I Decided To Go On a Trip Since I Received Consolation Money


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My childhood friend Gio, who grew up with me in an orphanage, became a hero.

It was said that Gio, who successfully defeated the demon king and returned, will become a member of the noble class and marry the princess!

It seemed that I, who had been running the orphanage since the death of the old director, had been judged to be an unsuitable friend for Gio in the future.

The princess offered me gold coins and said,

”You promise you’ll never see Gio again, right?”

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Tegirekin wo Moratta node Tabi ni Deru Koto ni Shita
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New starkaster rated it
August 12, 2022
Status: c13
I think what dissatisfies me most about this story is the MC. He just comes across as dispassionate and unbothered by the whole 'tragic' misunderstanding he has with the hero.


Even his acceptance of the Hero's sudden confession is summed up as "What a shame. You have bad taste."


In the end I just found myself wishing them both the best, but being completely disinterested in reading anymore about these two.
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twistedelixir rated it
October 24, 2021
Status: c7
There isn't much here yet, but I love what there is so far. Not a ton of action and the pacing is rather slow. Yet, I find that the characterization that come from these slow period make up for that.

I haven't really gotten a good grasp on the MC yet because he is only really in the first chapter, but love what I have heard of him so far. At first, I kind of got this impression that the MC was just being a pushover. However, after hearing a lot... more>> of the background about him from the perspective of the ML and the MC's reasoning as to why he would listen to the princess's request for him to leave (it is not all about the cruel things people said to him) things started to make more sense. MC is a really self sacrificing person, even to a fault as everything he does takes into account the well-being of others.

The ML may appear to be mean and kind of a brute, but he loves the MC a lot and not in a creepy way. ML is somewhat hard to understand, being very straightforward about a lot of things and only really holding back the truth of his emotions, especially about the person he loves. The MC in the first chapter may say that they don't get along, but even those who are critical of him have to admit that the two know each other well. This is especially evident when ML finally tells all of his concerned friends exactly why he acts the way that he does toward MC, effectively shaming them for the way that they made assumptions and behaved as a result of those assumptions. I won't do into the details here (though it is still early in the text, it is really worth the read), but basically the ML is endlessly devoted to the MC and doesn't expect anything back for that devotion. It is all really sweet and I was so happy to be reading a story where the seme doesn't want to force his partner into anything.

I look forward to seeing more of the MC and love the ML. This is a nice, if slow, story and I look forward to reading more. <<less
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October 27, 2021
Status: c8
Its kind of giving me the same vibes as the Travelling Hero Wont Let the Innkeepers Son Escape, except that this is post hero journey and the Hero and the MC aren't super best friends.

I like dense MCs and tsundere male leads so this one so far fits the bill. There is also a good reason for why the ML and MC are not in a relationship yet or why the MC is not aware of the MLs feelings

There are parts that are a little bit dragging but the translation... more>> is good and the story seems interesting so I'm looking forward to the updates! <<less
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slimecondensate rated it
November 15, 2021
Status: c14
I love the pining so much, would definitely recommend to those who like that sort of dynamic. Patiently waiting to see what's next in the story!

update: ch14 had me screaming into my pillow
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Keikey rated it
October 9, 2021
Status: c5
It's just chapter 5 and it's boring. Not many actions just kids doing disputes. And nothing logical. The ML is angry in stead of the MC but he didn't run after him. Just staying to show his anger to the person causing the problem. Why are all jp novels this inferior quality than Chinese ones?. Either the MC is weak witted or the narrative quality is very bad.
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