Gun-ota ga Mahou Sekai ni Tensei Shitara, Gendai Heiki de Guntai Harem o Tsukucchaimashita!?


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Hotta Youta is killed while returning home from work on a cold evening. He wakes up being carried by a bunny-eared woman! Featuring Reincarnation, Guns and Harem, its a Gun vs Magic Story that gives Hotta Youta a new life… and an edge!

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When a Military Nerd is Reincarnated to a World of Magic He Established a Harem Army with Modern Weapons!?
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Ai chan
Ai chan rated it
December 19, 2015
Status: --
I originally like this webnovel. I seriously did, at first. It was the underdog who had no cheat, except for his knowledge from the modern world. It was nice, instead of an MC who grinded over and over until he become so OP he can trample everyone, this MC is the type that can never be OP, and his power comes from his weapons. That was nice, it was great.

Until that god-awful NTR-esque ark. Seriously, my heart broke when the bandits threw his engagement bangle with Snow into the fire.... more>> My rage was higher than whenever I read of bit*h in Tate no Yuusha. Except in Tate no Yuusha, there is a method to her anger-inducing scenes. This particular scene was so poorly done in comparison. Sure, his body was a kid's but his mind wasn't a kid's. He had the memories of two lifetimes, and due to that, his mental age should've been older than the bullies that cheated him. He should've seen that from a mile away. Yet, the author made him a clueless, idiot brat, a bullied victim that you would just look and decide, he's not worth saving.

It was only one chapter (or maybe two, I tried to get the memory out of my head) but the damage was done. Surprisingly, the author actually planned to extend this pathetic scene before he was swarmed by hate mails from his readers. After that, the story became terribly boring. Even the premise of the MC being used as a crossdressing maid (yeah, fanservice, I know) couldn't save the story, and I actually love traps and maids. Obviously, faced with such strong rejection from his readers, he abandoned the crossdressing maid idea after one chapter.

The author made the biggest mistake that an author can ever make, and that is, taking away the single redeeming feature of a hopeless protagonist. The protagonist wasn't OP, that's great. The protagonist couldn't use magic, that's fine, it just adds more possibilities. The protagonist isn't likable, that's fine too, nobody ever said that protagonists must be likable. The protagonist uses his former world knowledge to gain an advantage, that's great. The protagonist used his old world knowledge to make himself strong, that's good.

But then the god-awful scene came about. The author took away his tools, sell him as a s*ave and away from the love of his life. Jerk. So what's left for the MC? Nothing. He was nothing more than a powerless s*ave boy in the demon continent.

I get it, the author wants to add some hardship to his life, but this is the wrong way to do it. It would be fine if the MC is funny or if he has a strong mind or he's smart, but the MC is none of those. He should've just deleted that scene and redid the whole story from that point onward instead of pushing through with experimental ideas. I tried to read it again, but eh, still not a likable MC. I don't know if he ever get to meet Snow again, but I pretty much gave up. <<less
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Zerald rated it
May 11, 2016
Status: --
It starts off quite well, but the character suddenly changes for the worse for no reason. It was as if the author decided to suddenly change his character into another spineless, dumb, and perverted MC that is abundant in horribly written novels. It's good until chapter 17, then it gets progressively worse and worse. It's a novel that had good potential, but ended up really disappointing.
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grandplex rated it
March 27, 2016
Status: --

1st arc: 5/5
2nd arc: 3/5
3rd arc: 1/5

Author started out with a vibrant story, there was a jarring transition to the 2nd arc that doesn't match the genre of the story at all, 2nd arc was less interesting, 3rd arc is like watching someone else play a 20-year old RPG.
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raploh rated it
July 30, 2016
Status: v5c85
First. I have to explain reason for giving it 1 star.
The story is good (IMO). I like it, the premise, the setting... It's all good.

What pisses me off is the author...
1. He (might be a female, but whatever) basically just dumps info like it makes him (the author) look smart. Sorry, doing that only makes you look like a wannabe to me.
Putting forth some info is fine, shows the reader that you do your homework. Fantastic.
Info dumping = mindlessly dumping information regardless of it relevancy to... more>> the story/plot is simply a sign of an author with no confidence in himself.
The info dump usually last half a chapter. So that kinda sucks.

