I Was Kidnapped By The Strongest Guild


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When I opened my eyes, I was in a den of monsters.

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최강 길드에 납치당했다
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New JackSparrowingNovels rated it
April 19, 2024
Status: --
Dropped. It was supposed to be a tragic or cheerful. But then came the unimpressive boring fighting. Not all novels need a strong fighter MC.

Then came the 3 IQ logics. Every single people in this novel is literal 3IQ who cant predict the obvious. Dont let me start talking about the beast race higher ups, which is actually literal 2IQs. Even the supposedly old shark grandma. And the MC, why a grown a*s man from our world act like that? If you made it so that she lost memories but... more>> has fragments of them, I would have said ok. But this? Its just nonsense.

If this was solely fluffy novel I would have continued. If this was solely action novel with fights. I would still continue. I dont mind different genres. But holy moly, I f*king MIND illogical plots and 3IQ characters. I mind weird mix of genres. <<less
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New ChosenChildOfCreation rated it
April 2, 2024
Status: c83
It wasn't logical at first, but I persisted after reading the other reviews, and it ended up being such a fluff! Ah! How my heart gets healed! How my eyes teared up at every mention of the MC's trauma! The world background is set in a modern fantasy theme, but it wasn't explained much because the focus is on the main character herself.

The MC's character itself is set to be a saint, forgiving those who wronged her, never resenting. Maybe because she's busy surviving that she doesn't have the energy... more>> to resent? It's also a plus that the MC became a cat beast kin, coz I'm pretty much a cat person. Loves cats, those adorable masters. The MC is someone who dislikes owing favors, stubborn in her ways, that the guild members and others are having trouble trying to offer her things that a kid should enjoy. The narration of the MC's thoughts had a slight shift during the chapters, signifying her initial wariness and distrust into finally opening up bit by bit towards other people.

I'm going to sit still and wait for the translated chapters. I have a lot of time. Really. Well, let's refresh the page once more to see if there's an update today. <<less
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zhanxian rated it
February 27, 2024
Status: c57
To appreciate this story I feel a reader needs a bit of cultural context: In korea, mandatory public school ends at middle school, which is 14 to 15 years old. After that, a 15 year old gradulate/child is expected to either start working or pay to go to 'high school'. While young people are forbidden from doing high risk jobs, but they do/can work. I highly suspect the MC wasn't an 'adult' as westerners would view it, but more like 'orphan child living in poverty as a teenager'. And in... more>> such a case, not having an Id would seem like a really big deal. Especially in Korea.

I think it's hard for western readers to get this point. In the western world, it's possible to get work without an id, and many western countries have means for people to get ids without being legal citizens. In this manner, illegal immigration is a 'problem' in our societies specifically because its not actually illegal to hire undocumented workers, and therefore only the worker themselves is at risk 'legally'. And that risk is typically simply being detained and deported if caught. Heart breaking if you have a family, but not a big deal for someone flying solo. But things are different in Korea. Illegal immigrants, when caught, can be fined massive amounts of money depending on the duration of their illegal visit and even imprisoned. The 8 year old cat girl would be risking an approximately 15, 000$ fine or up to 3 years in prison if caught trying to do a 'normal' job. Luckily, she ended up in a world with magic and dungeons and can do non-standard work trading monster parts where apparently ids arent checked.

In this context, things start to make more sense. The MC is perhaps, a middle school educated person at best. This would explain their zombie-survival teir knoweldge, as well as their naivete about certain things, and their basic knowledge about living a normal life but also being alien to it. It also explains why they are so absolutely terrified of everything and everyone. A 14 or 15 year old transmigrates to a 14 or 15 year old body, then struggles to survive as a homeless person for 8 years in a country that isnt exactly friendly to forigners, putting them at around 22 years old at the start of the story. As a female pretending to be a male, along side chronic malnutrition while doing physically demanding work, they would still be pretty young looking. I dare say, growth stunted and short. Being four foot (120 cm) is still quite common among the poor in asian countries even after reaching their 20s. One of the main side characters assumes precocious puberty as the explaination for her size, which is a reasonable misunderstanding. But this is my head cannon, the author doesnt specifically clarify these details and leaves it up to our imagination. People get stuck up on this but maybe its not important, since the author chose to directly skip it and head straight into rehabilitating the cute child. Perhaps the narrator is being unreliable, maybe the author is just skipping it. I hope this is clarified in future chapters.

