I Was Reincarnated in Another World, So I’ll Rule from the Shadows


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In the narrow alleyways of the slums, a hungry young boy struggled with his harsh life.

“Huh? I’ve been reincarnated.”

The impact of a blow brought back memories of his past life. While excited about being reincarnated into another world, the current situation was far from favorable.

“Do I follow the conventional path and aim for success as an adventurer, or…”

For some reason, the boy decided to rise to power in the other world from the shadows of the underworld.

“Mafia bosses and gang leaders are so cool!”

This is the story of a boy reincarnated into another world, bestowed with a unique ability, as he, along with his companions, dominates the other world from the underworld.

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aPizza rated it
April 12, 2024
Status: c42
Of the 42 chapters I read so far, only like 2 chapters were interesting, and they were the first couple of chapters.

I find this to be really uninteresting. It's not even as close to being as entertaining as Eminence of the Shadows. MC here just steam rolls his way with convenient powers. Eminence of the Shadows does the same, but he does it with style. This one doesn't. There's no reaction, no mystique, no buildup; it doesn't even paint him as a gang or mafia-like organization.

... more>>

He shoots lasers out of his fingers that instakills and once he demolishes a criminal organization, he uses a contract (basically s*ave magic) to incorporate them into his.

So, rather than building his organization, he steals others and claim it as his own. Typically, they would be disloyal, but MC has a convenient power that makes them loyal.


Idk, maybe it does later, but I just can't find myself trying to continue. There's just no hook and I don't want to look for it. Honestly, I think this would've better if we started off with him being the leader already as it was in chapter 1 rather than him starting from "scratch". <<less
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