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Ruan Longling was divorced by her fiancé, Liu Chengji, who was studying in the capital because of her status as a merchant girl. She finally figured it out: In this world, apart from money, only the blood of close relatives can be relied on. The Ruan family is well-known in the business, and she has ten thousand gold in hand, so she doesn’t have to worry about food and drink. The only wish is to have a child who will inherit the family business.

With the idea of giving up a husband and seeking a son, Ruan Longling fell in love with a sharp scholar. The scholar’s face is like a crown of jade, and the wind is gentle. From his appearance to his temperament, he is exactly what Ruan Longling likes. If there is a father like this, the son must be clever.

Ruan Longling used 18 tricks to seduce the scholar and her into a married couple, and the two of them spent a wonderful time together like glue.

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Naimena rated it
May 29, 2023
Status: Completed
Quite unique. This story truly delivers what the summary promised.

I liked it but it's definitely not everyone's cup of tea. The leads are not good people. Important things should be repeated so... the leads are NOT good people. They play each other and both suffer for it.

In short, MC is a rich merchant girl, the third from five children. Her mother got sick after divorcing, her older brother went missing, her older sister got married, so she could only go out, build a business to get rich and raise her... more>> younger siblings. As a consequence, she was admired for her beauty and talent but as a woman who dared to go out in such times, interacting with men and claiming debts... she wasn't a 'respectable' lady at all, not a lot of marriage prospects, at least not as a wife. Luckily, she had a childhood sweetheart who promised to marry her, they had known each other for 17 years and she had invested a lot of time and resources to support his studies and future career. Yet, the moment he won third place and started his political career, he discarded her like old shoes.

She was devastated but as a proud woman, she made sure to get revenge. She got back all the money she had invested in him and ruined his reputation... yet, she was utterly disappointed with the idea of marriage. Her mother's marriage failed, her sister's marriage was unhappy and her fiancee who she had known for 17 years and thought to be reliable... also failed her. So she decided she'd never marry. There was only one problem... she really liked children, so she decided to pick a good candidate with outstanding genes, have a fun affair with him, break up and then raise the child on her own.


She wanted a sperm donor, he wanted a plaything. Both were dishonest. They couldn't be together unless she abandoned everything important for her, her lifelong work, her family, her pride. So I'm not unhappy with the way things happened. She was totally right on the unfairness of marriage for women. A concubine, even the emperor's was only an plaything to be disposed of at the man's will, and even a wife who married up would be humiliated and oppressed by her in-laws. It was too reckless on her part, of course, but that's the plot. I'm just not sure he really loved her, he was kind of obsessive but the whole situation of collecting women who reminded him of her ugh... On the other part, loved the way the Dowager Empress didn't end up as the villain.


Now, ML came with a hidden identity to the scholarly conference she organized and seemed like the perfect candidate. A handsome, smart merchant. So she decided to seduce him, try hard to get pregnant and then drop him like a hot potato, breaking up in the ugliest way possible so he'd never think about coming back.

So, she really isn't a good person. I felt bad for the ML at first, especially because he was nice enough to comfort her at their first encounter. He really resisted her at first but then they began their affair and I realized... he was big j*rk, cruel and as patriarchal as any other entitled man in such times. So I guess, no one was innocent and they were hurting each other, fine.

They could only have a HE after changing enough to understand each other. The re encounter plot was kind of cliche, the noble villainess was definitely unnecessary. The baby was cute, not annoying at all. Wholesome family. I'll give it 5 starts for originality, this plot was a daring bet. <<less
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Lumina25684 rated it
May 28, 2023
Status: c87
My rating is only based on my own bias opinion. It's actually a story that's executed well for an ancient genre. It not hard to read in machine translation and it captures the time yet adds some modern one to one romance between the leads. The plot flows to logic, ignoring FL's bold schemes and mind plots (i really endured), until about chapter 70 or so, when the leads meet again in the capital. After that, it becomes predictable and because I'm angry with that, I gave it 2 stars.

Spoiler... more>> Alert!


I understand FL wanting only the child and was scared by all the unhappy marriages the women in her family were facing, but I still don't like how she handled it. It didn't give her the right to play with ML's feelings, though it probably makes since in the era where men can have more than one wife.

After their breakup and telling her family about her pregnancy, the entire family became the talk of town and the sisters in the family were all said to curse their men (mother kicked father out of the family without a penny, eldest sister's ex-husband's mu*der case, FL's ex-fiancé parade naked on the street, only brother in the family died young, 3rd sister's almost r*pe incident where FL killed the guy and FL almost died giving birth to her son in the process)...

There are about 120 something chapters, but when I read that ML used different maihimes's physical features and getting drunk to remember FL during their 3-4 years of separation, and agreed to marriage with villainess cannon fodder who's been in love with him and dragged on until 21, then after meeting FL, abandoned her despite his empress dowager sister already sent the marriage will and ML setting up the date and all related official stuff himself, I felt bad for the innocent girl whom the author decided to make the villainess to complete the plot. I didn't finish it, but it's easy to see where the plot was going. With her family fallen and her reputation ruined, this left over girl who can only become a stepmother turned into the villainess who wants FL to pay, and ML will definitely kill her and ruin her family at the end. But thanks to her, the FL who still doesn't love ML even after meeting again, will finally love ML and agree to be with him, HE.

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ntww12 rated it
January 15, 2024
Status: Completed
This novel is very interesting and fun to read. The author executed it well imo. First of all, as mentioned by Naimena's review, both FL and ML are not perfect people. They're not exactly bad people. It's just that our FL is bold in a time when those aspects are not appreciated. ML on the other hand, is what we would call now as a sexist, misogynistic man. In those days, ML is a very normal thinking guy. It's a story about how the two of them have s**, and... more>> then fall in love, and get separated before finding each other again. It is a great story with a lot of feminist/modern views in an ancient time. FL questions ML on why she should back down on certain things, and ML eventually changes his mindset. I liked that there was character growth in this story.


