I Reincarnated and Became Friends with the Black Lion Prince! I’ll Make Him Change His Unhealthy Eating Habits so I Won’t Get Eaten by Him


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Theo, who had moved from the university town into the capital of the Beast people due to his father’s work, had gotten lost from the very first day. There, he encountered a Black Lion beast-child hiding in the bushes.

A fantastical story about the time an innocent boy, Theo, spent following the Black Lion Prince who runs away from ‘food’ he doesn’t like and ends up feeding the prince whilst getting himself deliciously eaten.

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Date Group Release
08/23/23 Second Life Translations c10 part2
07/08/23 Second Life Translations c10 part1
04/19/23 Second Life Translations c9 part2
02/18/23 Second Life Translations c9 part1
02/12/23 Second Life Translations c8 part2
01/04/23 Second Life Translations c8 part1
12/24/22 Second Life Translations c7 part2
12/15/22 Second Life Translations c7 part1
12/11/22 Second Life Translations c6
11/02/22 Second Life Translations c5 part2
10/08/22 Second Life Translations c5 part1
09/24/22 Second Life Translations c4 part2
09/10/22 Second Life Translations c4 part1
08/22/22 Second Life Translations c3
08/14/22 Second Life Translations c2 part2
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Erudite.Cielo rated it
January 17, 2022
Status: Completed
This is a unique and lovely story. (^v^) ML is childish and possessive. MC is gentle and spoils the ML. O (〃^▽^〃) o They are childhood sweethearts that grew up together.

The plot is good. It's really a slice of life. (^ (エ) ^)
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LitleTea rated it
January 19, 2022
Status: Completed
10/10 recommended to read for a cute, fluffy story. ML is possessive and acts childish towards the MC who is kind and gives into ML.

the only time when there is major drama is...


when they're 16 the older brother takes the youngest brother childhood sweetheart as his bride candidate

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