Like when the main character decided to make the AK-47, the author even dump info on ak47 being used by some countries using it to form new govt.... What is the point?!
Sure ak47 is tough and all that. Stop there. That's good enough, why add the "ak47 can be found on some countries' flags". That's just irrelevant to the whole story.

And the author has probably played CS too much and never really do any in-depth research into the AK-47 itself.
The selector switch is SAFE right at the top (correct). But it is SEMI right at the bottom. The author got it wrong. And Russian soldiers are taught to use single shot not full auto. You only have 30 rounds in a magazine. Make every shot count.


2. He makes the main character (mc) look like an idiot who stopped maturing at the age of 18.
The MC is a reincarnated person who died as an adult. He reincarnated into a baby with all his previous memories. By the time the MC becomes an adventurer in the new world he should have the equivalent maturity of a 30+yr old adult.
But he got swindled like a teenager. Fine, the first time, I can take it he isn't streetwise to the sh*t of the new world.


He got bluffed, drugged, stripped of valuables and sold off as a s*ave.


Now at c85. You would think he would have taught himself to be wiser to this new world. A world where killing is normal. Strength is everything. Don't give the enemy chance during a battle.
And, for the love of ALL that is holy, stop getting surprise at every little thing like a 3 yr old child.


He manage to, by luck, clear some distant (he was practically being pounded by the enemy) from the enemy to actually use guns. But instead of shooting at the enemy, he gawk at the enemy just because that as*hole took out (of all things) a syringe. Why get surprise at such a thing?
Sure it's not suppose to exist in that world.... But come on... wise up, you're in a middle of battle. Be surprise after the fight. NOT during...
AND stop talking to the enemy in a fight. It makes you look weak... (not to mention it waste your brain power which you should use when dealing with a more powerful enemy).


So... I will end my review (rant) here.
The story is good. Can be better, if the author drops all the useless fluff and actually make his main character actually mature and grow wiser. Hopefully that happens in future chapters... But I doubt it. The author is probably a young writer.... so.... long way to go... (have to wait for author to mature first).

Having said all that. I will still carry on reading. But my expectation has dropped because seeing how things are going, I doubt the author will wise up. We'll see....
I will stop getting piss off at a useless author. I will be silly if I keep doing that.
At the moment, the translation is slow, so that isn't helping.

I would recommend it. But keep expectations low. If you read my spoilers you know what's in stall, prepare yourselves. That arc (my 2nd spoiler) leaves a bad taste.
If you didn't read the spoilers.... just read thru the arc that leaves a bad taste (there's only 1). Don't think too much about it. Things improve... Only his environment improve actually... The mc's maturity didn't improve though...

My advice for those starting to read it....
1. Stop after every arc (it isn't obvious, but it's safe to say it doesn't feel like a cliffhanger.
2. Look ahead, does it seem like there's enough chapter ahead,
a) if yes, carry on. If no, stop. Chill, go read another LN then come back later and repeat step 2.

And finally,
Enjoy what you read. If you like it, great. If not, move on.
Doesn't really matter what others think of it. But don't bash others if they think yours is bad. Just ignore them. :D <<less
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shuiko rated it
July 30, 2016
Status: --
One of the worst MC's to date, very disappoointing. The main issue and I'm sure many would agree with me is that MC's intelligence makes 0 sense with how the author setup the story. He has the mind and knowledge of a middle age man, but does thing that not even a 16 year old would do, there is no logic in any of his actions.

That doesn't even account for all the plot-holes and characters mistakes in the story.

THEN you add in the s*upidity of the whole plot.. Dont' waste... more>> your time, at least if you read some western novels you there's at least story narrative. <<less
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Alice_Schuberg rated it
February 28, 2016
Status: --
So far I have read all the reviews regarding this. Those reviews made me postpone reading this novel. Many of those reviews hate the sudden twist of the protagonist suddenly turning into s*ave. Well, its certainly annoying but when I read further more instead of dropping this, I feel like it wasn’t that bad. Those events like the author mentioned, really made a good development in the story flow of the novel. So I rate this novel atleast 3.5 to 4 stars
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faerro rated it
August 13, 2016
Status: --
MC's strength is that of an average human. By using magic, the MC can, for a short time, increase the strength of parts of his body to that of an above average human. Author cuts off ability for MC to increase internal strength from the start.