  1. A FL that questions the patriachal society that she's in. She refuses to believe in those useless dogma then. When she encounters a woman who's willing to degrade herself to be an equal wife/concubine just to get married to ML with her, FL questions the woman. "Why do you have to do this? Don't you appreciate yourself? You deserve better." Of course said woman doesn't understand, but that's how our FL thinks. She doesn't think that she needs to conform to a man just because. She fights for her rights. She's bold and shameless in taking what she wants. I like that.
  2. Our ML actually has character growth. He changes over time despite being a top grade scumbag in the beginning. Eventhough he's still a ruthless tyrant in the end, he does go on to understand the troubles the FL has gone through and despite not being able to change everyone elses' mindset, he works hard to change his own.
  3. The FL's family members are so loyal and devoted to each other. They help one another in so many ways. When the eldest sister had depression, when the younger sister was nearly r*ped, the family came through together to fight injustice.
  4. The baby IS SO CUTE.
  5. The side stories are also fantastic. The first one is kinda sad. Second side story/extras is about Ruan Chenfeng, the youngest brother and Zhu Xuan, the princess and how he wins her heart. Third side story is about Xin Jue and Ruan Yumei, the youngest sister and how Xin Jue had to go through some trials before he can marry her. With some commentary of how hard women had to work during those times. Fantastic read.

  1. There had to be some villains in the story but I felt that the young lady who was obsessed with the ML was so pitiful.
  2. There was a love interest of the FL who really liked her but due to ML's jealousy he ruined the guy's life. I didn't like that. The guy eventually became a villain just to progress the story. Ugh.
  3. Society's view couldn't change that much and in the end FL had to compromise some beliefs just to get married to ML. Such as begging the ML's parents to approve their marriage.
Anyway onward to the longer summary:

It's about a radical/forward-thinking young lady (or in our times, we'd just call her a feminist.) who unfortunately lives in a patriachal society. So she is put off from the concept of marriage as she thinks all men are the same with the same scum behavior. She wants a child without the burdens of marriage but in those times there aren't sperm banks for her. However, during that time in history, single mothers who are unwed are looked down in society and are ostracized. Our FL doesn't care though and proceeds with her plan to get imp**gnated.

She then chooses a man who she thinks is perfect: Someone who doesn't want a wife, is only there in their town for a short while, and is handsome, intelligent.. She wants the good genes lol.

Our ML is indeed handsome, intelligent and ruthless. He's a very domineering person. She successfully seduces him and they roll in bed A LOT. ML really exhibits scumbag behavior sometimes, but he thinks its okay because that's just how it is in those days. He dislikes FL being a merchant (considered a low rank job in society back then) and hates that she has to interact with other men just to earn money. He thinks that she should be happy just being his concubine and raising his kid (s) at home instead of working.

Our FL HATES that. Here are some quotes that I really liked.

When our ML tells FL to not meet other men just because they're sleeping with each other:


Where did these condescending habits come from?

Or are all men like this?

Do you think that once you get a woman's body, you can treat her as something in your pocket that you can manipulate and control at will?


When our ML tells FL to become his concubine, bear his first child, and stop being a merchant. FL blows up:


"Why do you want me to adapt? Why do you always want women to submit to everything?!

Why do you men hold all the interests and power in your hands? But we women can only live in small houses for the rest of our lives? We can only rely on beauty and children. Do you mean only with a child... Only then I can live a stable life with your men's favor?!"

These thoughts that had been buried deep in my heart for many years were spoken out in such a hurry in front of a man who originally did not intend to reveal his true feelings.


Our ML is also a bit of a tsundere. He thinks FL loves him a lot, and he's like, don't stick so close to me woman! FL on the other hand is like, ugh men are all the same, so fickle and two-faced.

For example, when FL and ML didn't meet for 3 days, the ML misses the FL but refuses to admit it:


He even said quietly with a slightly cold tone, "I'm busy helping the teacher correct homework every day, so I don't have the time to think about other things."

The man was just saying it, but when it fell into Ruan Longling's ears, he took it seriously.


Men are indeed ruthless, she thought.


Anyway, afterwards FL drives ML away and has her child. There is a lot of discussion on stigma on this. FL has a talk with her family about how she plans to raise her child alone. Seriously this part is so good because they really talk about how things might go for their whole family once the situation is revealed. Younger sister has some resentment towards FL because her future is also jeopardized as their whole family will be looked down upon and she will not get good marriage prospects. Eventually however, their bond as a family is much stronger, and the whole family protects FL and her child.

My favourite part is when ML eventually learns about the child and interrogates the FL's family. He uses some other excuse and makes his subordinate interrogate them to get the truth about the child (cause FL says its not his). The whole family had initially lied about the child's age as per FL's instructions but eventually tells the truth. ML is so amazed by who strong the family bond is that they would all go to such lengths to lie together to protect the FL. Seriously the family vibes in this story is so good!

Afterwards, there are some troubles in the relationship but it all ends happily. What I like is that the two leads get together after there has been some changes in their mindset. FL is not as adverse to marriage anymore, and ML is not as misogynistic anymore. Author also mentions in the story that if the two had gotten together in the beginning, they would have fought a lot and the marriage would have failed. But because there was a long time gap for the both of them to grow and sort out their feelings, it worked out better now.


Time has polished the two of them into a look that is most suitable for each other, like the most difficult lock in the world, with just the right key to open it, everything is just right.


A great story imo. Give it a try. <<less
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