I Became the Villain of a Romance Fantasy


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I possessed the villain of a romance fantasy story. My engagement with the heroine had been called off and I became the EXP mob character who fell to his own ruin. But for some reason, the female lead won’t let me go.

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로맨스 판타지의 악당이 되었습니다
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New detaemo rated it
June 5, 2024
Status: c92
2 ⭐ Slightly enjoyable, with many major issues that will definitely ruin the enjoyment.

I will be generous and give this novel 2⭐ because the premise is really good until before ch30

What might turn people off are probably the mildly yandere FL, overly descriptive and unnecessary details, too many pov with no clear main perspective, and baits with the aspect of deep plot but actually just an SoL with no substance.

The premise is very good but the author chose to filled the story with slice of life and it's not even... more>> a good sol because 70% of the chapter is used to describe the environment and every little detail that character think, feel and do. And 30% is the actual progression.

Below are the reasons why the readers dropped this novel and were abandoned by the author.


1. The overly descriptive minor details and info dump with no creativity. The author describe everything that was in their head. It's so detailed that it overshadows the important part and lose focus of the story. The pacing felt so slow that it's unbearable. (They held engagement ceremony that's supposed to happen soon after ch90!)

2. The unnecessary plot that should be gloss over. (7 ch was used to told the story about the fl's maid that was rarely mention and other cases)

3. Under utilize plot, great premise but author only focus on sol. Which betrayed reader expectations.

4. Too many pov, the author gives perspective to every character with no clear main pov, which makes the story feel disconnected like an anthology. Worse it's the same scenario with different perspective.

6. Mary sue X Gary sue. Some people may not be able to stomach the unreasonableness and wish fulfillment of it. Like how they fell in love, how there's no tension, and everything went their way that it felt flat.


My novel updates rating scale:

5 ⭐ Very enjoyable, with some minor issues that can be ignored.
4 ⭐ Enjoyable, with some issues that can't be ignored but won't ruin the enjoyment.
3 ⭐ Mildly enjoyable, with some major issues that may ruin the enjoyment
2 ⭐ Slightly enjoyable, with many major issues that will definitely ruin the enjoyment.
1 ⭐ Not enjoyable, don't read this novel. Not worth your time. Not recommend

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DrVanilla rated it
November 19, 2022
Status: c80
This novel had a very strong start, I thought it would be one of the best rofance that isn't josei but I was wrong.
It dips hards in quality after 60+ or so. It becomes bad, boring, and a waste of time.
A novel that had tens of thousands of readers fell down to barely 400 readers, it's obvious the author messed up.
Overall 2/5 only for the start of it.


It has been 5 years since our MC possessed a villain in a novel called "The Princess is Loved" where the FL- Elena is the protagonist of the said novel which he is engaged to.
MC wants to live peacefully and not get entangled in Elena's life, therefore, he decides to break off the engagement but the FL has other plans in mind.
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Dg2 rated it
April 10, 2023
Status: c11
Another beta insert placed inside a romance 'reverse harem' novel.

The only difference between this and the others is that the FL has been transmigrated to the past three times already.

So expect the ML to fawn over the FL at every possible moment and bend over backwards to make sure she is placed on her special pedestal. Know that the ML will not have a backbone to stick up for himself as he tries to keep the plot on track as the FL tries to derail it at every possible turn... more>> in order to achieve her 'own' happiness by ruining his future.

Anyway enough of me nitpicking.

You will quickly come to realize this fic is told through a dual-perspective view. Where scenes will be retold from two different perspectives as you will reread the same scenes twice to three times. Wasting a lot of your time as you already had to tread through the numerous line of text with a sole purpose of lengthening the word count.

Like the author is trying to force his thought process down your throat.


(Which is also a sht way of storytelling. Like the author could've done way better than to chose the worst/easiest method available to write. As chronological order is thrown out of the window right from chapter 5.)

Also this is not a SI, its a freaking transmigrated novel!!! The FL is the MC not our ML!!!!


