I Became the Demon Lord and my Territory is an Uninhabited Island


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Our protagonist Caam is a man from Earth that was reincarnated into this world as a demon. In order to survive, he spared no effort in avoiding the sparks of battle and without noticing it, he became strong himself.

Then, one day a demon that is stronger than himself suddenly appeared in front of his eyes. The demon said 「You seem quite strong. Don’t you think someone that strong should become a Demon Lord?」. He tried to negotiate but he had no right to refuse.

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Maou ni nattara Ryouchi ga Mujintou datta
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aattss rated it
December 21, 2017
Status: c5
I mean, it's not like everything else is perfect, with all the sexualizing 3-year-olds and such, but what I really can't deal with is the "no one else ever thought of using magic for anything other than combat". That's just not how people work. It's actually impossible. It's basically impossible for a culture or civilization to develop where they never ask how to make their lives easier.
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Higira rated it
April 2, 2018
Status: c29
(The whole thing is a spoiler, but I dont feel like putting a spoiler tag cuz im a rebel.)

EDIT: Just saw a recent review saying that there is still no demon lord or inhabited island. He/She is at chapter 41.

I am currently up to the latest chapter which is 29. So far, no demon lord, no inhabited island. All there is him learning how everything works.. farming and growing up. Now that he is an adult (or he was already because they grow old physically fast, live for long time though), he gets labour jobs.. Honestly, this is hard core slice of life, even I am starting to get turned off from it. Conversations have been dumbed down so much when he went into town that its s*upid.


Protagonist: oh my gf is scary she cut off a goblins head in one sweep. repeat x4. (this was legit covered with him there)

Side character A B C D E etc...: Oh thats scary... good luck

Example 2:

Protagonist in his mind: I know most of these things but lets make sure (already listed them all out)

Side character A B C D E etc...: Repeats everything he said in his mind in a different tone. (seriously wtf?)

Example 3:

Protagonist: Im going to list what im going to do, and proceed to do them.

-goes and does them-

Side character A B C D E etc...: oh thank you you're so thoughtful blah blah blah blah.

It is like reading a chinese novel, but at least chinese novel has same arcs. So after 3 or 4 arcs you get tired of them.. but here its like chinese wuxia arc but in hyper drive every 1 or 2 chapters. It started out decent in the village, but once he got out it shifted so much that its a turn off.

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feu_xb rated it
August 14, 2018
Status: c40
One word: boring!

Nothing happens. The only thing that makes the MC different is that he is scared of his own shadow.

Romance? He is "raped" by his gf because they like each other but he is too scared of doing anything. She gets so bored that basically she goes "whatever".

Then harem time? You wish! The second girl gets the approval of the gf because "she likes the MC". Then the MC "accepts" the girl even though he doesn't like her just because his gf said so. Then his gf cries feeling... more>> guilty because she "forced" the second girl on him (yep, you read it right).

He is that annoying MC that is kinda strong but has a loser mentality. He goes with the flow to "dangerous" missions (the lazy author probably forgot he is scared of his own shadow) in a word that everyone is as dumb as a door. That's the only way the MC is seen as "smart".

I like the dungeon building premise, so I kept reading... and after 40 chapter... the MC is still doing absolutely nothing in a boring world with dumb and s*upid nobody (He has no real friends and he only sees his gf every 30 days because "he wants to work in the city").

I usually try to understand the premise of the story, but 40 chapter in and ZERO MC development. If isekai protagonists are beta males, this guy is omega. Even if you like slice of life, go find (anything) better to read.

