I Eat My Own Jealousy


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Jian Ning was reincarnated into the interstellar era, accompanied by his plant-based abilities. One day, he brought a man back who, without a word, left him and their child behind after six months.

Zong Ye, a highly decorated marshal of the Empire, was known for his rational and cold demeanor, devoid of emotions. No one knew he had a dual personality. After wandering outside for half a year, he returned only to find himself penniless. His beloved mecha and all his possessions had vanished.

One day, he came across a white little wolf cub in his estate, which not only looked identical to him but also treated his precious mecha as a toy.

Snippet: Zong Ye discovered a whimpering white wolf cub in his estate. Despite possessing an S-level psychic power, the cub spent its days playfully chasing butterflies, acting all delicate and spoiled. Zong Ye was highly dissatisfied and decided that regardless of whose cub it was, he would subject it to rigorous training, molding it into a qualified soldier from a young age.

Upon realizing that the cub belonged to him, Zong Ye said, “Training? There are too few butterflies in the garden to chase. Let’s get some more.”

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Conanaihime rated it
August 6, 2023
Status: Completed
The story is good. The plot is interesting. The MC and ML are both powerful and brilliant.

However, there are a lot of plot holes. They never confessed to each other. And something happened to them during heat of the animal form of the ML and the reason how the ML stop the mania was unreasonable and does not make any sense. The proposing scene was epic. It was interrupted suddenly because of the cub which is not good. Also, it was rushed, considering that it is only 94 chapter. The... more>> cubs are cute. The jealousy of ML is getting out of hand. Hes even jealous of his son and he is not so affectionate to his son but that's how it is. He became jealous and didn't like his son interrupting their lovey lovey time so he sent the son to the cub academy. Immature. The antagonist was captured quickly and I feel like the conflicts are not strongly created and established. <<less
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AriaSoul16 rated it
July 12, 2023
Status: Completed
This is a satisfactory novel. There are neither very tragic stories nor overly sweet romance.

I like the family interactions. Tuantuan is so cute.

He always managed to sneak in when the MC least want him to. Hahaha

It is also funny that he does not recognise ML as his father. He is a lightbulb often.

I wish there was more background of MC before transmigrating.

ML has dual personality. I hope they gave equal amount of exposure for both personalities before

they fused.

but I think the author presented the problems about this in the novel.

There are many points in the novel that the author can expand.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
User.948761 rated it
July 27, 2023
Status: c75
Very classic story. At no point in the plot was I surprised whatsoever. The fluff is there. The romance is there. There’s some semblance of plot. Pup is cute but most often a sidenote.
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