I Became the Childhood Friend of the Northern Duchess


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I became the childhood friend of the Northern Grand Duchess. I guess it’s fun to tease her.

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북부대공녀의 소꿉친구가 되었다
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Higikaru rated it
January 13, 2023
Status: c35
The story itself is relatively simple but sweet. There's little 'action' in sight, as it is primarily a fantasy slice-of-life romance with hints of drama here and there. The two protagonists have good chemistry with each other, the main heroine is a cute, energetic tsundere, and our male protagonist is the usual aloof smartass, as one would expect for this kind of story.

Now let's talk about the issues or, more specifically, the one BIG issue regarding this novel, the translation; hoo boy... well, the actual words seem to be translated... more>> accurately, for the most part, yet the way said words are formulated into a sentence is... awful. Unless the translator improves or someone else picks up this story, I honestly cannot recommend reading this series since the translation will undoubtedly give you a massive headache. Of course, if you're Korean or know Korean, this is a non-issue for you, so have fun reading while the rest of us suffer, lol. <<less
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Idris Elva
Idris Elva
December 1, 2022
Status: c3
It's about a man, transmigrated into a book with a new identity as the eldest son of the Billhark family named Edgar, and then later by fortunate coincidences he became friends with the still Young Duchess, Ariel. It's hilarious on how he feels abt tht while transmigration thing and it's also amazing to see how fast gets attached to Ariel and takes on the responsibility to protect Ariel and stay by her side as he has promised to Ariel's mother
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January 29, 2023
Status: c14
If you pretend that this is not a reincarnation story and MC is not an adult on the inside it's great. Two kids connecting with each other and relationship maturing between them slowly throughout their childhood and their teens.

Alas it's a reincarnation story so whenever something cute or romantic happens my brain interrupts it with "dude is 30 on the inside, that's super icky man". So I can't enjoy it. And the worst part is, reincarnation aspect doesn't really add anything to the story. Story is icky for no reason.
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