2 starts because the only good point is the translator. Great job, even more if you consider how he/she keeps doing it! The translator is the real hero! <<less
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Shtirliz rated it
November 18, 2018
Status: c39
It's just another very boring story about 40 yo super beta japanise MC who was reincarnated in medieval fantasy and try to live "normally". He has modern knowledge, cheat skills, but he cannot say a word in return no matter what. It's so boring that even technical documentation at work much more interesting that this story.
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Sgo J
Sgo J rated it
August 26, 2018
Status: c41
The story is pretty interesting IMO. The setting is not too generic and is both familiar and alien focusing as it does on the life of demons. The MC is creative and for the most part his overwhelming power seems to be due to his creativity and knowledge from his past life rather than cheat skills. I can understand how in a world in which magic is based on visualisation his ability to visualise could be far superior to everyone else's. As for using magic to make your life easier... more>> I think it's a fair point that others should have done it before him but it's also a fair point that others don't have massive amounts of MP to cast magic as lavishly as he does. His fighting style is something you don't often see in fantasy both in terms of weapons and ambush based fighting. The whole ability to cook better than everyone around him thing is a bit annoying but I suppose it's acceptable as he sounded like he was pretty capable even in his past life. The other characters in the story are fine but barring his first love interest they aren't particularly well developed but it is still early days.

Now for the bad things. It takes a helluva long time to get to the premise of him becoming a Demon Lord and I only know we're close because I've skimmed untranslated chapters. Putting that aside the MC is way too laid back and seriously wouldn't get anything done without being pushed in some way or other. I think both the women who love him essentially forced themselves on him and he just kind of went with it. I wonder if he has any backbone despite being such a badass because so far he hasn't stood up for himself other than beating up some bullies which was after they accosted him twice before and he was explicitly told it was okay for him to defend himself. I hope he'll start to show some drive once he gets his territory but somehow I suspect his women will be pushing him forward rather than his personal ambition or aspirations <<less
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Oreste rated it
January 30, 2018
Status: c20
I've been reading on NU for a while and this story feels lile a breath of fresh air. I really like the two main characters and recommend to try this if you're into isekai. Translation quality is more than enough for me as it is, and the translator will get more experienced as time passes.
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Oz-kun rated it
October 31, 2018
Status: c44
If you are going to ask if I enjoy this series the answer is. Yes/Maybe? Well it is good to read if you're waiting for the dev. Of MC and Heroine in a early romance.

If you are asking me if there is a hole in the plot of this story? There is bunch of it the first and major Error of the author. Probably knocking his brain off how to create a new Arc? Because of such a background he choose for the MC.

1. I'm a coward but - easily... more>> accept the send out for the frontline war? Aren't you contradicting to your self right now?

2. Second our MC which is reincarnated brings his logic moral to that world he reincarnated with. But he was like keeps talking this and that. I'm a former japanese. So it is common for me not to get rid my moral in past life. But has less common sense in the world he is living in.

3. I want a peaceful life? But he keeps attracting rumors and keeps doing unusual things I mean bro aren't ya contradicting to your self again?

4. He don't kno secret ya kno? Why did I say that? Because he keeps blabbling his self image to recreate things from nothing less which is impressive but a huge sh*t hole from contradicting to his personality yet again. And wtf dude u kno less info much safer? I mean wtf he fill up his adventurer info like nothing which is looks like bragging.

And what I hate the most is probably the author who skip minor details. And felt like screw this sh*t and lets enter the new arc.

Well if you can handle such a MC. It is fine you can read it. Go ahead

BTW thank you translator-san for the smooth translation you're the MAN!

Well I hope for the next chapter he will grow? (Base 30yrs old geezer the hell u doin with your life to have that kind of mentality?) 10 yrs old chuuni syndrom with a body of adult.

I might read the raw verson hopefully I won't regret it. <<less
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Himari rated it
October 24, 2017
Status: c6
So far so good, although it still follow some of the cliches of isekai tensei novels, I'm still enjoying reading this one. It's not a slice of life genre but it's pretty relaxing to read for me.