By the end of the first act, I have yet to find anything worthy of note. There are info dumps everywhere, a indecisive ML with a fix-it mindset and a FL who is already wearing the pants in this abrupt relationship.

I already know our ML (Self Insert) is bound to attract the fairer s*x when he eventually goes through the dreaded Academy Arc that is in every similar KN nowadays, in which the FL is bound to get jealous and place her own importance above our ML.

With me already knowing what is bound to occur in the future, I already see myself hating this work even more as there has yet to be anything great or even average as of now. Not even this stellar plot twist with the FL is enough to change my personally bias I have against multi-pov literature.

So to add onto my critique, there will be generic tropes you would have already read in other novels and the copy pasted arcs will become something like filler as you can already predict their outcomes. So if you don't want a rather generic story with a sole plotline featuring the FL playing through her third life as entertainment, I recommend skipping this work.

Rate 2.3/5 <<less
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OnePunchMan12 rated it
March 26, 2023
Status: c40
This review is a bit of a spoiler up till like chapter 5-6.

I don't think you can really talk about the value of this novel without bringing up this key twist.

Basically MC transmigrated into the body of a 3rd rate villain extra that's engaged to the female protagonist of this world (pretty generic up till this point right?).

... more>> The twist is that the FL is currently living her third life.

In the first one she was abused by the original character of the MC (before he transmigrated) and in the second she completely ruined her relationship with him from the start. She later realized he was a different person and ultimately fall in love with him, but he already put distance with her and loved a different woman.

Now that it's her third life she's determined to make the relationship between them work.

MC not knowing all of this, simply wants to get away from her since trouble and the true male love interests will follow her around trying to kill him.

What this novel basically solves for me is how to do the 'forced romance' without the unnecessary cringe and misunderstandings that nobody enjoys. Instead it just focuses on the more heartwarming moments.

Because FL knows what's troubling MC from her previous life knowledge it never leads to annoying misunderstandings between them, instead the dynamic is quite fun.

MC tries as amicably as he can to end the relationship between them while FL tries everything she can to push the relationship forward. FL tries to ease his worries even using her future knowledge to solve things he's not aware of.

The FL is kinda of a light yandere, which I'm not a fan of usually but in this situation it works since she's finally given a chance to correct her mistake and be with the person she loves. Also, she's just grounded enough that it's never over the top.

The main downside to this novel and why I cant rate it higher is the writing style. 60% of the text in each chapter feels like nonsensical filler.

Overly done descriptions of food are a big culprit. Author can spend 3-4 paragraphs talking about the texture and the softness of the desserts, how they are arranged in a plate and more...

Honestly once you take out the amount nonsensical information there's barely any story.

It's especially bad because we often get the same event told once from MC's perspective and then from the FL perspective. So double dose of completely useless information.

Overall it's a fun concept, with likable characters but you just have to skim through a lot useless information which is never fun. <<less
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Dante7555 rated it
December 3, 2022
Status: --
My first impression is that it's a very predictable rom-com, emphasis on comedy since the romantic aspect is very shallow, with a very incompetent and passive male protagonist and an overly competent and brass female protagonist.

The story is all over the place, trying to show two perspectives but giving no basis on when and where each perspective is taking place. The aspect of romance is also making it even more confusing as they are infatuated with one another too easily without any clear reason.

I read the other reviews and I... more>> really hate the way that these type of stories are written, just adding a ton of "mysteries" that the reader has no way of deciphering so you can create an impactful moment by revealing them is cheap writting.

Overall it's quite confusing and boring. It's also feel more like a female protagonist novel rather than a male protagonist one. <<less
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ihy rated it
May 3, 2023
Status: c28
Story about a forced romance featuring an unlikable FMC and a passive/doormat MC. It would've been much better if we came to know about FMC's circumstances later on in the story but telling it early on made her really unlikable.

... more>>

In her second regression after punching him and breaking off the engagement she actually had the gall to be angry at him for choosing another woman. That alone tell what kind of self centered character she has. Sure, she was traumatized in her first regression but that doesn't mean he has to be in your beck and call like a dog.