The hook that is supposed to draw us to the MC is his usage of guns in an era of might and magic. Unfortunately his is only average. He ends up making guns for all of his companions (as far as I have read),... more>> and in each case his companions end up utilizing the weapons as well as the MC or better. Now considering that these companions also have their own personal abilities that leave the MC in the dust before even adding firearms into the mix; why should I be endeared to this type of low potential character laacking in strength character?

He isn't really that smart or wise. He isn't amazingly brave or charismatic. He lets others lead him around on a regular basis. His companions eclipse him even in his own battle specialization... but he can make guns and come up with winning strategies from time to time...

Boring. Frustrating. Underpowered and underwhelming. A side character to his own side characters.

I really had hopes for this WN during the first arc, but considering the MC has already reached his growth potential already, why should I continue reading? <<less
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Dani6040 rated it
March 21, 2016
Status: --
I love this novel, I don't know why people give bad reviews, because only the protagonist is sold as a s*ave, but I think it is necessary, because that the protagonist is not only changing and using his guns and so also trains his body and he has a relationship with his second wife, in summary, this novel is very addictive and recommended ^. ^, Sorry for my English : (
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Bondage Radish
Bondage Radish rated it
October 1, 2016
Status: v5c90
I can't, in good conscience, give this a five. But since I don't have one of those, I'm doing it anyway. Haters gonna hate. I loved it. Bite me.

And I'll tell you why because I've already suckered you into reading a review this far. You schmuck.

I can't fault the premise. Guns are hella cool. Coming to a fantasy world and building the only guns there? Yes. A million times yes. And the MC's end goal? A private army made of explosives and s*x. Yes, you read that right.

But there's more to it than that. So much more. I can't put into words what I went through while reading it beyond those hooks.

I won't lie: there are parts you're going to want to skip. If you're not interested in the history of firearms, you'll have to skip it. And that thing that happens near the beginning that I can't talk about because BBCode confuses and frightens me puts off a lot of people. I won't lie to you: I skipped that too. (I read the manga and they've already covered that part, so I can get away with it.) Stay the course. You're going to miss out.

Aw Hell, I'm going to try out this BBCrap anyway.


"This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is /mine/."


It's out of my system now. Thank you for reading this far and allowing me to exorcise my idiot demons into your supple eyemeats.

This is my rifle, this is my gun.
This is for fighting, this is for fun.
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Waffle rated it
January 16, 2016
Status: --
I agree with the majority of the other comments. At the start it was just amazing, and everything flowed. There was comedy, small bits of fluff, and more importantly, the author understood what he was doing. He introduced weaponry and described it well, he gave the protagonist the ‘weak but smart’ trope, and he basically made it a gem. Unfortunately, the whole s*ave selling thing ruined it. It just came out of nowhere, with the MC strangely not suspecting a thing. Overall, I would rate the beginning a 4.3, but... more>> because of how badly it went after the first 15 or so chapters, I downgrade it to about a 2. If you’re going to read it, take some waffles with you, and I wish you good luck. <<less
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krfaiz04 rated it
April 27, 2018
Status: --
Ok, first things first.

Many rated Gunota lowly because of the s*ave incident and the slow life, but since the translations are slow as hell, I already read the RAW and I just get used on the machine translations. What I can say is the twists and the reveals are on the level of Mushoku Tensei, or better yet, One Piece. Yep you read that right, the type that is "Oh maybe just a insignificant detail or something and then 200 Chapters later "OH F**K I DIDNT EXPECT THAT!!!!!!!" kind of... more>> thing. Even on the slow life volumes there are important details that you must not miss. Let me give some "spoilery" details WARNING HEAVY SPOILERS AHEAD:


heavy spoiler
Are you sure man?
Ok feel free to be spoiled.

1. Remember the earlier chapters where Lute showed a black star birthmark to Snow in the orphange and he just stated that he could well show it to find his parents but decided against it? It turns out that it only appears on Royalty on a small country which the king (aka Lute's Dad) discovered a big conspiracy on the Tenjin Religion that seriously change the world, which gave the neighboring kingdom that supports the said religion to obliterate it and a good thing he didn't did that or else the plot would have ended on the first volume. If you are thinking that Lute has special powers or something? HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH No, he doesn't. His parents dont have any magical powers. =/

2. That Reversi and Snacks that Lute made? Its the reason that Elle Sensei survived, and an S class mage was defeated, if not for that, he would not be soft enough to warrant Elle Sensei's safety on his camp and be distracted in a major fight in his defeat.

