I See Roses


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The media in Pingcheng was buzzing with rumors that the cynical young master of the Liang family and the proud and willful young lady of the Ming family were engaged!

There were pictures to prove it.

In the photo, the young master of the Liang family was dressed sharply in a suit, with a frivolous and carefree expression. The young lady of the Ming family held his arm, with her dark hair and red lips, appearing gentle and charming.

They looked like a perfect couple.

In response, their friends laughed it off: With their bickering relationship since childhood, the feeling of mutual annoyance is almost overflowing from the screen. Even if they get married, they would still play their own way.

It wasn’t until their friends unexpectedly raided Liang Xian’s apartment–

–Liang Xian was casually standing at the door, wearing loose pajamas and holding a cigarette in his mouth, looking impatient and indifferent.

Before the friends could say anything, they saw a fair and tender hand reaching over from behind the man and wrapping around his waist.

The proud young lady had her eyes closed, rubbing against his arm, her sweet and soft voice sounding drowsy: “Who is it?”

Liang Xian raised his hand and gently touched her hair, his voice indifferent yet gentle, “Wrong door, go back to sleep.”

Friends: “???”

The cynical young master x the fair and beautiful little peacock

-My encounter with the rose began amidst thorns.

Marriage before love / Genuine mutual affection / Openly arguing, secretly showing love

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August 24, 2023
Status: --
*TAKES A DEEP BREATH IN*....I FEAR... I am too much of a rebellious person to enjoy this novel.

Despite the fact I like the translation, the concept is making me angry. I'd be so mad if my family forced me into a marriage. How is this even legal. How can these people act like it's ancient china. It's hard to accept the premise bc the MC was threatened to be blocked in her career for this.... more>>

The way I had to take deep breaths at this scene when they had to go to a family party:

"Unfortunately, at this moment, no one had the mood to appreciate it. The elders' firepower was all directed at the young one, Ming Si.

Starting with Cen Xinyan's concern, followed by the aunts and uncles, they took turns to greet her.

"Hey, Ming Si, I heard that you two aren't living together? How can that be!" Ming Zhengyuan's younger sister, Ming Si's third aunt, raised her tone, not hiding her disapproval, "Newlyweds who don't live together, how can they foster their feelings?"

With her words, she glanced around, earning many approving gazes."


man I hate the idea that you have to be beholden to ur family bc you were raised by them. Hell no. they chose to raise a human not a investment object. What the human becomes and wants is not something you can control bc they were helpless as a baby (YOU WANTED TO CREATE) and thus needed your support.

U forced them to marry already. Why are. You forcing them to do more????


I'm struggling. I don't want to support this couple bc I want to seriously say "f*ck you" to their parents and have the most messy divorce ever!!!!

It does read like YA novels of those high school romances titled, "I fell in love with my worst enemy!!" The kinda immature vibe between the leads. Sense of overproduced enmity with scenes where the reader is like "uh ok. That's supposed to be something annoying? Ok... then." and the ML constantly smirks at the MC who is annoyed. Honestly both of their families suck and everything feels very shallow. Alternatively makes sense for a rich ppl novel but makes it feel like the situations are unsatisfying to read. Dropped.

Unfortunate. Considering the translations are incredible. <<less
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August 11, 2023
Status: c63
This is a lighthearted cute novel. It has the trope of childhood friends (frenemies) turned lovers. The novel is pretty short so the MCs come into terms with their feelings fast. I especially like how the author did not make the MCs hesitate about their feelings.

However, it did get boring for the last 10 chapters. I didn't even bother reading the extra stories. It was a 5/5 read until chapter 55. The reading experience wasn't as fun afterwards. It's because the author just made them all lovey-dovey without putting much... more>> of actual 'story.' <<less
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dewey rated it
August 21, 2023
Status: c1
I read up to where they got together and gave up because there was no other reason to read further (lack of plot?)

This is more slice of life and mundane than other enemies to lovers novel. This gives it somewhat of a charm to a certain extent. I found the characters to be dull especially the female lead. She had no other personality traits other than being willful and stuck up. the characters had potential but it lacked development and background.
In the beginning much was left to be desired in regards to the relationship between the FL and ML. Yes it explicitly states they dislike each other but why? Clash in personalities... okay? It's very direct in stating but there's no substantial plot to give this depth (or excitement). Yes he was frivolous and she was a council president, he never wore his uniform. Okay... ? It doesn't make any sense that they are "enemies" and still hang out in the same friend group. The reasons they gave did not make much sense or justify their dislike for each other.
the dynamic in the friend group was nice but again the characters were so dull other than Cheng Yu and even then it was still lacking. We got no description of their appearance or anything else other than they are rich and play a lot.
Again, there is a certain charm to this because it gives a realistic view into the lives of rich people and their problems.
Probably the thing I liked the most and kept me reading was how they went from "enemies" to lovers. It was realistic in that it was slow and not rushed.
This novel is not bad, it's just not for me but if you like slice of life, slow romance, realistic portrayals then you should give it a try.

Translation is wonderful!
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mysweetescape rated it
February 15, 2024
Status: --
I'm surprised this novel has a low rating. It was a feel-good novel. I was not expecting much when reading it, but surprisingly the story is good.

