I Became the Villain of a Romance Fantasy


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I possessed the villain of a romance fantasy story. My engagement with the heroine had been called off and I became the EXP mob character who fell to his own ruin. But for some reason, the female lead won’t let me go.

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로맨스 판타지의 악당이 되었습니다
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New Ravenpeko rated it
March 4, 2023
Status: c150
First off, I like the fact that the story starts off before the academy and makes its way up to the academy arc later.

now for the actual review,

so, our boy starts off with possessing the villain, aight pretty standard and he his an engagement with the main heroine, aight still pretty standard, but our girl is a regressor/reincarnator that's on her third life. And ofc with memories of her past life she just falls in love with our boy without question, there was some people saying how she can... more>> just fall in love with him even though she knows he's a different dude. Here's my theory tho it contains spoilers for ending maker and author's pov

I think that our boy damian is actually kinda the same person throughout all her past regressions. Like in ending maker, every main or side character has had past lives before, it's just that they don't remember it. Near the end it is explained how Jude and Cordelia are just possessing the body of the character, but they are them. So maybe our boy was always damian to begin with or it might be like author's pov, but maybe less complicated. Basically, like how ren keeps being uh created? I don't even f*cking know what to called it, but maybe it's like that but damian's character/personality keeps changing until they reach a certain ending. And Elena also said something about being near damian calms her divine powers or something of the like, and it doesn't seem to be damian's body doing that but rather his soul. Idk, think of it what you will, it just some random bs that I thought up.


Someone also said something about it being predictable, but if I'm being honest here it's really hard to find something that not predictable and makes sense and is good. Like if you want some not so predictable stuff just read like some obscene yaoi or ntr shit, which I wouldn't recommend personally (and I'm not saying all yaoi are obscene). So instead of looking at predictability, I just think how much I enjoy it, whether it makes sense or not, and it ties it up overall. And well as someone who enjoys romance, I enjoyed it quite a bit, though it's quite forgettable, it's quite good for the time it lasts.

Now addressing the pov switches. They're not really confusing per se, after the first few you can tell that it's a dream that our girl is having of their past lives. Cuz the atmosphere and the overall mood is completely different so you can figure it out pretty easily, like I'm reading the mtl and it's still pretty understandable. While I don't agree with the pov thing, I don't like the sudden time skips, like before the academy, they just straight up skipped like 9 months and barely mention anything about it, feel like their relationship should've developed a lot more in those months, but it stayed like the same before the time skip. Also, sometimes at the end of the chapter it's like "after we finish eating, we went to the carriage to get back home" and then the next chapter starts with like "next morning, me and this dud was sparring"; like where the part between the carriage ride and the sparring went. It isn't a big deal, just a nitpick, but thought I'll point it off.

bout the academy arc, well not really arc since it's like a whole section of the story.

Well, it's your standard academy arc with protag and his friends showing off and we have s*upid drama that'll help our characters in a=one way or another. Mosty major thing would probably be

Elena turning a yandere sorta, not like yandere, but like possessive and obsessive? Well, something like that.


Lastly the last 30 or so chaps as of 150 has been pretty slow, maybe? It's just been a bit uneventful except for Elena's secrets being revealed to damian slowly but surely. But I guess basically every novel has some uneventful parts, so it doesn't really matter. And one last nitpick, the fact that Elena is a regressor isn't really doing much. In other words, she doesn't really do anything for the plot, but more for herself and the people surrounding her, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I kinda wished that using her past knowledge and damian's novel knowledge they could go "f*ck bang" (what Cordelia says when she just goes around blowing sh*t up) the threats to the plot together like ending maker. But then I guess that story will be a lot different, well we might see that in the future, after all I can see this being like 700 chapters due to factors like gods and regression, they can do a lot of sh*t with stuff like that.

overall 4.2 as of c150 <<less
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DrVanilla rated it
November 19, 2022
Status: c8
It has been 5 years since our MC possessed a villain in a novel called "The Princess is Loved" where the fl- Elena is the protagonist of the said novel which he is engaged to.

MC wants to live peacefully and not get entangled in Elena's life, therefore, he decides to break off the engagement.

He is very calm and calculated, he explains every reason behind his motives and tries to persuade Elena to break it, however for some reason, it doesn't go as he expected it to go..