Also what she's doing in the current time sounds similiar to what MC did to her in her first regression. Currently it's just by being possesive but who knows it won't get physical later on.


This series also needs a Josei tag. Any self respecting guy would be annoyed with this. <<less
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SandiaVida rated it
May 29, 2023
Status: c47
At the rate the story is going I wish that the author just went with the second timeline instead. The second timeline seems so much more interesting to me, with Damian finding out the world is different earlier on when Elena punched him during their first meeting. Also, the flashbacks to the previous timeline are so interesting that they make the current timeline fall flat and in my opinion make the current timeline seem boring in comparison.

When I first started this novel I expected Damian to be more averse... more>> to the engagement, leaving us with a compelling story where Damian learns to like and eventually love Elena through the hardships they go through, but instead, Damian's plans suddenly fall apart in a matter of what? 2 days... It just seems absurd to me that after years of planning and training for this one day and as soon as he meets her he gives it up, just like that. I have heard from somewhere that the previous regression passes on lingering emotions to the next timeline because of the memories that come through, but that just seems bullsh*t in my opinion, regardless if that is the case shouldn't he have even greater feelings for his actual wife then?! I don't know man... the early romance just seems forced in my opinion and kinda changed his personality and way of thinking in a matter of days, which is weird.

To recap, the current timeline is kinda lame in comparison to the second one, Damian's motivations and intelligence are constantly put into question for the sake of fluffy romance, and the romance itself doesn't make sense. Overall this story is... kinda mid so far, I guess.

3/5 stars so far because I can't for the life of me figure out how to change the rating above, hopefully the story gets better...


The story has slowed down to a crawl with pointless exposition and boring training. We have been at the same location for 23 chapters, or to put it into perspective 86 days, almost 3 months! At this point it is just getting ridiculous how slow the story is that it's not even funny. Overall I'm downgrading the rating to a 2/5 stars. <<less
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yamatorules rated it
January 24, 2023
Status: c30
The summary is what is supposed to happen but doesn't. This story is very infuriating because you would think that

... more>>

they start off not liking each other but slowly start to by the end right? Wrong. The heroine loves the MC and the MC clearly loves the heroine despite what he intends to do (supposedly but I doubt he's going to break the engagement). It makes me so angry when there is no real conflict between the MC and main heroine. The MC is supposed to keep his distance from the heroine but he doesn't while making s*upid excuses about not doing that when he obviously wants her around.


There is a reason for the heroine loving the MC despite them barely meeting and that's because (major spoiler so don't read this part if you even want to have a fraction of surprise in the first 14 chapters)


the main heroine has actually reincarnated 3 times and she is currently on her 3rd regression. She fell in love with the MC during her second time and he died so she went back once more to the day they meet. I would personally rather read about her second life as it sounds like they bonded more organically than this time around and the MC actually managed to break the engagement. It also sounds like there is a major war that happens so at least it won't be all about the romance at some later point in the story. Again, the only conflict between the two right now is MC can't admit he wants the heroine and the heroine can't reveal she has memories of another life.


This is still a worthwhile read for those who love romance and fluffy moments but you have to go into this knowing it's all about the romance (at least for most of the beginning). Otherwise, choose something else to read so you don't waste your time thinking this is something it's not. <<less
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Luxii rated it
November 14, 2023
Status: --
Don’t waste your time reading this, premise was so good in the start.

Imagine preparing years of your life to save the world, dedicating yourself to study and practice, planning your every move then immediately throwing it to the tr*sh the moment a girl says she wants to be your fiancée. Annoying asf especially because he wants to stick to the original plot and ‘fix’ things.

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JoeMama15 rated it
September 7, 2023
Status: c44
It really irritates me when I spend a long time reading something and then I decided to drop it. I spent the whole day reading it and now decided to drop it, so I basically wasted a whole day. Maybe this deserved 3 stars instead of 2 but I am mad about wasting my whole day reading this so I don't care. I was waiting for it to get good, the same way some of my favorite novels also like to take their time in getting good, but this one... more>> never did.

