I Ended Up Living Together With the School’s Number One Beauty Who Rejected Me Even Though I Hadn’t Confessed to Her, but Why Are Her Beautiful Sisters Aiming to Steal My Virginity?


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One day, Nazuna Haimiya found a love letter in his shoe-box, who appears to have a lonely and lifeless gaze. Half in disbelief, Nazuna responds to the invitation and makes his way to the back of the school building.

There, he encounters Akane Hiiragi, the most beautiful girl in the school. Upon seeing Nazuna’s face, Akane bluntly declares, “Sorry, but I can’t date you,” and leaves. Nazuna dismisses the encounter as a bad dream. However, for some reason, the two end up living together from the next day onwards. To make matters more interesting, Akane has five equally beautiful sisters.

With no other place to go, Nazuna desperately tries to get along with them. The sisters gradually find themselves drawn to Nazuna. However, they all share a secret that cannot be revealed to anyone, and Akane, in order to protect that secret, plots to drive Nazuna away.

Get ready for a delightful and entertaining romantic comedy with these unusual sisters! The fun begins here!

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Touch-San rated it
December 2, 2023
Status: c10
The interactions with the other sisters were actually decently entertaining, but Akane (who seems to be the main girl) single-handedly brings this novel down to a 1. I assume the tsundere tag is here because of her, but sorry to say, she ain't tsundere, she's just a piece of shit. I don't like harems much to begin with, but even a single harem member being like this, ruins even the most passable (not good, there are no good harems) novels of this genre. I wouldn't recommend picking this up, since... more>> Akane will piss you off to no end, and as the main heroine, you best believe that she will unfortunately be showing up entirely too often. <<less
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EroticReader rated it
December 16, 2023
Status: c16
Man, I feel for the MC and Akane the female lead is being an A-hole. I know there’s an important secret but if you knew a bit about the MCs past. Why the f—- are you trying to force him out?? And forcing yourself on him without consent is a big NO for someone like you

Also where is the yandere!?!? I was looking forward to this : (tags are misleading for this novel.
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aborednerd rated it
January 19, 2024
Status: c32
Read up to the point where the current translator dropped it. Thank you for your hard work Translator, and the translation was very good, 4 out of 5 on the translation.

To review the novel itself as it stands... Overall, avoid this unless you plan to MTL or another translator picks this up. It ends in an unsatisfying place, but I totally understand why the translator dropped it.

The story starts somewhat simple with a misunderstanding. We eventually learn why the MC was involved in the confession and who sent him something.... more>> But their involvement is wrapped up in a few chapters and doesn't feel like it has as big of an impact as it should.

The secret could be interesting, but it just suddenly gets plot dumped and it goes weird quickly. I believe the author of the work has taken a bigger bite than what they can chew with what they are trying to achieve.

If I stretch my brain and work I can maybe understand things, but it feels like a lot of key information is being purposefully withheld from the audience. Information that feels like it should be more readily available but is being withheld to try to create a sense of mystery. Instead as a reader you are left with confusion and uncertainty.

I am interested in the overall plot, but not enough to try MTLing it myself. Thus the 3/5 for the story. However, I also feel like I probably rate this higher than the average person would. <<less
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