I Transmigrated As the Male Lead’s Jellyfish


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After transmigrating, I lived in seclusion for ten years, only to find that the plot had ended long ago.

This apocalypse story had reached its conclusion. The male lead, Jiang Si Chen, had established a small human refuge, allowing human civilization to begin its slow self-repair.

But none of this good fortune included me.

On the first day I transmigrated, I was shocked to discover that I was a jellyfish kept by Jiang Si Chen at home.

Yes, I didn’t even have eyes, I only had some basic light-sensing systems, and even my thinking was infinitely reduced in dimension.

But I always remembered my keeper.

He would feed me delicious little shrimp;

He would mix the most comfortable sea salt water;

He would poke my umbrella and tent**les with his fingers.

But one day, he never came back again.

I… really miss him.

Damn it, I must have been manipulated by humans!

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New Fisukisuki rated it
May 27, 2024
Status: Completed
This is only the second Jelly Fish novel I have ever read, but I love how each novel did accurate where when they have kid, they have more than one!

Okay put aside that, I truly Love our MC here! The author did the explanation right why she was like how she is now. Her personality and her innocent side.

But I'm also super sad knowing she had through traumatic event in this life.

... more>> Anyway this novel is not Drama nor Heavy. And thank God for the Happily Ever After ending!

Our MC is Lovable, our ML is Awesome, and the Ending is Lovely! I'm Absolutely LOVING IT! <<less
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