It is really difficult to review this without giving spoilers because the descriptions basically tells you nothing. So I'll be giving spoiler about the first 7 chapters more or less, also I'll give a proper description to the novel.


Description: MC is transported to the novel he was reading where the protagonist was the female lead (fl), and her reverse harem. MC took possession of first third rate villain, which was fl's fiance. In the original novel the fiance would mistreat FL and that would lead FL to change from a timid girl to one who would stand up for herself. She would cancel their engagement and later in the academy she would basically have a harem of men interested in her but we don't know how the novel ends bc the MC never finished it.

Now for the twist. The FL is a regressor. The FL lived through the first timeline which was exactly the same as in the novel but at the ending she regressed to the beginning of the novel. This would start her second timeline. But there was one difference between the first and second timeline. The difference was that in the first timeline, our MC still hadn't taken possession of the third rate villain. His possession was during the second timeline.

The FL didn't know this so when she started the second timeline she treated MC like shit. But during that timeline she noticed that he wasn't the same person and she slowly started falling for him. They started working together in preventing the apocalypse and other stuff. They never got together because of many reasons which don't really matter when reading the novel. Anyways he dies and then she regresses again with many regrets.

All of this happens before the beginning of the novel btw, this is just background story. The novel starts at the beginning of the third timeline, a few hours before MC and FL meet 'for the first time'. At this point she knows everything about him but the MC only knows what he has read about her in the novel which isn't much because she is basically a totally different person now (because she has lived two lives already).

MC goal is to live peacefully without being the villain he was meant to be and also keeping the story of the novel the same without altering it. While the fl's goal is to marry MC and prevent all the bad stuff that happen in the world, and specifically to him, from happening (we don't know specifics tho)

Now that's basically the setting/description. And it is pretty f*cking good, it is the soul reason I read this long.

Why I didn't like it?

Well first of all the MC. He is a simp that does everything FL tells him to. He was so determined to not change the events of the novel but he never even tries to keep them the same.

The one and only thing he had to do the was break off his engagement with the FL (because that's what starts her journey) and even that he couldn't do. He just kept making s*upid excuses and after finally accepting the engagement he has set no other goal for himself. He continues saying how he wants to keep the events in the novel the same yet things have already change and keep on changing dramatically and he does nothing about it.

Now for the fl. She has lived like 200 hundred years combined. She is so powerful that she was able to live more than a normal human, so in total she has lived like 200+ years. And yet this is only told to us, not shown. She acts like a 14 year old girl. And for some reason she doesn't want to tell MC about her regressions? She could very easily convince him but for some reason refuses to. Knowing how much he simps for her, I wouldn't be surprised if she could convince him that the sun is actually green.

Now, don't be fooled by the tags, the original description or even my description. There's no story here. The only story told to us are the flashbacks from fl's other lives. As of 44 chaps, nothing has actually happened yet, this is just a slice of life of MC and FL getting closer and closer while ignoring their responsibilities of saving the world.

This novel is just a constant loop of author telling us how beautiful FL is, MC freaking out over her beauty. Then FL freaking out over MC touching her hand or something.

The only interesting thing is the flashbacks we get of the second timeline, where we see the past live of our MC and FL and we slowly uncover what happened between them that has FL feeling guilty and regret. Sadly we only get those flashbacks like every 10 chapters.


I guess if you don't mind reading a slice of life, then you'll like this. But for people like me who where hooked with the setting and wanted and actual story; we were left to be disappointed

TL/DR: MC is a pushover when it comes to fl, female lead is s*upid and a bit manipulative. Great concept, very bad execution; with an author h**ny for the female lead he created <<less
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pomoli rated it
May 18, 2023
Status: c32
It's a very good cute romance, the kind I like, where the main girl is the one pursuing the MC. So far it's been very slice of life, with a cute heroine pov where she tries very hard to capture MC.

Please be aware that the MC isn't viewed as a villain since he took over the character before he truly did evil deeds.