Story pacing was well made, no dense MC, nor someone who wants to hide his/her skill and only have a leisurely life. And can't wait to see for translated chapters to reach where MC became a demon lord
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IAMallEars rated it
December 17, 2019
Status: c60
Well it's a nice and funny story and a wimp MC haha so it's ok and his loyal to his girl and he have a succubus 2nd wife that from prostitute and another girl a Fox girl from prostitute that he strike her tail on brothel well it's turn me off because he's so kind and I guess that all his harem except his childhood wife is virg*n all of them will be from another boy before it come to him well it's ok if it's a dark theme but... more>> it's not so I'm out, 40 years old mental age and still wimp, Its ok even the author always make him a gentleman to disguise his wimpyness but it's slow the story is slow for me and his still a virg*n hahaha <<less
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Fuxy rated it
June 18, 2018
Status: c36
The title is a quite misleading so just ignore it since it will probably take a hundred chapters to get there.

The story is very slow paced and doesn't have a lot of thrilling adventure so if you are expecting high adrenalin and overarching plots this is not for you.

Otherwise I think this story is quite good even if some things can be questioned like how did nobody in a civilised society think of that?

Well I believe that may be explained away depending on the difficulties of developing new magic for... more>> instance which hasn't been explained.

Either way many modern things seem simple in hindsight but still took society a long time to get there.

Overall I believe this story deserves a higher rating than it seems to be given.

I would give it a solid 4 out of 5 at least.

The characters are quite deep and there is actual character development compared to other isekai. <<less
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Baabaablack rated it
November 14, 2017
Status: c8
I really can’t get myself to care about this series. As of now if falls under the catergory of being too generic. There is not one thing that really pops out of these chapters that grabs my attention. Every thing that the main character has been doing has been done before and the greatest sin is that he as a character or the things he has been doing are interesting.

A personal rant

... more>>

Few problems for me personally is that I can’t suspend my belief when it comes to the magic system in this world. All you need to succeed is to have a decent imagination. Think hard about drawing a cup of water from the river and bam. You can use water magic. What really seems careless of the author is giving the earth element the ability to make precious gems at a very low level. If it was that easy I would think that using diamonds or some other gem would be standard for earth magic.


I’m at chapter 8 right now and the dungeon aspect hasn’t even come up. For those who want to check it out I would wait several more chapters and read ahead to see if this is something you would enjoy. <<less
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theskrie rated it
June 2, 2018
Status: c38
Translation quality is quite nice, my issue is with the story.

... more>>

A hooker succubus is pushed onto MC as a lover out of nowhere by the only girl he actually loves, with no input from him, and is made to have a three-way with them right after she got done with a client. Actual love interest then proceeds to cry about it when they get back to his home. And it proceeds with him being treated like an as*hole for getting another girl when he heads back to his hometown, despite the main girl explaining what happened. This was pretty okay for being yet another isekai up until ch35.

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Akciel rated it
March 31, 2020
Status: c55
The MC of this novel is a true Beta among Betas, the true useless MC standing out even among swarms of tipycal useless beta MC.

The novel itself is not that bad, as much as I dislike this type of MC - I still somehow read it, mostly for his girlfrend Suzuran I guess and their relationships progress.

If you look for some relaxing read and able to just turn off your mind and immerse yourself in the book, without bothering with obvious logical faults everywhere and true out of the blue... more>> developments, it's good enough.


Upd: so I read a few more chapters. What I have to say, while MC mentality became a little bit better after some experiences, the novel itself quickly went down the drain.

It was still ok, but then author decided to start a new (demon lord) arc, implementing amazing time skip of a few years over basically a single chapter.

Skipping everything, our amazing MC start doing basically nothing again but in a new role of a demon lord. <<less
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Aharlequin rated it
July 9, 2019
Status: c43
Definitely different from your usual Isekai novels. MC fully uses his knowledge from past life and made their lives improve. Most of Isekai novels do not imply their past life (only to create harem) . MC against harem and author tries to create different from usual Isekai MC. Mainly focus on developing agriculture. As you can see, MC is scary cat so battle scenes are very few later become very boring. Battle scenes are very poor and Translator & Editor made a great job. Writing is normal and storyline is... more>> normal. Characters are boring and Story arcs are flat like Suzune oppai. MC is so annoying. If you are a man of culture, this is not a story you should read

So I rated 3 stars because this novel is different from Isekai novel that make me enjoy at first but later become boring. Because of Translator & Editor, I added one star. At first, I thought I should rate 2 stars.

