I Want to Live the Harem Life of My Dreams With the Hypnosis App I Got


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the eagerly awaited new release is a hypnosis x harem romantic comedy!

I’ve never had a girlfriend. The app installed on my phone was a hypnosis app that could control anyone. After testing it, the app’s power was real. With this, a harem life isn’t just a dream. Let’s do our best, me, now is the time to abandon conscience… wait,

“Why do all the girls I target have troubles!?”

A beautiful gal, a plain girl with hidden beauty, a cool ojou-sama junior—by the power of the hypnosis app, their secrets that they couldn’t tell anyone are revealed!

(I just wanted to do erot*c things…!)

The self-proclaimed loser, but fundamentally a good guy protagonist, ends up running around helping people!? All-ages hypnosis harem romantic comedy!

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I want to live the harem life of my dreams with the hypnosis app I got (LN)
Teniireta saimin apuri de yume no hāremu seikatsu o okuritai
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07/09/24 gadgetized panda... v1c6 part3
07/02/24 gadgetized panda... v1c6 part2
06/22/24 gadgetized panda... v1c6 part1
06/15/24 gadgetized panda... v1c5 part3
06/08/24 gadgetized panda... v1c5 part2
06/01/24 gadgetized panda... v1c5 part1
05/22/24 gadgetized panda... v1c4 part4
05/15/24 gadgetized panda... v1c4 part3
05/08/24 gadgetized panda... v1c4 part2
05/01/24 gadgetized panda... v1c4 part1
04/24/24 gadgetized panda... v1c3 part3
04/13/24 gadgetized panda... v1c3 part2
04/07/24 gadgetized panda... v1c3 part1
04/01/24 gadgetized panda... v1c2 part3
03/31/24 gadgetized panda... v1c2 part2
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New LowLight rated it
July 9, 2024
Status: v1c6 part3
Well, it's good to see that Gadgetized Panda decided to translate this novel, which is the one I've been waiting ever since it got release WN on JP. Thank you for your hard work and I hope I can get to read more of your quality translation works!

Me myself are a simple-minded person so I'm fine with the novel, 5 stars.
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Tyrells rated it
April 12, 2024
Status: v1c3 part1
A classic R18+ hypnosis web novel that I've read got serialized, oh wow I never expected that.

Basically, with the hypnosis app the MC now desires to finally do whatever he wants, but his desires to conquer any woman instantly disappears once he finds out about their circumstances through hypnotism. He doesn't ignore them completely, he instead uses the app to fix their troubles.

I loved the web novel, it was very interesting and I enjoyed it very much. I actually reread it recently out of boredom. I'm definitely looking forward to... more>> how they portray the rest of the story! <<less
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March 30, 2024
Status: v1c2 part1
not enough to rate this yet, but it shows promise as a comedy. Though I had a what the f*ck on the second to last sentence in the most recent chapter.

This is what I imagine most... well typically they would be called beta males but I don't really subscribe to that mindset (alpha/beta BS). Let's say low-confidence males instead. This is what I imagine a low-confidence male getting a hypnosis app would be like. Especially one who is actually kind hearted at their core.

Looking forward to the comedy of the... more>> MC who is just after b**b touching but keeps getting entangled with resolving the personal problems of beautiful women. <<less
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