I Was Reincarnated as an Abandoned Baby Princess


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I was South Korea’s top assassin, but I was betrayed by the only person I trusted and died. In my next life, I hoped to trust no one and live a life unrelated to assassination.


Suddenly, I was reincarnated as a baby princess in the Joseon era?!

“Turn her over quickly!”
“Babies often die just from being laid on their stomachs. We don’t even need to intervene.”

And right from birth, I faced assassination threats as the “abandoned princess”!

“I don’t want to be assassinated again this time!”

I must somehow gain strength and survive in the palace! I only tried desperately to stay alive.

“Seeing how clever you’ve grown, I believe you could become a great…”

Even the merciless king, who killed his siblings to ascend the throne, thought so.

“Is it true that all you want is to live like a decent human being, not gold bars or power?”

My eldest brother, who is rigid and only recites Confucian teachings.

“Choose. Who do you prefer, me or our elder brother?”

My second brother, a psycho who played with me like a toy. All of them…

“Live. I will surely show you the world you dream of.”
“Even if I can’t continue writing?”
“It’s fine.”
“Even if I remain an unnamed abandoned royal?”

They all wish for me to live well. As if they were my real family.

‘I decided never to trust anyone again.’

…My heart keeps fluttering.

But soon, I realized.
This place is actually the world of a novel I read in my previous life.

“Huh? I die when I turn ten?”

I am destined to die soon as an extra!
Can I survive in this bloodthirsty palace?

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버림받은 아기 왕녀로 환생했습니다
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