If I were an editor trying to publish this, assuming the author doesnt have a big reveal planned later, I feel like there needed to be a good 1 or 2 chapters dedicated to her struggle pre-transformation to really hammer the point how much having no mana is a handicap and maybe a few more physical descriptions to clarify things such as age, physical size, ect to make the misunderstanding easier to rationalize. To be fair, the author does explore these themes later on through various exmples and events, but it really doesnt hit you until a good 40-50 chapters in just how bad her life probably was as other characters explore the consequences of being manaless and her original age is still ambiguous. As time goes on, it's easy to start believing the supposed misunderstandings and question whether the MC really was an adult even though she mentally insists she was. It's just not really clear how old the mc's transmigrated body was. Either way, her mentality is the result of extreme isolation and chronic stress, which is further influenced by the transformation. In a way, she really does turn into an actual child. She isn't scheming, she doesn't plot, she doesnt try to take advantage of people. She just seems like a fundementally good person and it makes me want to know more. The whole dungeon and magic situation is also in the back ground, hinting at a larger plot.


If you are looking to feel some feels, this is a good childcare story to read. Narrator might be unreliable, but theres magic and cuteness. If you don't care about the details, just turn that part of your brain off :D <<less
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Hosh rated it
January 3, 2024
Status: c12
How... on god's green earth did this ever get a rating of 4.5

The story is as follows (spoilers for chapter 1) :

MC is a guy who gets reincarnated as an infant in another world. For reasons, she looks much older than she actually is and is much weaker than the general populace. She disguises herself as a male and tries to be an adventurer but her weakness makes her a hindrance, leading to her getting bullied slightly. One day, as she was dying, someone checks her status window and finds... more>> she's actually an 8 year old. Shenanigans ensued and she becomes a catgirl who actually looks her age. She is then taken in and cared for by a group of people.

Now onto my complaints.

  1. Why did she disguise herself as a male?
It was clearly established that there hasn't been any EDP445 wannabes who approached her and/or did weird sh*t to her. Either she saw someone else get SAed, which is extremely unlikely since the area (author never bothered to describe the setting) seemed to have excellent security. My assumption is she saw how cute girls were treated in various forms of media in her previous life and assumed the same would be done to her which places her mental capacity at around the same level is a mentally disabled chimpanzee.

2. Why was it necessary for her to be a reincarnated individual?

So far, she has shown herself to have the mental capacity of a 5 year old so I don't see the point of having her be reincarnated if it doesn't affect the plot or her character whatsoever. Why not just make her parents abandon her at the age of 3 or something? I might be completely wrong and it might be a major plot point that will come back to bite me in the ass later but with the level of writing I've seen so far, I find that to be unlikely.

3. Why was it necessary to make her a cat girl?

Basically the entirety of the main cast knows she is an 8 year old, and her mental age isn't that of an 8 year old, so there are 3 possibilities.

The first possibility: This will become an important factor in the story in the future (extremely unlikely)

The second possibility: The main cast is a bunch of moronic a**holes who would abandon an 8 year old just because they don't look the part

The final possibility: They wanted to make her look cute (extremely likely)

4. Why is she so distrustful?

It's been established that MC is constantly verbally abused and has been implied to have been physically bullied a few times. And by few I mean VERY FEW. This makes it weird bc when a high lvl adventurer takes pity on her and helps her out, she becomes paranoid and thinks the adventurer is out to get her and perform sick experiments on her. Sidenote: The adventurer has never done anything remotely bad to MC except complain about her

Basically the story as of right now is: MC shows how pitiful she is----->Adventurer pities her and feels guilty---------------->Adventurer treats her to something nice in a way that makes her easily misunderstood for no apparent reason------------->Relationship grows deeper----------->MC does intense mental gymnastics to convince herself high lvl adventurer is an as*hole also for no apparent reason

It's a warm, cute, slice of life story. And by Slice of Life I MEAN Slice of Life. As in there's NOTHING ELSE. The genre list is f*cked up. There is no Action, no Adventure, bad drama, barely any fantasy, and Slice of Life. So far the story has 1 character (excluding MC), no setting (aside from MC's house which she will likely move out of soon and places like 'famous unnamed burger restaurant'), no stakes, and a character growth so one dimensional you might as well call it character lengthening.

I'll give you a better synopsis: Gang of incompetent losers try to care for a mentally ill, overly dramatic middle aged man in a loli's body <<less
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Snooty rated it
February 8, 2024
Status: c44
If you don't think too hard about it, it's a decent wholesome, comedy/misunderstanding, child care novel. The progression of the story and the relationships between characters are good. However, the premise of the story is downright awful.