3. Lute's lack of magic paid a huge, I mean HUGE thing on the arc when the Magic disappeared on the world. It turns out that the more magic you have, the more time you will be incapacitated, and even though they managed to wake up, there bodies are so dependent on Magic, that they are worse off than Lute. Oh, the Spirit's Blessing which Leese had is not affected by that event, which means that they were able to have back up weapons made because they cant make weapons anymore.

4. My favorite chekov's: Dan Vlad aka Master is the crazy awesome person on the story, if not for him and his magnificent muscles (you read that right) They would be done in many, many times over and also many calamities would happen. Remember in Arifureta where a muscular gay man would turn the emasculated guys (courtesy of Yue) in muscular okamas? Master did it too except that he turns people into super muscular gentlemen that he influenced a future king of an shady empire (which was pretty racist) turning it to an Muscle Gentlemen Empire in which the army is required to be muscular because the uncle of the future emperor (who was the head of the army) was also "musclefied" by the nephew, they were able to fight in the final battle (which everyone has no magic) and the Giants on the where the white wolves lived? they would have crushed a kingdom there if not for the "Muscle Angel"...... just imagine Master wearing superhero costume, and he.......... FLEXED his muscles on the Giants, which in turn imitated HIM, and causing the brother of the king there (which has grudge because he is talentless) to repent... and have muscles later =/. Also he is the equivalent of the Nuclear Strike of the PEACEMAKER, because of the "Magic Bunker Buster" aka throwing the Bunker Buster so hard that it makes explosions before the missile explodes. Now you see why he is damn crazy awesome? He basically united and saved the world with Muscles.

4. There is a pretty good reason that Master is the one who fights alone rather than his family against his brothers, it turns out because he wants to spare them both because his family was REALLLLLLLLLLLY eager to kill his two brothers because of the sh*t they pulled. Everyone on the family was damn skilled (and Merry? he was also damned muscular and knows kung fu.) and the Mistress is really a brutal warrior that if the Master and her faced on the sea, she could have defeated him.

5. Those 3 friends of Chrisse? they also played a big part later on but the most dangerous of the three is Miur, Why? Because she is the equivalent of the underground information specialist, meaning she could know dirty little secret that you hide, that she basically saved Lute's ass on the time he was politically compromised.

6. The Dan Vlad sidequest.

It is one of the most important arcs on the story, basically its where the story took a huge turn and every important plot points happened here and connected:

Remember Alle aka Elle's sister? She is a huge bit*h by the way, but she was also an important plot point, if Lute didn't recognize her, he would not met Mischa (one of the gang who ens*aved Lute) and he would not be lead to know who is the true inventor of the syringe and if you are thinking its him....... AHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHH be ready for a huge surprise.

Remember what I said above about the truth of the Tenjin Religion? It turns out that the demon sealed was a loyal follower of Tenjin, she was sealed there because she holds an important magic stone that could give the power of Tenjin himself.

The birthmark, it turns out that Lute has a surviving relative, and she was his fiance (aka arranged marriage), she wants to marry Lute, so she can restore the kingdom, and also she was behind the Magic Armor incident. She was saved by Leese's sister Lara, who also, was one of the major villains of the story and every major shit, expect she had a hand on it.

6. That orihalcum knife given by Leese's father? It helped him on his fight with the Demon god which will happen later in the story.

8. That lotion Lute made? Somebody was able to do that too but in GAS form which could kill anyone in seconds which looks he has two powers. the user? I wont tell =P

9. Lute's fascination with the toilet? If not for that, he would not be aquianted with golem expert, who happens to have the technology to build a spider tank (he cant build a thread type.) that was a huge help on the final battle.

10. That lady receptionist who emits a dark aura because she cant marry? It turns out that it gotten so bad that the most powerful creature in the story (which curbstomps everyone... long story) was tamed by her and helped on the final battle.

11. In the final battle, Lute was able to make a gun on the spot, its name? Colt PEACEMAKER the same name of his legion.

12. Wondered why the title is only tensei? And prolly (and you would look it now) at the the tags is missing something?

Yeah that is right this is NOT an isekai novel, it is the same as Blazblue in terms of time reverse plot, and lets say one character is similar to Hakumen.