It has a twist though (spoiler) :


Basically the heroine of the story is a regressor, and it's the second time she regressed :

    • In the original timeline she was was with the original character, the petty villain who tormented her, until she hated him to the bone.
    • Second time (first regression) she immediately broke her engagement with MC, who this time took over the character, something she wasn't aware of at the start, blinded by her hate.
    • Third time (second regression, this story), she tries desperately to romantically capture the MC, seeing how he changed in the second iteration, to the point of madly falling in love with him.

It's a very interesting dynamic IMO,

the story intertwines MC and her pov, and adds mostly the second iteration events she remembers. I really like them, seeing how she was falling in love with him, and I'd like to see more of them in the following chapters.

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ObisidianRevenger rated it
February 24, 2023
Status: c132
This is an interesting story about our MC possessing an obsessive villain and to avoid ruin he chooses to break the engagement and set our FL free and unexpectedly he finds out that her reactions are not in line with his expectations. The reason for this is ... more>>

this is our FL's 3rd regression. In her second regression she meets our MC and not the villain but there she clearly hates our MC but throughout the story we get snippets from the FL's view of her realising something is amiss with our MC and he isn't acting like the villain and isn't showing his usual obsessive behavior. She eventually realises that the entity possessing the villain's body is clearly different from the original villain and hence in her reaction in the 3rd regression.


I'd like to correct what yamatorules said in his review about

"MC is supposed to keep his distance from the heroine but he doesn't while making s*upid excuses about not doing that when he obviously wants her around" but the reason for this is that the MC wants to avoid ruin initially so he tries to break the engagement off but when he realises things are amiss and the FL wierdly doesn't hate him he decided to go through with what he wants to do and properly establishes a relationship with our FL.


The story is really entertaining and the exchanges between our MC and FL are fluffy and I recommend it. But it would be better if we got more about why the FL changes by which I mean

the author should let us know more about the FL's second regression which is very interesting.


The story in the later parts of the story after like C100 is

to save the world from ruin. Here both our MC and FL use their knowledge (with the FL using her knowledge from her previous 2 regressions) to save the world from destruction. I am thinking we might even see our MC realising that our FL might be a regressor but that is if she confesses to him however she already knows that our MC is some special entity possessing the villain but since they respect and love each other too much they might not pry too deep


Overall I'd give it a 4.2-4.4 since the POV needs some work and some more information about certain situations. <<less
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cooldj101 rated it
December 10, 2022
Status: c8
So far the story had been entertaining. My only complaint is about the transition made for POV changes. However, it is a perfect story where I am ecstatic to learn more about the interactions between the regressor and the main character.
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lonelybyte rated it
October 10, 2023
Status: c59
What can I say...

This novel started out really strong, it has a very intriguing twist very early in the story, which initially made me believe that this was going to be a guaranteed 5 star review.

Read below for minor spoilers (revealed around ~10 chapters in)

... more>>

Alongside our MC, Damian, being a transmigrator, our female Lead, Elena, is revealed to be a regressor on her third life.

In her first life, she and Damian were on bad terms (i.e. Damian being the villain tortured her, yada yada). In her second life, she tried to enact revenge upon him and break of her engagement with him. At that point our MC, the transmigrator, has already taken over Damian. The story goes on, Elena figures out that Damian is in reality a transmigrated soul at this point and falls in love with him. She regrets breaking up her relationship with him and despairs over the fact that Damian fell in love with someone other than her.

On her third life, when she first met him, acted as the naive her from her first life, and does her best to get married to him.

This whole scheme was beautifully crafted, it's a fresh take on the otherwise scale transmigration genre, the contrast between Damian (trying to adhere to the original story's plot, not knowing Elena is a regressor), and Elena (knowing he's trying to adhere to the story he knows, she herself trying to break "fate" and get together with him) is fascinating and made me want more.


However, after ~c30 the story fell off, it started so well, the relationship between the two MCs was thrilling.

But the author started to sideline the main selling point, being the dynamic and relationship between transmigrator and regressor. The chapters became more and more filled with words that had no correlation to the main storyline.