I recommend the ones who like normal and simple novels. <<less
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MyRAMEN rated it
June 14, 2018
Status: c36
I loved it, although letme say this, for thosepeople expecting a harem although it happensits not like instant fluffy which makes it into a good book. The development is also kind of slow with no major plot per arc but its still an interesting book which focuses on romance and development of the MC although I wish it was translated quicker because hes not a demon lord yet which is the title
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Bamboocha rated it
May 25, 2021
Status: c81
Kingdom building (more like developing two small villages) slice-of-life life isekai story about a guy from earth reincarnated into a fantasy world as a demon because God felt like it. In the first part, there is a lot of his daily life in the village he was born. He develops some of the things from earth to help his village, developing new magic uses due to earth influence and starting a family. Harem's part of the story is very low key so don't worry about it, it's very tasteful (same... more>> with ecchi). The second part is mostly about him developing an island between demon and human territory after he became a Demon Lord due to all the stuff he did with earth influence. Chapters are very long, translation quality so far is also good but sadly slow. <<less
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hellmyhand rated it
January 29, 2020
Status: c60 part2
This is mostly a slice of life story. The MC is open minded and easy going, and of course grows strong and he is made a demon lord. It takes a while for MC to become a demon lord (one among many), but it was fun watching him grow stronger and amaze others with his Earth knowledge based magic. After he becomes a demon lord, he's basically a village chief, and the story is rather slow and there aren't many fights, so some people might not like it.
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zenla rated it
May 25, 2019
Status: c55
Hmm I admit the beginning is seriously boring to the point I was wondering whether it is one of those read for sleep stories. But it truly does pick up later on so please endure. We have a guy who doesn't like dangerous combat so he would rather work than fight unless he has to. Interesting setting. Characters hmmm not brain dead mostly so pretty good for jap story. Kingdom building came up only in later chapters with some s*aves on island so I guess there is a lot of... more>> story to go through if you are mostly interested in kingdom building like me. Still the story managed to keep me hooked to the latest chapter so that's fair five stars from me since it is pretty hard to achieve that. An interesting break from let's go to dungeon and travel around the world to save it. <<less
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Aho555 rated it
February 6, 2018
Status: c21
Pretty good. I enjoyed reading it. Contrary to the title or summary, so far it's a story of MC growing up and living life in a small village. Yes, that might be boring for some. What saved it for me are the (quite) well written characters that feel real and are likeable. Extremely important for a slice of life/slow paced story. There's also an enjoyable bit of romance subplot sprinkled in, along with a dash of subtle humor.

Downsides? MC doesn't really face any struggles in his endeavors (yes it's explained... more>> as a blessing/cheat but still......... Nonetheless, it's not to the dumbf*ck extent like Isekai Smartphone). Maybe it will happen later; so far it's still intro village for the MC, I don't know. Also, there's a bit of randomness to the way a chapter flows sometimes. Overall though, I still quite like it. <<less
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Akiba Novel
Akiba Novel rated it
October 2, 2020
Status: --
I'm very disappointed, first I thought it would be a good action novel turns out it was just a reap of version of "farming life in another world". Advise if you are being innovative on your novel please refrinen from giving the MC a smart and cunning personality but would become useless at obvious thinks such as when he try to learn magic the explanation of the teacher was obvious about imagining but he imagine only what the teachers tells him to do so he felt disappointed of having a... more>> lack on talent for magic but if only he imagine a nuclear like explosion that would change his perception on his talent his an idiot MC and also I'm greatly disappointed on the shovel please on world war 2 it was use since the opponent were humans not animals with armor please also apply common knowledge on MC because today's novel only have MC with no common sense... thank you and I greatly enjoy the first haft of the story <<less
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