Well, that's it, there are more info I could give, but nah, I don't want to type that much, I am telling you, its one of the best LN's out there due to the twist factors on it and the motivations of every character on it. Give it a try =D <<less
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nakie08 rated it
November 28, 2015
Status: --
I liked how this series began. I don't know if it copied from Mushoku Tensei but alot of the elements of the story are similar to that series. We have an MC who reincarnated into another world. He soon found that he was in an orphanage. And he soon found that he didn't have the aptitude to be a great magician. He didn't despair however, because he has already heard of a material that can be used to make the guns that he wanted to have in the previous world.

What... more>> really ruined the story is that the series tried to do something similar to what Mushoku did to shake things up. Only, it didn't go so well for Gun-Ota.

In an attempt to stir things up, the author tried to pull that twist where the MC is unwillingly transported to the other side of the world to open up the plotline where the MC now embarks on a journey to return home. This worked out so well for Mushoku Tensei, and to me it was one of the things that made it from Good to Great. Gun-Ota however failed miserably.


The MC joined a party of 3 while doing a quest for the adventurers guild. They betrayed him (shocking), robbing all of the guns we were so patiently watching him make for a whole volume, and sold him as a s*ave to the Demon Continent.


It was so poorly and crudely done not to mention utterly predictable. You see, the MC never had much going for him. He wasn't likeable as an MC. He is weak physically, magically and mentally. Neither is he intelligent. The only edge he had is his knowledge of technology in our world but that too wasn't his strength but our world's. So what that event did is to take away the one good thing going on about him, which is his guns, and pile a whole lot of negatives on him too: s*upid, Careless, Incompetent, Idiot, Gullible, Foolish, Useless. He went from average MC to utterly bad. It was so bad that the next chapter the author dedicated a note at the beginning of the chapter to try to stem the flow of negative feedback he's been getting.

Ofcourse having so much negative leaves a lot of room for improvement. The MC can now try to improve himself by learning from this mistake. The problem is it made a turn-off for the readers. So if you don't mind reading about the loser MC for a while then I'd recommend Gun-Ota for you. <<less
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Nyanko rated it
January 3, 2016
Status: --
So what can I say about this? The first volume has great promise... but it goes downhill quite soon afterwards. If you read it you'll know where it goes downhill. The plot doesn't seem to be well planned out and the authour doesn't seem to write for the audience. Plus it goes dark, really dark. It sort of recovers at the end, but that twist left a bad taste in my mouth... I couldn't complete it. Therefore Nyanko rates this 2 stars
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Crownking rated it
February 11, 2016
Status: --
The start of the story is great and it was quite funny but the part were he was sold as a s*ave was too much for me there was no warning about it and he knows about s*aves in this life it is there is the starting chapter.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ardavix rated it
November 4, 2015
Status: --
Firstly, before I berate Gun-Ota you should know that the novel is not that terrible story-wise; however, it initially had the potential to be a really good WN; accordingly, the time that I spent reading it felt utterly wasted after the author pulled out that s*upid plotline shake up. For example, It has a very – Mushoku Tensei – feeling to it in that the MC is a grown man living in the body of a boy and has a child hood friend that he treats like his baby sister.... more>> Additionally, like MT, there is an event that changes his life which subsequently changes the tone of the story completely from chapter 20 onwards

Unlike MT however, the author of Gun-Ota really messed up the shake-up arc. Accordingly, this is where I stopped reading the novel. Although out of boredom I’ve since picked it up again, it ruined the story for me. Essentially, a dark undertone was put into the novel ~ quite frankly out of nowhere. For several volumes our MC was just led around everywhere needlessly. For some readers, this may not a problem however maybe because it was so unexpected and completely uncalled for; it didn’t fit with the mood of the story at all and accordingly, for a while, I stopped reading it.

To be a little bit more precise, it’s not a dark novel; however, there are tid bits of it here an there. That said, the main issue I have with this novel is not the dark parts themselves but how out of nowhere they popped up and how needless they were.

[Edit: I’ve officially given up on this novel... it doesn’t get any better imo] <<less
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Ventus rated it
June 14, 2018
Status: v1c0
I felt it important to point out some major faults in other reviews that incorrectly state what the story/narrative is doing.