I have yet to see any real change in their relationship since c15-ish. This is infuriating, FL keeps monologue'ing about how deeply in love and how much she desires him, yet nothing ever happens.

Thus; I am genuinely disappointed, this was so unbelievably good in the beginning, yet the story fell of the cliff prior to the c30 mark. It's really a shame that this fascinating twist on a stale genre was ruined as quickly as it captured my heart. <<less
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anyaforger rated it
September 20, 2023
Status: c4
Plot: MC possesses minor villain and tries to break engagement with heroine.

The writing is so annoying with unnecessary details and MC constant train of thoughts. It seems like a normal rom-com story but it so difficult to read. For every action there like 10 thoughts/descriptions. I couldn't continue reading.
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maouz rated it
May 17, 2023
Status: --
This days villain title is slapped anywhere I should have expected it since this one is kr and between the sea of reincarnated in reverse harem world this the worst of them and the pov thing is pain in the arse and from the title you expect the MC to be well the MC.

Well though luck for even that's a lie for at 7 ch we are to know that the our MC already lived a life there and married but the original novel FL decided to regress now what... more>> stoping here from just keeping a lop whenever sh*t didn't go her way so already from the start you know that sh*t have to go the FL way and considering this is kr I am sure there will be other women who likes the MC but end up just like filler chapter useless.

And like every kr sh*t the people here can kill gods while having mortal life span which is complete bullshit.
And yes compared to other mc's this one is classified as a doormat.

Tldr: this is shit, waste of time. <<less
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May 1, 2023
Status: c18
"Beta MC". You mustve missed the part where he failed to renounce their relationship. In the second iteration, it was literally mentioned in your face where the MC immediately announced the annulment of their engagement after the FL threw a punch at him and requested it.

He is acting like a normal human when you get engaged with someone. It isnt as if he dislike the FL. The original purpose of annulling the engagement was to get away from the trouble that will plague the FL. He failed that since the... more>> FL, who is already a three times regressor, loved him and didnt want to seperate with him within this iteration.

He will probably be liked by many women with his character, but following what was described of him by the FL in the second iteration, he should be someone committed to one person. So stop with your prejudice.

Also some said he refuses to deviate from the story. Well let me ask you then, if you know the future, and how you can avoid a calamity, would you just ignore it? We are living so willfully since we dont know what's in store for the future. <<less
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Ravenpeko rated it
March 4, 2023
Status: c150
First off, I like the fact that the story starts off before the academy and makes its way up to the academy arc later.

now for the actual review

so, our boy starts off with possessing the villain, aight pretty standard and he has an engagement with the main heroine, aight still pretty standard, but our girl is a regressor/reincarnator that's on her third life. And ofc with memories of her past life she just falls in love with our boy without question, there was some people saying how she can just... more>> fall in love with him even though she knows he's a different dude. Here's my theory tho it contains spoilers for ending maker and author's pov

I think that our boy damian is actually kinda the same person throughout all her past regressions. Like in ending maker, every main or side character has had past lives before, it's just that they don't remember it. Near the end it is explained how Jude and Cordelia are just possessing the body of the character, but they are them. So maybe our boy was always damian to begin with or it might be like author's pov, but maybe less complicated. Basically, like how ren keeps being uh created? I don't even f*cking know what to called it, but maybe it's like that but damian's character/personality keeps changing until they reach a certain ending. And Elena also said something about being near damian calms her divine powers or something of the like, and it doesn't seem to be damian's body doing that but rather his soul. Idk, think of it what you will, it just some random bs that I thought up.


Someone also said something about it being predictable, but if I'm being honest here it's really hard to find something that not predictable and makes sense and is good. Like if you want some not so predictable stuff just read like some obscene yaoi or ntr shit, which I wouldn't recommend personally. So instead of looking at predictability, I just think how much I enjoy it, whether it makes sense or not, and how it ties it up overall. And I enjoy it with my brain turned which is what I do when reading mtl.