The thing is, even though our MC is mana-less in a world with magic, it's still a modern world with laws. For some odd reason instead of getting a menial job our MC decides to hunt monsters even though they're literally the weakest person in the world. Because they're so weak, they risk their... more>> life everyday gathering a meager amount of monster loot. They end up having to camp outdoors and basically live like a feral person, while dumpster diving occasionally and hoarding tr*sh.

A lot of what the MC did and why they were in this situation are never properly explained. IMO there were at least like 100 things the MC could have tried before going "Welp living in the forest and eating grass is my life now, " for 8 whole years.

Right now I'm assuming that the MC is unreliable narrator and there's a twist/reason why they have trust issues and act so young mentally. But honestly if not, this would be an even lower score for me. <<less
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gegehehe8686 rated it
March 28, 2024
Status: c80
It's fun, but I kind of hate stories where the MC changes gender for no reason. I don't see a single way the story would need to change if the MC had been female in their past life.

All gender in stories is arbitrary to some extent, because in many stories nothing much would change if the character's gender changed, but I feel like deliberately changing a character's gender should only be done if the effects will be shown in the story. Otherwise it feels like a strange distraction from the... more>> rest of the plot. <<less
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BobBobBobBob rated it
January 21, 2024
Status: --
I see some confusion on the MC's situation, and that's fair, given how little we know about it.

All I can say is that, in all likelihood, the main character was originally not an adult when they were reincarnated, and I speculate that they were an orphan boy. There is never any clarification on what they are before reincarnation, especially in terms of age. Talks like a child, acts like a child, thinks like a child, so they might as well be a child is how I think of it.

This is... more>> in general just a very heartwarming story of a little girl who has been verbally abused by everyone around her try to get closer and make amends with the adults in her life. All in all, the MC feels and acts like a child, and and while the people around her aren't very fleshed out, it's a heartwarming story all the same. If you like stories about children or childcare, or even just some fluffy stories in general without any convoluted plot lines or family drama, I highly recommend this one. <<less
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Teunayven rated it
January 10, 2024
Status: c23
Okay so reading the reviews I see a lot of misunderstanding about the MCs situation. Which to be fair is pretty convoluted.

TLDR version: an adult male is isekaied to an alternate dimension Korea. During that his Gender is changed to female. She doesn't have any mana being an otherworlder so instead of cheats got a handicap. Is saved by having Her age reduced and race changed to Beastkin.

So basically started as 25 year old (guessing never specifically said) male. Turned to 25 year old female. 8 years later. Then turned... more>> into 5ish year old cat beastkin female.

The MC is an earthling from our Earth. He somehow got teleported to an alternate dimension Earth. This new Earth is basically like ours but with Mana.

Somehow the teleportation also changed his Gender into a girl. So now MC being from our world is in a new one. She now knows no one. Has no ID. Cannot use mana which basically means in this world that she effectively has a major handicap like brittle bone disease and the inability to have blood clot in our world.

So given these circumstances and the fact that she changed to look pretty cute she did the smart thing first and hid her gender then worked to survive anyway she could as a homeless person.

At this point she is a grown woman pretending to be a boy so looks like a young man. She spends 8 years living by scavenging and doing everything she can to survive. Sadly this world is just as unforgiving to the homeless population as our world so she not only doesn't get any help but is actively mocked and bullied.

Where the story starts she has lived 8 years like this in another world. She has established a very frugal mindset just to survive.

She is almost killed by a horned rabbit. The equivalent of a hamster in our world, but a very real monster for someone with no mana.

Someone checks her status to heal her and it says her age is 8. She is not 8 years old. She has been in this alternate world for 8 years but bleeding to death can't convey that. The guild having learned her circumstances uses an item that reverts whoever used it to a child with a body of a beastkin.

No one used it before because you would lose all your power and have to start from scratch, but it was the only way to save manaless MC.

Now MC is an adult who has only interacted with people in this new world who have been hostile intent and cruel for 8 years. She wakes up from being laughed at while on deaths door to see one of the people who laughed standing over her. She is now smaller and her body has been changed to have beast parts. I don't think it's a stretch for anyone in that situation to think they modified you to sell you.

The misunderstandings come from a difference in perspective. As I said above the MC has spent 8 years living as a handicapped homeless person. That time has greatly altered her outlook on life.

1) Nothing is free. Anyone who says it is is most likely trying to trap you.

2) Being dirty is the best way to hide your scent especially when there are wild boars around.

3) Stealing is wrong.

4) If it ain't completely tr*shed it can be reused.

