I Lie with My Eyes


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Haruka Narimiya, a childhood friend, started dating Toki Asaba as soon as they entered high school.

During the winter of their senior year, she had an affair with Asaba’s best friend, Hitoshi Kurosaki.

When Asaba finds out, he…

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wickedswami rated it
December 18, 2022
Status: c19
Just to start off, in my opinion this story isn't for you if you're looking for betrayal stories where the main character suddenly becomes some emotionless chad/alpha/sigma/whatever and owns his betrayers with a harem supporting him after a glow up.

There is no fashion makeover, no "I actually wasn't trying this whole time and I'm actually a genius and super athlete", no "Now that I don't care, every girl in the world is attracted to me", no harem of girls that were just waiting on the sidelines for the main character... more>> to be single again, no epic revenge fight scene. This is a story grounded in reality about trying to grow and move on from being hurt.

So far it's a pretty interesting read and is kind of like if the other recent betrayal novels turned down the edge a large amount and focused on how the characters grow and hurt from the betrayal. Instead of elaborate revenges or unrealistic instant super karma, this story instead follows the characters in the aftermath of what I consider to be a pretty realistic progression of events following the betrayal:


The characters have mostly uneventful, normal lives and the "drama" and struggles all relate to their personal traumas and regrets.

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December 26, 2022
Status: c9
This is a bit s*upid.

I guess we are supposed to root for Toki but I am not fond of Toki. I kinda hate protagonist centered morality. Dude has a childhood trauma that stopped him from pursuing physical aspects of a relationship. So this dumbass dumped that whole emotional baggage on his childhood friend (apparently with a healthy libido I might add). Rejected all her phyical advances. Expected her to be his therapist, lover and future wife while not really fullfilling her needs. So naturally, this ended up in a disaster... more>> and he gets to have the moral high ground despite doing everything wrong. (Haruka is whole another trainwreck I wouldn't touch with a ten feet pole to be honest.)

Side note; knowing about infidelity and keeping the relationship is not self sacrifice. That's a kink. There are myriad ways of breaking up. That dude needs actual therapy to come to terms with and/or fix his problems. <<less
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