I Was Reincarnated as a Mob Villain in a Game World So I Tried to Become the Final Boss


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The classic dating action RPG, Altena Fantasia.

I was reincarnated as Klaus Renford, a mob villain noble who was under the command of its last boss, Duke Luciel – and who is only described in one sentence in the epilogue as ‘All of Luciel’s men have been executed’.

On this occasion.’ I don’t mind being reincarnated as a mob character or being killed in the end …… but I don’t want to meet a boring end like in the original game!’

So I decided that if I was the last to be defeated by the protagonist and heroines as the last boss, then I could have a satisfying and great ending.

Once that was decided, there was only one way to do it!

I will become an evil person and become the charismatic master of evil in order to become a final boss even greater than Luciel!”

From then on, I took advantage of my position as an aristocrat to do all sorts of evil deeds.

However, I had no way of knowing at this time.

I had no way of knowing that all my evil deeds would turn out to reverse and people would misunderstand me, and as a result, I would be worshipped as the greatest ruler of all time.

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I Reincarnated as a Mob Villain in a Game World, So I Tried Aiming for the Last Boss ~ For Some Reason, I’m Revered as the Greatest Ruler of All Time, Please Tell Me Why!
ゲーム世界のモブ悪役に転生したのでラスボスを目指してみた ~なぜか歴代最高の名君と崇められているんですが、誰か理由を教えてください!~
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2 Reviews

Oct 03, 2023
Status: c16
Very straight forward misunderstandings evil villain (but really a hero) novel.

Setup is ramble about do evil thing. Does evil thing, but actually turns out to be good. Drats, I did a good thing, let's try a different evil thing. Repeat.

Unlike other misunderstanding novels, it neither has the comedy, mystery or interesting world building plot to keep it interesting. I'd only recommend reading this after the other, better, misunderstanding novels.
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Dec 23, 2023
Status: c44
Listen, this work is fun, but it is 100% comedy. Don't read this expecting a sliver of seriousness. Our protagonist has one of the worst cases of "Correctness Correction" I've ever seen- think Princess Mia from Tearmoon Empire, Cid from Eminence in Shadow, and most of all Cry from Nageki no Bourei. It is very contrived, but equally amusing.
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