I, the Goblin Emperor, Rule the World


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Time stopped, and people all over the world entered the second world. Only those who passed the test of time could return to the first world and enjoy life in both worlds. Chen Le missed the explanation of the gods and, as a result, transformed into the only goblin emperor in the form of an elf, ruling over all goblins.

The sole purpose of goblins is survival and reproduction. However, the female goblins are weak and do not meet Chen Le’s mate selection criteria. Among those hunting them is his childhood friend, a human magician, and a female knight who looks down on goblins and comes alone to hunt them.

Also, there is a novice female adventurer dreaming of becoming a hero, a kingdom princess who views goblins as cannon fodder to gain experience, and a female hero team ordered to exterminate goblin nests.

It seems that they are Chen Le’s correct choices until he becomes a true goblin emperor. After the time test ends and Chen Le returns to reality, he realizes that he stands above two worlds, enjoying an endless harem.

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Goblin Emperor
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New Insaniah rated it
February 22, 2024
Status: c235
Read through the raws and decided to take a break before the war arc. This novel really scratched the itch I have that every other novels of this genre failed to do. It isn't an aspect that propels it into a masterpiece, but rather into a splendid piece of entertainment. This is now my go to junk food novel; superior, and good tr*sh. My one major enjoyment is of course seeing the Goblin race as a whole grow stronger with the introduction of more powerful people and species into the... more>> breeding force. It reminds me of a game I played in the 2010s, where you amalgamate troops of different races and obtain the most powerful personnel to defend your castle. It does get a bit tiring reading the goblins just procure more women then have more children. Then reading mind breaks happen which some might find fun still. To me this novel is just a constant instant gratification scenarios. In the early parts of the novel you do feel bad for the women, they are innocent, without a wrong, and are done injustice to being bred like so. In later parts I think the author decided to change it up and made the new women introduced characters you can dislike, meaning that it's now something to look forward to when you see she gets humbled and inevitably submits to the Goblin Emperor.

Overall, turn off your brain and have fun.

*And I'm not sure, due to this being a Chinese sfw novel, meaning they never explicitly state they have s*x, but rather use inneundos and such, making it hard for me to properly make a judgement based on MTL and my feeble Chinese comprehension (my 3rd language). I believe this has in*est, please confirm, I am confused on some portions of the story due to this gray area in my knowledge <<less
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