I Was Born as a Character that Wasn’t in the Original Story


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In the novel I wrote, I was born as a character that wasn’t in the original story. She is neither a villain nor an extra, but the older sister of a heroine who originally does not exist.

“You want to marry me?”


“That’s absurd…”

‘But why the hell do I have to get engaged to the sub-male lead? It’s not me who you should like, it’s my sister! I want this story to go the way I wrote it!’

But he made a wish, crying and begging me.

“Please change my destiny.”

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Reborn As a Character That Never Existed
원작에 없는 인물로 태어났습니다
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Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda rated it
February 27, 2023
Status: Completed
I finished the novel. For the plot... All I can say is it's quite predictable for me. I have read a lot of stories with similar setting.

So let's start with the Main Heroine. She is a korean author that got car accident and isekai to the book she wrote. Her name now is Thalia Remetio, same name as the greek goddess. She become the unexisting sister of the Original Heroine and the eldest daugther of Rometio Dutchy Family. She have a blonde hair from her mother and a purple... more>> eyes from her father. Same just like her younger sister. She grow up with lovable family and environment. Now, she's secretive to the point her family is afraid she might gone somewhere and cannot be find. She ways feel guilt because of how she wrote the story.

Next is the Male Lead, Aegis Asher. He's the only heir of Asher Imperial Family. Originally, he is the Second Lead in Original Novel. He himself said that if Thalia isn't there, he might fall to the Original Heroine. He have a blonde hair and blue eyes. Just like the heroine, he also grew up with happy life. He is adorable as a child, he's protective towards Thalia, his beloved.

The Original Male Lead, Rayan Celis. Black hair and red eyes. He have a unfortunate family past. His mother, the queen died, the king remarried, half bro is born, vicious step mom threatened his life so the half bro grab the crown prince title. The king doesn't have that much power so all he can do is make an excuse with the other two family to protect Rayan. He reconcile with his father and also pampered the half brother.

Orignal Heroine, Royna Remetio. Younger sister of the Thalia. She have a same appearance with her sister. She is adorable. She use sword, guess like their mother, general. When she awakened her power, she want to save people. If it were not for Thalia to stopped her and give reason, she'll use her power to heal those sick people.

There is a prophecy when they were 5 years old from Prophesia that the children's generation will become the guardian that will slay the evil. The chosen child of each family can use the power of God by wishing but that is not without price. It is depend of the wish but excessively using it can cause of lessen lifespan and could die.

In the original, the ML (Aegis Asher) (heir of the Asher family that was known as imperial family of protection, one of the three family that protect the world from evil) (they are focus on defense) is the Og second lead and is the childhood friend of MC's younger sister, the OgMC (Royna Remetio) (heir of the Remetio Duchy of healing) (As you can see, her power is obviously healing) He fell for Royna but she ended up with the neighboring prince (Rayan Celis) (crown prince of the Celis Royal family of purification) (as it is, their role is to purify those that devoured by evil. Originally, he suppose to reside in the imperial and become friend with Aegis. As he have a unfortunate life. When the time comes, the evil used him because of the devastation he felt. Aegis sacrifice to him and Royna too.... Three of them fell...

Because of MC's existence, Roxanna, mother of Thalia and Royna, he was brought to the Dutchy. Later on become their brother figure (he was supposed to be adopted but because of prophecy, it was canceled) and need to go back to his kingdom to become emperor and protect the people he loves.

To be honest, there aren't that many problem... Couple of assasinations... Problem with the Queen, step mother of Rayan, then when the evil spirit appeared. It kinda focus more on their interactions as a family and friends. These children are so wholesome! It's actually cute when I remembered how Aegis gave his strawberry cake to Thalia and considered that as a marriage proposal kekeke. Rayan is innocently cute! Royna, the adorable toddler hihi.

It take a while for Thalia to accept Aegis that she loves him. Aegis is always initiative to her asking for marriage and expressing his feeling. Rayan and Royna obviously become a lover too as it is their fate (the way their eyes contacted to each other in their first meeting as an adult *smirk*). I was actually thinking that Adel, Rayan's brother is a usual vicious half brother but no. He's actually innocent.

Their parents is loving too, let's just exclude the greedy step mother.

The story about the evil spirit... Well, I kinda felt sorry for them. What It said is true. The Main Characters won't shine without a Villain. Well, it's a happy ending. Yeriel, the Prophesia is now happy with them as she dreamt to become normal human, to love and dream like others. <<less
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