I don't like the sudden time skips, like before the academy, they just straight up skipped like 9 months and barely mention anything about it, feel like their relationship should've developed a lot more in those months, but it stayed like the same before the time skip. Also, sometimes at the end of the chapter it's like "after we finish eating, we went to the carriage to get back home" and then the next chapter starts with like "next morning, me and this dud was sparring"; like where's the part between the carriage ride and the sparring.

bout the academy arc

Well, it's your standard academy arc with protag and his friends showing off and we have s*upid drama that'll help our characters in one way or another. Mosty major thing would probably be

Elena turning a yandere sorta, not like yandere, but like possessive and obsessive? Well, something like that.


Lastly the last 30 or so chaps as of 150 has been pretty slow, maybe? It's just been a bit uneventful except for Elena's secrets being revealed to damian slowly but surely. And one last nitpick, the fact that Elena is a regressor isn't really doing much. In other words, she isn't really overly powered and she doesn't really use her knowledge. I wished that using her past knowledge and damian's novel knowledge they could go "f*ck bang" (what Cordelia says when she just goes around blowing sh*t up) the threats to the plot together like ending maker. But then I guess that story will be a lot different, well we might see that in the future, after all I can see this being like 700 chapters due to factors like gods and regression, they can do a lot of sh*t with stuff like that.

overall 3.4 as of c150 <<less
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The Real Krauser
The Real Krauser rated it
April 28, 2024
Status: c14
Honestly everything FMC does is just for herself and herself only. She knows everything about the ML about why he doesn't wanna to be involved with her except the fact that shes the heroine I think because that was the only reason why he was nice to her in both lifes. Honestly I don't think what im gonna write is that much of a spoiler because its all knowledge just from the first 11 chapters but ill still use it.

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The reason she likes him just seems because he was nice to her in her first regression but he only treated her nicely because he knows shes the heroine and getting on her bad side would just be troublesome with all her romantic pursers who will go after him. I say this because in the current 2nd regression he tells us his plan to not get on her badside for that reason. He also says he honestly just doesn't want to get involved with her because since shes the heroine and the hero shes going to be involved in all the most dangerous stuff and he just wants a simple life. The bs about the first regression honestly don't see a reason why she would fall in love because he 100% was barely involved with her and he had a lover in that life so I doubt he woulda fell in love with her or liked her at all at that point in time so I don't see how she fell in love if not just for him being nice. When he dies in the first regression he dies with a smile on his face like he was fine with it but for some weirdazz reason the heroine breaksdown and goes straight to the 2nd regression where the story starts. He was satisfied with his life but nope her delousonal mind thinks she should be his lover instead for legit no reason even those that read 100 plus still don't know why she fell in love with him in the first regression. Maybe why author is on hatius he can't give us a good reason as to why she suddenly fell in love with a guy who was already in a loving relationship in that timeline.


Ah almost forgot ML has mental problems like "The villain who robbed the heroines" though not as extreme that stories but his body has built in traits to be oppressively controlling of FMC but he can control it so its not that bad but it only trtiggers around FMC but with her selfish wanting to be closer to him hes constantly having crazy thoughts about her constantly having to pinch himself to push those thoughts away because he himself is a nice kind guy. <<less
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Readsalot713 rated it
March 20, 2024
Status: --
The story would've worked so much better if the girl's secret wasn't revealed to the readers that early on. The two main leads working on their own goals but not showing wtf the female love interest is doing? I thought that was where the story was going and I liked. But instead we got the girl constantly moaning about her regrets, and the guy just looked all the more doormat-y because of it.

I don't mind doormats, it makes the eventual confidence boost all the more satisfying, (also pleases the... more>> S in me muehehe) but at the certain point it does get annoying. <<less
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TrueAn012 rated it
May 13, 2023
Status: --
It is a good one.

For the other person who said that the current FMC is no better than the original villain (or mini villain) but in her first regression she mistook MC for the villain, that was her greater regret even more of a regret than the MC not choosing her in her first regression.

Also the MC indeed has feelings for her in the second regression but can't act on it dut to the circumstance, so she is trying to rectify the problem she originally caused.

I read this untill ch 130 or so through mtl

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