FL is adorable, a... more>> being you want and need to protect, MC seems very influenced by her and her actions despite his best efforts to stay calm and wanting to live a normal life.

Author is very descriptive of everything he writes about and gives background to the things he mentions.

All in all, a very good start for what seems like a slice-of-life wholesome rofance story with a male lead, which is quite rare to find. <<less
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Dante7555 rated it
December 3, 2022
Status: --
My first impression is that it's a very predictable rom-com, emphasis on comedy since the romantic aspect is very shallow, with a very incompetent and passive male protagonist and an overly competent and brass female protagonist.

The story is all over the place, trying to show two perspectives but giving no basis on when and where each perspective is taking place. The aspect of romance is also making it even more confusing as they are infatuated with one another too easily without any clear reason.

I read the other reviews and I... more>> really hate the way that these type of stories are written, just adding a ton of "mysteries" that the reader has no way of deciphering so you can create an impactful moment by revealing them is cheap writting.

Overall it's quite confusing and boring. It's also feel more like a female protagonist novel rather than a male protagonist one. <<less
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ObisidianRevenger rated it
February 24, 2023
Status: c132
This is an interesting story about our MC possessing an obsessive villain and to avoid ruin he chooses to break the engagement and set our FL free and unexpectedly he finds out that her reactions are not in line with his expectations. The reason for this is ... more>>

this is our FL's 3rd regression. In her second regression she meets our MC and not the villain but there she clearly hates our MC but throughout the story we get snippets from the FL's view of her realising something is amiss with our MC and he isn't acting like the villain and isn't showing his usual obsessive behavior. She eventually realises that the entity possessing the villain's body is clearly different from the original villain and hence in her reaction in the 3rd regression.


I'd like to correct what yamatorules said in his review about

"MC is supposed to keep his distance from the heroine but he doesn't while making s*upid excuses about not doing that when he obviously wants her around" but the reason for this is that the MC wants to avoid ruin initially so he tries to break the engagement off but when he realises things are amiss and the FL wierdly doesn't hate him he decided to go through with what he wants to do and properly establishes a relationship with our FL.


The story is really entertaining and the exchanges between our MC and FL are fluffy and I recommend it. But it would be better if we got more about why the FL changes by which I mean

the author should let us know more about the FL's second regression which is very interesting.


The story in the later parts of the story after like C100 is

to save the world from ruin. Here both our MC and FL use their knowledge (with the FL using her knowledge from her previous 2 regressions) to save the world from destruction. I am thinking we might even see our MC realising that our FL might be a regressor but that is if she confesses to him however she already knows that our MC is some special entity possessing the villain but since they respect and love each other too much they might not pry too deep


Overall I'd give it a 4.2-4.4 since the POV needs some work and some more information about certain situations. <<less
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yamatorules rated it
January 24, 2023
Status: c30
The summary is what is supposed to happen but doesn't. This story is very infuriating because you would think that

... more>>

they start off not liking each other but slowly start to by the end right? Wrong. The heroine loves the MC and the MC clearly loves the heroine despite what he intends to do (supposedly but I doubt he's going to break the engagement). It makes me so angry when there is no real conflict between the MC and main heroine. The MC is supposed to keep his distance from the heroine but he doesn't while making s*upid excuses about not doing that when he obviously wants her around.


There is a reason for the heroine loving the MC despite them barely meeting and that's because (major spoiler so don't read this part if you even want to have a fraction of surprise in the first 14 chapters)


the main heroine has actually reincarnated 3 times and she is currently on her 3rd regression. She fell in love with the MC during her second time and he died so she went back once more to the day they meet. I would personally rather read about her second life as it sounds like they bonded more organically than this time around and the MC actually managed to break the engagement. It also sounds like there is a major war that happens so at least it won't be all about the romance at some later point in the story. Again, the only conflict between the two right now is MC can't admit he wants the heroine and the heroine can't reveal she has memories of another life.


This is still a worthwhile read for those who love romance and fluffy moments but you have to go into this knowing it's all about the romance (at least for most of the beginning). Otherwise, choose something else to read so you don't waste your time thinking this is something it's not. <<less
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cooldj101 rated it
December 10, 2022
Status: c8
So far the story had been entertaining. My only complaint is about the transition made for POV changes. However, it is a perfect story where I am ecstatic to learn more about the interactions between the regressor and the main character.
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