She lives by these rules because it's how she has survived all alone for 8 years. So imagine someone tries to give you for free some fresh smelling cloths while trying to throw away your perfectly usable ones. That is not only a useless gift, but even a dangerous one and they stole what's yours in the process. Add in that the person giving these is someone who has repeatedly laughed and ignored you and you can kind of understand why MC takes the Guilds kind intentions as ill will. They are vastly stronger than her and she is effectively not on the grid. No one would bat an eye if she dissapears and she has no one who would care.

All in all I enjoy the story for the heartwarming parts and it does seem the guild has recognized their errors and is trying to correct them. It would be really easy for people as powerful as them to force the MC to change her living conditions or to bury her and avoid a PR disaster. The fact that they don't and are trying to slowly earn her trust is nice in my book. <<less
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Pelouch rated it
January 10, 2024
Status: c23
This is one of those super high difficulty "transmigrated into a childcare world" type, of course the main difficulty in this one is surviving for 8 years until the prospective guardians show up which is done by the first chapter. It's a heartwarming type of story with a distrustful MC and a dungeon and magic urban backdrop in a different or parallel world.

This is my speculation but MC was in all likelihood an orphaned boy that got transmigrated into a girls body, in any case she had no mana like... more>> the natives and no support so she closed off her heart and decided to make the best out of her situation. She of course dies eventually, probably by pushing herself so hard and it's rescued by the titular guild who realizes she's not some random hobo but a pitiful child and they love children (of course) by using a beastkin blessing that reconstructs her body and makes her into a cat girl... And turns her into a prospective beastkin monarch.

The fact that the protagonist is so naïve and clueless is jarring for example she thinks a burger joint is a luxury restaurant yet she's surprisingly adept at survival knowledge she knows how to tend to crops and fishing techniques and fish habitats. It's a weird combination that's left to be explained hence my earlier speculation, there's a distinctive lack of background info on MC. There's also the fact that adults have been harsh to her in this literal foreign world where she's an alien so she's justified in her distrustfulness.

It's funny to try and see her cope with her new wild instincts and the expectations of the beastkins and to see how the guild does to get closer to her. It seem that her life should enter easy mode if she accepts refugee status with the guild but her wild nature seems to refuse such a path

I can't really recommend it with so few chapters but it definitely has potential and it's a good one if you're looking for childcare and Korean modern urban fantasy, which is a rare combination <<less
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hdseventh rated it
March 26, 2024
Status: c77
This is a good story, and for me a sad one also.

Below is my honest opinion, spoiler warning!

... more>>

This is a heartwarming story about a girl in poverty where her body was categorized as the weakest among human. She always in the brink of death because of harassment by many people, when I said many its many not a few and even then this many is only the known ones. People harassed her because they thought FMC was a small adult male who can't do anything, so people thought her as a useless adult. Keep in mind in their world Mana is everywhere and there is no case where a person have no mana at all. FMC was a manaless person with only 8 years old body, so her body is so weak and any small hit from beings with mana is like getting hit with a sledgehammer and often time she fainted. But still she have the heart of a saint, she is forgiving.

After knowing her true gender and age, people felt very guilty about her. So, many people started to make amends and be good to her from there on.

The sad thing is FMC always thought being born weak is her fault. So she always think any harassment to her is her own fault because she is so weak. She never resented anyone, not even the one who constantly bullied her.

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The Reader No.222007
The Reader No.222007 rated it
December 31, 2023
Status: c12
The biggest sellout for me is the thoughts of MC. Honestly, it's pretty funny to me how the MC can be so cautious and distrustful of people yet can be so innocent at the same time. She had some moments that made me crack with laughter~

Furthermore, she really deserves respect for living through such an atrocious life. Surviving for 8 years with a feeble body that can be easily killed by a bunny must be hard as sh*t yet she can't even call for help because everyone thought she was... more>> a useless man (she tried to look like a boy to live) who can't even learn anything and defeat an easy rabbit.

Oh and did I mention that she is distrustful?

I really meant it, she had it hard and truly deserved the love but she is wary of people because of the neglects and misunderstandings. Currently c12 and I still haven't seen her open up to anyone yet... maybe except the random boy at the playground (he's just harmless, not needed to be wary of). MC doesn't feel wary of children which is cute.

The strongest point of this novel is definitely the MC. She's so adorable, funny, and cute yet also so determined and strong-minded you know~ <<less
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Yamatohime rated it
February 19, 2024
Status: c51
I like the story premise and overall flow but almost all characters are characters-function without deep depth. Aside MC we do not see anything that would prperly explain their motives (outside your basic pity).

MC did choose the dangerous job, however the author tried to justify it. Advenuring doesn't require ID it seems. Menial jobs require strength and endurance (which MC lacks due Mana issues), more sophisticated work would likely require credentials...
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