The story is not so complicated, and although it has enemies-to-lovers tag, their bickering is never out of line or really offending which I like because I really can't take couples saying harsh words to each other then eventually falling in love like they didn't hurt each other through their words. So, I like their relationship. Watching their friendship affection develop to romantic affection... more>> is a sight to behold. The ML is so doting to FL even before their relationship develops and he's so consistent even after so many years. He's such an ideal husband and father. And because of that, even their children follow his lead in doting and pampering their mother. I love it too when they taught the kids about s*x education from an early age. They became such an amazing parents they failed to have. Despite it being an arranged marriage, I love how the ML worked it out and persisted to never follow his parents failed marriage.

The FL is a confident girlie and know what she wants. The ML esp like it whenever she shows off. In his words, his little peac*ck lmao. She can be petty too, pretty often, but not to the point of dragging it out. It never really piss me off and I just laugh at her antics. The ML, I must say, have such a long patience for the FL and he always yield to her, always having her way. The FL is also easy to coax so it's not annoying when she throws petty tantrums at ML.

What was unexpected from this story was the FL and ML circle of friends—their childhood friends. Their bond is so good and really enviable. I'm glad they have reliable friends bc both the FL and ML's parents were shitty lol. Glad they have friends that always got their back.

Overall, a light hearted novel you can read. Not much drama and plot twists, so if you want to take a break from heavy angst novels, or just to pass time, I recommend to read this. <<less
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breadgangrookie rated it
August 5, 2023
Status: Completed
This is one of the more sensible childhood frenemies to lovers trope stories.

The story was a smooth sailing one, it built up on premise quite well, with fairly less hiccups. The narrative is heavily focused on the main leads getting together and their life thereafter.
Since this is a very -smooth sailing- sweet story there isn't a lot of conflict that needs to be resolved and obstacles to be overcome. Close to no progress on the character growth graph, but again this isn't a story focused on such drama or situations. Some parts of the plot felt a bit contrived.

To be honest, the FL's love rival/school friend felt unnecessary and underdeveloped as a character. She barely made enough of an impact on the plot to merit paying attention to what happened to her later in the story.

But the plus point was definitely the tongue-in-cheek interactions in the friend group, just the wholesomeness and honesty between the leads.
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coldnovelenthusiasts rated it
January 3, 2024
Status: Completed
Well the novel is a lighthearted and quick read.... But sometimes it got a little bit boring....

But if you want to read a novel with no major emotional plot or just a sweet story about a couple, then go for it....

Lastly, I want to thank the translator who did a great job....
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Eeria rated it
October 2, 2023
Status: Completed
Not a very deep novel but quite satisfying to read. Romance is fluffy and quite fun. It’s a slice of life type of novel but the pace is much quicker. It’s good change from overly dramatic novel.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mindumplings rated it
August 11, 2023
Status: --
This was a nice read, ML and FML knows each other from childhood, they bicker a lot, both of them comes from rich family. So for expanding the business, they get married for the sake of the family.

The growth and development of relationship between them was natural, it was enjoyable. Both ML and FML are likable. They have friend group. So I loved that dynamic also. Totally it was an enjoyable read. You will not get bored with any filler dramas.

Also translator is great. She is doing a great job.... more>> She explains everything clearly. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Itsamelboogie rated it
March 10, 2024
Status: c1
If you are looking for a light and fluffy novel, this is it. Although the story is probably 4 stars, I gave it an extra star because the translation was done so well.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MakiG rated it
September 24, 2023
Status: Completed
Short and cute and lots of fluff once they were finally together. Not much lol moments but overall was sweet.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
solivagantsoul rated it
August 29, 2023
Status: Completed
In all critical honesty, It's probably not a five star quality novel. But the feelings I had after reading this didn't make me want to give something lower.

This is a short and extremely sweet novel with a charming and doting couple. The author IMO has done a great job in making their characters seem extremely lovable despite certain childish/arrogant tendencies. It's portrayed in a very cute and lovable manner. In fact, the bickering we are shown is just playful and senseless banter which only gets more playful as the... more>> couple gets together (rather quickly) -we are only hinted towards their whole past of bickering and banter during their younger days from childhood to their high school days.

I do wish that they could keep their relationship hidden and fool their friends a little longer and have a reveal with a more bang! lol XD


-the story itself revolves round the MC n ML with surface level but frequent interaction with their mutual childhood friend group.

MC is portrayed to be a pampered young miss with a lively personality, talented and as the story mentions-loves to show off her achievements/praise like a peac*ck flaunting its beautiful feathers XD (these instances are very entertaining in the novel)

I enjoyed reading about the ML here, he is described to have a laid-back, lazy yet seductive appearance. Enough to be mistaken as a dandy yet extremely capable. He is playful unlike the cold, indifferent CEO's we see everywhere.

Flaws in the novel-as entertaining it was, the novel felt like it was dipping into giving the plot more drama and depth but then leaving it all behind. At first there was a slight mention of indication that the ML's step-bro would fight for inheritance/heir position but then it felt thwarted off. Maybe it was not in author's intention to add much drama and to ultimately let the whole story be more smooth sailing and fluffy. Certain chapters at the start did give off a choppy feeling and the ml's confession caught me off a bit... the few minor bumps aside overall reading was super enjoyable.

If you're in the mood for some light-hearted, major fluffy romance with a pair of childhood frenemies this is for you. No major drama/villainous characters as such... its a great read.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ryrdgx rated it
December 21, 2023
Status: c4
I can’t stand the fl’s family. Cutting off your daughter’s resources to force her to return to the country and enter a marriage just for financial gain, it’s really callous. And the controlling mom just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, calling the driver away and leaving her daughter stranded with multiple shopping bags. I’m not averse to finishing this book, but I’m currently too angered by the fl’s family. If I’m really desperate, I might pick this up again.
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