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Having reincarnated into the world of a game I once played to death, I knocked on the doors of the adventurers’ guild with my childhood friends to become adventurers. However, the arrogance of the party members, who were archetypes like [Hero], and [Saint], knew no bounds. Despite having an officially cheat-level profession in the game world, I was derided as a lowly bounty hunter, not appreciated in this world, and had my lover, the Saint, taken by the Hero.

“I won’t forgive you, Hero. I’ll kill you”—no, I was rather relieved to hand over the country girl Saint to the Hero. Leaving the guild with a refreshed feeling, I began training every day to become the strongest.

Thus began my template exile adventurer life. However, having chosen to start as the ultimate cheat profession of [Bounty Hunter], I naturally walked the path to becoming the strongest. Facing aristocratic-class demons stronger than the story mode’s Demon King, underworld powerhouses, and the end-game content dungeons as hidden stages.

In both the public and underworlds, I threw down and tore apart formidable enemies from all directions with my officially cheat-level profession, achieving great feats. Of course, there was no way someone as strong as me would lose to the Heroes. I planned to gather women better than my ex, amass treasures, and seize overwhelming power—!!

—That was the future I envisioned, filled with wealth, fame, women, and power…

In reality, I was stalked by a yandere Holy Sword girl I had a fling with, betrayed by strong NPC allies, faced with nobles making suspicious moves, and my first opponents were the invincible combo of an incubus and vampire who had broken apart my game-era harem party with charm cheats. The reality of this game-world brought nothing but unexpected challenges.

Hack & Slash. Using the ultimate invincible official cheats, I survive in a world of abyss-level difficulty where death is the end.

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