I Want to Be a Receptionist of The Magic World


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A world of magic.

I had a dream ever since I was young, and that was to become ‘a receptionist onee-san’ at a certain place. But only first-class magicians could become one, or so my parents told me… First-class? So what? What about it? That meant I just had to work hard to become first-class, right?

…… Or, the story that portrays the heroine’s road to become a receptionist, and her daily life after she becomes one.

Associated Names
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Mahou Sekai no Uketsukejou ni Naritaidesu
The Sorcerer's Receptionist (LN)
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Niveous rated it
February 8, 2020
Status: Completed
I don't know what it is, but I find the ending somewhat lackluster. Also, near the end of the story, the overarching plot seemed to kinda lose its direction. Even Author-san admitted that they didn't want to drag it on any further as to not lose the point of the plot.

That being said, I'll admit that it was a decent read and one that I'd recommend to those who are interested in Slice-of-Life/Fantasy. Romance is nearly nonexistent (pretty much a subplot tbh), and the ML doesn't catch my fancy. My... more>> problem is that MC is supposed to be this incredibly smart, talented girl/woman, but becomes the exact opposite in front of ML. I feel as if his presence overshadowed her so much that it was hard to see her brilliance.

Also, their interactions meant to be them pretty much "teasing" each other because of their "rivalry", but I constantly found myself hoping MC would ignore his goading and just give up.


I didn't understand the point of their rivalry anyway. MC wants to be a receptionist, right? ML is a friend of the Prince and a future knight, it's clear that their paths of growth are on opposite ends of a spectrum. Even if, say, MC actually came on top of their rivalry for once, who would be more accomplished in the long run? Knighthood has rankings that can be climbed, a receptionist is just a receptionist that'll remain a receptionist unless there's a job change somewhere along the line.


Being a knight is like being a hero for the kingdom. As a receptionist, perhaps she'd be able to get a few minor merits under her name and be lucky enough to have an audience with the king. When comparing the two, it's obvious without explicitly saying that it would be near impossible for MC to beat ML in this lifetime.

But disregarding that obvious plot armor to keep the MC and ML tied together in some way, MC's moments of brilliance is something to look forward to. Everything else is just me nitpicking unnecessarily. <<less
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Eclat123 rated it
January 20, 2020
Status: Completed
The plot's interesting, but honestly the ML's quite hateful for my taste.

Even after he low-key realized his feeling for MC, he kept seducing and dating girls left and right. Not to mention that in most part of the book he behaved like a total jerk to MC.

I mean, I know he's supposed to follow a tsundere archetype, but he's just not dere enough til at least a fifth part by the end of the book.

... more>> Not to mention that THERE IS OBVIOUSLY NO ROMANCE GOING ON.

I swear, those shounen novels have more romance parts than this one. MC & ML literally only express their feelings in the LAST CHAPTER, which is like the 120++th one.

And the R-15 tag in Syosetu is, by all means, sooo misleading.

Honestly, if you're looking for romance, skip this one. <<less
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herkawaiinovels rated it
January 22, 2020
Status: Completed
Warning: Do not read if you are looking for romance (this should be at the very top tbh)

Okay I guess I only have myself to blame because I didn't read the reviews in here...

I read this because the current manga left on a cliffhanger and I had to know what would happen next. The novel, while good story-wise, is not fluffy at all!!!

I've never thought I could write a better love story until I read this one.

Read it if you like fantasy/magic, adventure and slice of life. There is also some great action scenes towards the end that would work better in manga.


Alternate Ending (Might write a one-shot if I'm not lazy).

Alves disappears.

Big bad enemy is defeated; MC wakes up and Alves is nowhere to be found.

MC opens the magic box and sees that Alves is frozen somewhere.

MC goes on an adventure with friends to find him. Ends up jumping alone in a portal as her friends battle an army of demons.

MC finds him and discovers a dark prophecy.

Go on another adventure, but this time with Alves to once and for all defeat the evil.

Hijinks and fluff ensues.

They get married and live happily ever after.

They have a son a la Torodoki.

Etc. etc.


Also I disagree with the reviewer below about Alves dating around. I think after the first ball he never showed interest in another lady (unless I've missed it while MTLing).
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DaydreamGe rated it
December 26, 2019
Status: Completed
I don't know how much chapter people will translate this novel.

But for me after read the manga, I kinda finished the raw novel by google translate it and it didn't boring me.

First the plot is nice, a little adventure taste with fantasy slice of life.

... more>> The romance also build up nicely and properly.

The story didn't become a repetition of enemy that saying :

'I am strongest' then dead, even you can defeat that guy you can't defeat me then dead.

The ending didn't hang up weird but end up nicely with reader's own imagination.

So I recommend to read this novel/manga, whichever you prefer. <<less
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squishymochi rated it
May 6, 2021
Status: Completed
**all 3 books are available in English on Amazon if you're willing to buy**

This is the first review I'm writing so I'm kind of nervous but the fact that I've read this entire series is what motivated me. I originally found this LN's manga first and then came to novelupdates since I knew most isekai originated from novels. And overall I think that whether or not someone will like this story really depends. I personally love it despite its many faults.

In terms of plot, it's pretty straightforward at first but... more>> later on it kind of drags out and you might not realized what's really going on until the end, like me. I do think they wrapped up the story in a fitting manner tho so it worked out anyways so the slight confusion didn't really bother me.

Now my main focus while reading and favorite part, the romance. I think a lot of people might get annoyed (and I admit I've wanted to rip my hair out multiple times as well) by the way they dance around each other and nunnaly's insane denseness. But honestly I personally love this kind of dynamic where there's a bantering relationship where the guy clearly likes the girl but she just can't see it at all. It gets a little frustrating when nunnaly blows off lockmann literally making moves and being obvious but ig no one in the novel really notices for some reason. However, the moments they do have just make me squeal. Lockmann being protective on the low side and just clearly being attracted her (and also being really proactive later on which makes my heart flutter tho ofc she didn't get it) was just wonderful.

I think their romance gets across a lot better in the manga which is why I'm desperately waiting for every update but if you want to know what happens between them I would 100% read the novel because lemme tell you moments in the last book just make up for all the pain I went through (me personally). Idk if I had to sum up this review, I'd say def try it out and if you think you can handle the tension and waiting (but with some cute lowkey moments here and there) i'd continue but if not it's more of a dynamic and length preference.

I'm kind of easy to please with cute moments and just attached to these two so this is a 5/5 star for me haha ☺️ <<less
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Lucas Qu
Lucas Qu
December 2, 2020
Status: c20 part2
First of all, I started reading this novel because I already read the manga. I thought that the novel is more advance, so I came here. I really like both manga and novel. After finish the manga, I read this novel from the START of chapter one. I makes me not really bored in this story and it's interesting. I really hope as a audience that the novel update will be quiker but I understand the currently situation of pandemic. Your health is more important and stay safe everyone.
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