Since no one seems willing to point to specifics, allow me. Chapter 19 is the one that seems to trip people up the most. Relative to the series (over 100 chapters), is a single page, maybe two (incredibly low number of word count). It is not an 'ark'

Mild Spoilers. In the same vein of many other-world-fantasy stories, this one has the harem tag. The part people raged at can be... more>> found in chapter 11 of the manga. Snow is the Main Character's fiancee, who he stays loyal to (any mention of NTR is devoid of an understanding of what NTR is, apparently). The MC strikes out on his own to be a big bad adventurer. He gets tricked by his first group, robbed, and sold into s*avery (its actually quite comical, though the party that tricked him did break a couple fingers). The family that buys him has a daughter (remember? Harem?) who he thinks is super cute, making her someone you want to protect like a little sister. She even calls him big brother and later, calls Snow big sister with lots of girl only implied agreement stuff in the background). This 2nd girl was afraid of men for the most part and is a shut-in vampire girl, so the overbearing dad made the MC dress up like a girl to ease the shock of her birthday present, which amounted to a polite kid closer to her age who's blood can be drank on occasion. Later, Snow (his childhood friend, the fiance) becomes great friends with our vampire girl and appears to be pushing her to become the 2nd wife with the MC being the most reluctant one in the lot (which, again, isn't NTR).

SO!!! Reviews will be reviews, but I felt compelled to at least comment on the incorrect assessment. Hate it, Love it, but Ol Ventus will come a smacking if you start spewing falsehoods. <<less
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xxsubarugt rated it
April 21, 2018
Status: v6c103
Well then...

Let's start off from this thing. People that rated this novel 1-2 stars got butthurt on the fact that a major turning point on the story did not sit-well with their taste.

... more>>

The MC that was supposed to make an army was fooled to become a s*ave on the second arc


This might be a painful part but after you've read the events on this thing you will love the story once again.

The critics on this part heavily focused on him

being 30 years old+Age (present world) being tricked doesn't make any sense. which it does make sense considering he was only working on a factory & hikkimori (bullied) +without deep philosophy instead focusing on what he likes then being killed. He got the philosophy of saving peeps and sheltered within an orphanage with good inhabitants would not make him fortified against veteran scammers in the adventure guild. therefore it should make sense that he can be tricked

Being Gun-Nerd is not = Being genius in the Social Relationship in humanity


Alright to the guy who said the something about the info-dump in ak-47 introduction

The ak-47 history is built on the fact that I was made by the USSR a communist country and being the most used weapon by revolutionaries due to its usefulness is not something I could rant about. I rather take this than have a guy. "I make an ak-47 cuz its ez and good to use" leaving the reader on the mind "Yup why did he chose that?.

3rd is the critic i've seen from another user

His critic is about

the MC being surprised on the guy that sold him as a s*ave used a syringe (which was not supposed to exist in a medival world) to boost his capability during fighting is an idiocy based on his comment. Which should be considered a normal reaction (to be surprised that there is an advance technology by the inhabitants of the otherworld is reasonable)


So yeah its good maybe not perfect but HELL YEH GUNS! <<less
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RangaTempest rated it
August 7, 2017
Status: v6c97
Too many people who shut down too early on this series:

it was a weird twist at first and almost off putting when the MC becomes a s*ave especially with the threat of an NTR type direction but instead once he finds his master turns out they are not bad people and even go as far as training the MC.

if you're one of the people who shut down the second the MC became a s*ave know its worth reading through that part.
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TypeFantasyHeart rated it
August 4, 2015
Status: --
A former bullied dude gets resurrected after getting owned by the past bully in a fantasy world with beastman people and such. But the sad part is that he got NO talent in the new MAGIC DOMINATED world, were basically if you got low magic you are tr*sh. And this is exactly what happens to our "OP Protagonist To Be". Then he learns that METAL SLIME (reference to dragon quest) have the particular drop of metal liquid that based on mental image can create metal related works. And our "OP... more>> Protagonist To Be" Is a extreme gun otaku... In this world where magic is the law we got our protagonist the very first gunsmith and a gunfighter. <<less
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Corronis rated it
February 5, 2016
Status: --
So far it's an excellent story about a reincarnated guy and his love for wash toile... err, guns. Quite a few people complain about some of the hardships the protagonist goes through, but it makes some sense and is largely necessary for some of the encounters later, my only problem is where he has to be handed the idiot ball to make it happen. All in all a decent reincarnation story, with lots of interesting characters.
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