I Went to Another World, so I Got a Job and Survived


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“We will transport you to another world. It’s best to choose how you’ll be transferred yourself.

These were the words spoken to the people gathered in the pure white world. Following those words, they decided their own abilities and set off to the other world.

If they were to transfer to another world… they didn’t want to die.

The unique skill they chose to survive was . They chose magic and skills to be able to fight in a dangerous world. They acquired production abilities to ensure their daily life wouldn’t be troubled.

In a fantasy world with game-like stats. In the transferred world, being from another world wasn’t a desired existence… it was a harsh reality. The protagonist, aiming to survive, grows as an adventurer and pharmacist.

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I sekai ni ittanode tenishoku o motte ikinobimasu,
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Ryoto.Ryuji.630 rated it
March 22, 2024
Status: c25
The story is well written and is paced properly. It's kind of slow, but interesting. However, there are some story settings that's a major turnoff for me.


The MC is forced into a magic contract where she has to be a tool for ambitious people, or be killed.


The way the story is going, it is likely to become a tragedy. I really don't want to see that happen.

Don't know why someone added the comedy tag, while interesting, it is not funny. So, I changed it from comedy to drama.
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Mac rated it
March 5, 2024
Status: c10
I like it.

Good story.

Translation is good except for use of he, she and I.

The protagonist is not overpowered. She gets along with the people she meets without collecting a harem. She is an independent woman.

If you like/love Honzuki you will like this.

Writer keep writing.

Translator keep translating.
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