I Was Banished by the Power Harassment Knight Captain


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“Abel, a weak man like you is unnecessary for my glorious knights. I banish you!”

I was summoned by the Knight Commander Balan — Abel was declared fired.

In this world, at the age of eight, the goddess gives special skills.

My skill was [Buff Master], the ability to increase other people’s status by a few percent.

When I was given this, everyone made fun of me for my skill.

However, if you continue to use your skill, your skill Lv will increase and become more powerful.

I believed in myself and used my skills every day for eight years.

“…are you sure? Not only has my skill increased to being able to buff 3000 people, but the effectiveness has also increased by 10 times. If this disappears, we will lose a lot of fighting power…”

“Hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahaha Do you want to remain in my strongest knighthood by you telling me so many lies?”

And I was banished????

I realized that if I had buffed myself, my ability would increase by 100 times.

With his power, he helps the princess who was attacked by assassins from an enemy country and is appointed as the head of the newly established Magic Knights.

On the other hand, dark clouds hung over the strongest knights of the captain Balan, who had lost my buff.

“The Knights were the strongest with the help of Mr. Abel!”

This is the story of a boy who continues to be ridiculed for being out of touch and skilled, but is doted on by a princess and becomes a hero of his country.

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I was banished by the power harassment knight captain, but you guys were the strongest because I increased all stats by 10 times, right? I'm making a noise when it's crushed, but it's only been wiped out 5 times, right? The strongest in the world with the skill "Buff Master" that breaks through the limits
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6 Reviews

May 02, 2022
Status: c13
It's the typical "kicked out of a black company, then life is great" story. The idiot knight captain doesn't understand why, for some strange reason, everyone gets super strong around a man with the job of "buff master".

Strange, right? ¯\_ (°‿°) _/¯

Then right after, like he's walking home after getting fired, he saves a princess from a dragon. There just happens to be a princess out on a stroll, in a major city, and she just happens to draw the attention of a dragon that's flying by?

It's wish-fulfillment fluff.
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May 02, 2022
Status: c2
2 chapters was enough to show that this is just wish-fulfillment garbage. The biggest issue with most wish fulfillment books is that they are just too unrealistic and how every "villain" is just s*upid. In this one for example how the hell can you get to the head of the knights and not be able to understand what a 10x buff does...

Then we get into the other issues like how the captain lost his buffs before fighting the dragon while MC didn't disable it until he ran into dragon (aka... more>> after the knights fought it) and how there is instantly a half-elf waifu or the bullsh*t random dragon appears next to princess, oh btw I'm super op now kay bye dragon...

Overall it can't even count as wish-fulfillment simply because of how unrealistic and s*upid everything is. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 28, 2022
Status: --
There is many reason why I give this novel 1 star rating.

First, the translation is terrible. I feel like reading machine translation. There is so many inconsisten name/title and so on. The grammar is a mess too. It seems like the translator just pick it up from MTL site, no editor, no proof reader.

Second, the villain is so dumb. Why the heck the knight captain is not understand 10x buff does? Even children would understand that you would have become much stronger.

Third, the story is boring. It is started with... more>> the MC's banishment, and on the same day, the dragon conveniently appeared on the capital. The MC goes on slaying dragon, saving the princess. Such cliché development with poor execution, in addition with the bad translation, even 1 star rating is too generous. <<less
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Apr 27, 2022
Status: c11
I'm giving this a 3 but just barely. In a lot of ways this should be a 2 but it at least manages to do a good job of quickly building up the MC into a proper wish-fulfillment vehicle.

There isn't really a lot to say about this story. A moron failed to realize that the MC is incredibly powerful and rudely kicked him out. The MC immediately got a better job and now is able to use his powers better than ever. The writing is only average and we seem... more>> to be jumping straight into multiple love interests. The world-building is awful but there is plenty of action and the character interactions are good enough for the genre. Fortunately, there seems to be a war brewing so there should be a lot of stuff going on to distract from the issues.

There are a lot of stories in this genre and this one leaves a lot to be desired, but at least with this one the MC immediately becomes OP in a fight, which I consider a plus.

Just a warning, the translation quality is definitely below average (I'm guessing machine translation because there are a lot of vocabulary issues like "vice-captain" being called "vice-president" and "cavalry charge" being written as "horse rush") so be prepared to struggle with some of the sentences. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 23, 2024
Status: c30
This story is... *sigh*... I have no words to describe how idiotic this wish fulfilment narrative is.

I would rant more about how bad it is, but I am not. I have already wasted a lot of time just from reading 30 chapters. Why so much? Just hoped it would get better, but no, it didn't. It got worse.

All I can say is that the author is just checking off the list all kinds of the idiots consider the "man's" dream:

    • Got the princess
    • Became king
    • Became extremely powerful
    • Got an army of sexy/beautiful women
    • Everyone venerates me and loves me
    • etc.

You know, I generally don't mind wish fulfilment stories, but the unfortunate part is that most of them are badly written as the author just ends up drowning in their own ecstasy as the story is written and when they look back at the abomination they have written, they just push forward to end it so they can get rid of it.

In conclusion, it is either written by a child that doesn't have the slightest idea how society works, or by a waste that survived long enough just to write this crap to make some money off of it. I am honestly glad that I did not pay for any of this bullshit.

Things like this makes me wonder in what state did the Japanese mentality reach to be able to even write it?
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 05, 2022
Status: --
It's bad. Premise was cool and all but it's executed poorly.

What type of idiot doesn't understand the strength of a 10×? Apparently a person with a high position in a country.

You'd think a captain of the strongest knight's corps is smart, right? Well, you're wrong. The captain in this story is dumber than a commoner.

I would have loved it had it been written nicely, but yeah, wasted potential.
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