I Reincarnated into a Game Filled with Mods


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I was lured by an invitation email to the beta test of the sequel to the game I’ve been playing for the past 10 years. To my surprise, all the mods I’ve installed over the years were still there.

Everything from enemy enhancement mods to NPC gender swap and appearance retouching mods were intact.

Even mods for changing the characters’ outfits were still in place.

*Takes inspiration from Sekiro + Soulsborne series.

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모드 떡칠된 게임에 빙의했다
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2 Reviews

New acivi
May 12, 2024
Status: c40
Your typical korean game-transmigration isekai. MC' s a pro gamer, gets transmigrated to his favorite game he's been playing for a decade. The author said it takes inspiration from sekiro+soulbourne series but at this point, there's not much truly "dark" happening (so he must be talking about the game the MC transmigrated), only some solo fights here and there. That's because this is actually a harem novel.

Take this with a grain of salt. There's 400ch; so much left to see, but here's the general flow: some s*upid event happens (usually... more>> concerned or involved with a woman), MC relies on his boundless knowledge to solve it, the involved woman get infatuated or interested. There's no comedic or unusual twist, only a linear path to be travelled.

As can be inferred from the title itself, the game is modded, that is, most characters being female. Based on how the MC conducts himself so far (with this mindset that thinks and analyzes as if the world is still the game he played), it doesn't seem like he's gonna form any meaningful connections outside his harem.

Combat system is a mess, and the author did not really described how strong each character is. That's why you don't know if the opponent is really strong or not. MC being so skilled in real combat despite spending more than 10000+ hours shut-in in real life doesn't help. Consider:


MC killed a monster that a knight commander formerly guarding the imperial palace failed to slay? What about when MC purposedly stabbed his own stomach to supposedly down his health and get a better attack power? To begin with, does it not hurt? Or was he planted with pain receptors? That was no longer a game. The author explicitly stated that he transmigrated.


Despite all this, I rated 5 stars because I realised I caught up with the latest translated ch and I did enjoy it. You'll dismiss the absurdity of the novel by simply recalling the fact that is actually set in a game world. And the author did not forget that. <<less
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New wazz64
May 11, 2024
Status: c200
Alrights wheres the s*xual intercouse tag cause half of the harem are thirsty as hell

Anyway back on the review

The novel starts with the MC beating dark souls 4: sekiro dies again which is apparently reaching 10 years old now on hitless sl1 (soul level 1) punching only run, which after that humogous achievement immediately got sent to the game world

The story has heavy dark souls inspired setting with some bloodborne sprinkle here and there, also all the combat is pretty much sekiro so more easier to imagine the fight scene,... more>> the characters have "good enough" personality, most of the important ones are females and s*gs with almost all the harem too

Anyway enough with jokes time to get serious

As above MC fallen to a game world after achieving his hitless run HOWEVER, the plot twist here he completed a modded hitless run,

For some layman here, he completed the equivalent of the Dark souls Archthrones Overhaul mod sl1 hitless fist only NG+7, you can look it up how hard each tag really means

Anyway after falling through the game he discovered its actually the modded game he played not vanilla and shenanigans ensue, turns out the world is fully modded to hell, all the girls are skyrim tier modded with DD cups as the smallest breast size, using skimpy outift also world breaking modern outfit too, seriously one of the chapter explain that all males wear appropriate clothing while all females are wearing something you see in a modded skyrim f*ck adventure, also cherry on top, all the important male npcs got genderbend, the girl on the cover is the female emperor (formerly male) also yandere too, so maybe the genderbend tag needs to be there aswell?

The MC name is delta which is a reference for bioshock 2 protag, this alone should tell you the amount of reference that this novel has

Anyway the story is bog standard "ultimate villain planning to destroy the world", its serviceable, nothing too crazy, the only reason why you will read this is purely for the MC going around posture breaking enemies and f*cking the harem

This novel reminds me of my modded skyrim f*ck adventure run and you know what, thats completely fine, a little bit of greasy double cheeseburger with soda for a side once in a while does wonders to the brain after an exhausting day <<less
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