The Slow Life of a Travelling Alchemist


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Mei Suzuki, a high school girl who was involved in a traffic accident, loved alchemy.

When forced to choose her occupation by “God” when she was reincarnated into another world, she chose “the strongest alchemist” without hesitation.

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12/04/22 Vita-TL v1c12
11/29/22 Vita-TL v1c11
11/24/22 Vita-TL v1c10
11/22/22 Vita-TL v1c9
11/19/22 Vita-TL v1c8
11/16/22 Vita-TL v1c7
11/14/22 Vita-TL v1c6
11/13/22 Vita-TL v1c5
11/11/22 Vita-TL v1c4
11/09/22 Vita-TL v1c3
11/09/22 Vita-TL v1c2
11/09/22 Vita-TL v1c1
11/09/22 Vita-TL v1 prologue
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New Remixed rated it
November 22, 2022
Status: v1c9
Disappointing. I really like alchemy/crafting stories but this is like most of them. All the alchemy is handwaved. There is no depth to the crafting. MC throws random crap in a pot and makes anything instantly.

Outside of the crafting letdown, super average slice of life with no teeth. It's short though, not a painful read but not great either.
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