I Got the Hypnosis App, Now I Can Do Whatever I Want!


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One day suddenly I got a hypnosis app on my mobile, only I can see and that allowed me to control other people at will.

I thought this was the most powerful app God had given me, and It was right but why!!

I’m supposed to be a bad guy and did very naughty things to you know?

But why are all getting close to me? How did this happen?

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3 Reviews

New TeddyWestsid
Aug 02, 2022
Status: c24
The downsides to this story is the absence of s*x scenes and the TL is barely readable. The lack of s*x scenes is fine for me since it's a hit or miss with stories like this and they usually tend to be a miss from the stories I've read with a similar genre/ tag.

I can't really describe how good it is but one thing for sure is that it got me hooked starting from how they handled the hypnosis troupe in hentai. MC is depraved like any horny highschool boy,... more>> but instead of being a beta male from ecchi mangas, he actually goes along with his desires.

I hope that the story doesn't go for too long and becomes stale by adding too many women. <<less
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New Aharlequin
Jul 21, 2022
Status: c45
Above review already said that the words I liked to say.

It's very interesting novel and people will definitely enjoy this.

MC might look like Beta rocom MC and he is a scary cat but he is very considered to his partners. It makes MC very likeable.

Just read this, you will definitely enjoy the WN. If you're worried about Dense or beta MC, don't worry, MC is very likeable.

... more>>

MC is hypnotized by his own harem member and has s*x (His harem members are braver than him). His Harem members gave Yandere vibe and they can not live without MC. He is like their oxygen. The most disappointing about this WN is ' there are no s*x scenes '

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Rampaging Dragon
Rampaging Dr
Jul 10, 2022
Status: c39
When I started reading this, I was like 'ah shit! Another hypnosis NTR bait' but I am pleasantly surprised.

The MC wants to be like the guys in hypnosis doujins but lacks the moral depravity to do so. All his "victims" are girls that had their own f*cked up circumstances which the MC was able to solve easily with hypnosis which the girls themselves are aware of subconsciously. He also seems to lack the balls to go any further than a boobjob since he doesn't want to hurt the girls.

Overall, it... more>> is a story which is more focused on comedy than drama and there isn't any form of NTR in it which is a plus. The characters all have sufficient personality for the genre at least and there isn't any unlikable elements present. <<less
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