I Became the Fiancé of a Crazy Heroine


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Being possessed is fine, and so is being the youngest son of a marquis. But now I’m engaged to a crazy young lady from a noble family. Is my life ruined?

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망나니 히로인의 약혼자가 되었다
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New CapybarasOKIPULLUP rated it
March 31, 2023
Status: completd
MC just like me FR. Literally they get me so hard I understand what Okyeye is talking about literally me. MC is no simp but they look quiet and loner protagonist when secretly they are OP (well not strength OP but mind OP) they have that mental tenacity literally 5* just for the MC alone. Heroine kinda mid literally cringe tsundere that you see in every novel troup anyways if you cant relate to MC you may not like this MC that much.
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New BoobaSword rated it
March 27, 2023
Status: --
I don't really do rating or leave review (Just another silent reader) but I thought I should for this translator bc I think lot of people are being quite unreasonable to him/her.

First. Its a slow romance, who are engaged to together against their will but as they live together. They become conscious of each other and develop feelings but deny bc of their circumstances.

Very lovely novel, something we don't get many these days. It's like 'I Became the Fiancé of a Dragon in Romance Fantasy' but no 18+ scenes.

and I... more>> have to agree some OnePunchMan12's review. MC says he don't have experience and has no intention of forming relationship with her but his every action is like Flirt to make girls fall for him. I think author messed up that part but apart from that I can't find any negative thing about this novel.

While this is not important but expect OnePunchMan12 review, all of them are just their own opinion not review for this novel. Do you not understand what "REVIEW" means?

Sign. Anyway. Translation is good expect for beginning chapters sometimes mistaking him for her and like, but I've seen complete garbage translation in NU, there are almost unreadable. For ex. How To Live As A Writer In A Fantasy World.

It's previous translation is tr*sh and yet I see no one tr*shing. Don't believe in these tr*sh review not even mine. Read yourself before you judge. Adios..! <<less
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OnePunchMan12 rated it
March 20, 2023
Status: c24
Starts off a bit interesting if you like forced romance novels like me, but completely trails off quickly. Unlike a lot of other novels where MC transmigrated into worthless extra that's engaged to outstanding heroine, this time she's considered to have a terrible reputation while his is decent.

The main problem is that both of the leads personalities and goals that are told to us at the beginning are a complete lie and makes them both extremely unlikable as the story unfolds.

It feels like the author really wanted an MC that... more>> spouts edgy stuff like "You can't trust humans, I will live by myself and for myself!". Only to have the exact opposite approach in everything.

MC says he's someone with no experience with woman and doesn't want to get closer to her since it's already in the plot that she will leave him for the protagonist. Yet everything he does is to get closer to her, and give her the wrong idea. It's not even on the level of silly misunderstandings, he's just straight up flirting with her the entire time (bro didn't you say you had no experience with woman??). He uses the excuse of needing to deceive their parents, but it never actually feels necessary from the way the parents are acting and only causes him problems by making her and the parents think he's madly in love with her. Honestly if his mindset was to seduce her in order to steal her from the protagonist this would make a lot more sense. It's not however, he 'claims' to just wait for her to leave him so he can be free to do what he wants.

As for the heroine, MC knows the plot so he tells us she's actually a very kind person that wants to train in magic (which she's not allowed to) so she puts on an appearance of being a drunk and a gambler to make money for running away (it's very unclear how she even does this, we're never told if she's any good at gambling. So the whole thing sounds quite farfetched). In addition to her method seeming silly, she never seems like such a kind person at all... If anything she's just extremely rude. All we get is 'in her fake drinking and gambling she's never hurt anybody' well no sh*t!! What a great person she must be you clown😂

(never mind that it's hurting her parents who while strict, seem like really decent parents by aristocrat LN standers and genuinely care for her).

Also, in the original story she literally leaves her fiance (MCs character) after meeting the protagonist. It's not even excused by MCs character being a villain or her already being in love with the protagonist (she hasn't even met him yet...). MCs character is just an average guy from a lower ranked family that was forced to marry her since no one would, yet she leaves him. Screwing him and her family over... Is she such a good person in the original novel??😂

Finally the translation is quite bad with genders often miss translated making it extremely confusing who's talking between the two characters. <<less
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bozakir rated it
March 16, 2023
Status: --
I wanted to give this a chance but I can't get past the korean MC.

"... Sion bursts out laughing and thinks about life in the modern world.

He had never dated a woman, let alone married one.

... more>> He never talked to women, and when he did, he treated them as strangers.

He lived his life alone, trusted no one, and experienced endless examples of human malice..."

Personally I think he is a loser and that isn't the cool backstory author think it is. But some people might disagree and are into that kinda protagonist, so enjoy. <<less
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Okyeye rated it
March 20, 2023
Status: c10
Love this type of MC remove the Romance and it's all good tbh this MC seem unique to me, outside he looks kind and gentleman but inside he planned something HE IS JUST LIKE ME FR hopefully he gonna have the power up soon the demon sword thing and slay the cringe fiance of him that B is annoying as heck only 10chapters rn can't say anything
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