46
Boring, that's what this is.

The author not only faild at writing any academy or otome setting, but also at writing the dungeon fights and conquest.

The author also failed with the character RPG system. The only thing the author did was to keep pumping up the numbers for some reason. As if in saying bigger, Bigger, BIGGER!

There is no reference to how powerful the protagonist is, but the only thing known is that he is OP. Which is boring, considering that the author dumped all that power up on the protagonist... more>> at the beginning. <<less
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June 6, 2024
Status: v7c173
I'm not going to even rate this, for at one point the first 100 was interesting to read. But you know how the title of this novel ends with "However, I Will Help the Villainous Young Lady Because Deep Down, She’s Actually a Good Person"?

The plot of this story isn't even remotely about that. I've been lied to.

Not sure if the story has actually progressed since I dropped this at chapter 173, but don't be fooled. This story is all about the MC and his actions as a strong warrior.... more>> Or something along those lines. <<less
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Fewtas rated it
February 15, 2024
Status: --
More or less standard gotta be strong in an otome game plot, but plays out a little flat if I'm feeling honest. Characters lack a fair bit of depth from my perspective, although I could be wrong. And wooo boy, talk about power hyperinflation for almost no reason. I understand that battlemaniacs can be fun, but don't make that the whole reason for existence. Other than that, the story more or less drags on in my opinion after v5 or v6. Almost all of the initial plot hooks were gone... more>> before v3 it felt like, so I think that it feels a bit too drug out. <<less
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