I Became a Villain’s Hero


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I regret having lived as a villain.

So when I got a second chance after regressing, I tried to live a good life…

But then a villain became obsessed with me.

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빌런의 히어로가 되었다
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New Rasselon rated it
February 11, 2024
Status: c34
The romance aspect is too indulgent. All developments are extremely forced.

Drama is good.

But this isn't a real novel. Both the premise and the whole main character himself are just a clickbait. This is just a diary of a teenage girl.

I actually like good shoujo, but here for the longest time not a single side character is present, only MC and fMC in a cold, empty vacuum. Then, in the most forced way possible, the "harem" aspect for the MC gets introduced.

This is a mess.
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New Vermouth1412 rated it
February 5, 2024
Status: c52
If you're expecting action, there's none here. If you're expecting sugar, there's none here either.

If it's all in the next chapter, the story development is very slow.

At first I kept reading and hoped for action from MC, but it turns out this isn't an action novel, it's just an such drama. I saw the tag "early romance" there. But, tsundere is tsundere.... Authors who include tsundere in their stories will milking their stories To being annoying. Now I know how every KanoKuri reader feels.
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December 14, 2023
Status: c125
I finished the whole story. At 125 chapters, it's pretty short and sweet; once the action comes in it never really lets up till the conclusion.

The introduction arc familiarizes us with our protagonist, a regressor who kept his memories and is also a powerful ability-user, and a girl he meets early on he recognizes as Luna, who had become a villain as well in his past life due to a difficult childhood. In his previous life he was Dice, the top-ranked villain, who gradually grew into a more caring and... more>> empathetic person instead of a stereotypical villain from his repeated fighting with Solace, his arch-nemesis and top-ranked hero, a woman he admired and saw as an ideal, all-loving, heroine. Left on the doorstep of death by a group of other powerful heroes, found during his last moments by Solace who weeps for him, he expires; finding himself back in the past before he had started his villainy, he resolves to now act for good, and make the world a better place for Solace.

Having decided to now devote himself to helping others, our MC becomes essentially a messiah/father figure for the poor girl named Song Soo-yeon who, in another life, would have been Luna (picture abusive parents and classmates who lust after her (men) or bully her (women) for, surprise surprise, being incredibly pretty) giving her food, shelter, protection and emotional warmth, and whose affection for him grows deeper in return at every chapter. Despite the in-story physical age-gap being only 3 years, you'll find the MC being quite the paragon of patience, kindness and understanding, and the girl being quite slow to admit her feelings, and plagued by many behavioural issues caused by her rough upbringing. Then comes in Solace, the hero (female) who redeemed him in his past life, and now quickly grows closer to him in admiration of his kindness; hence start the trappings of a romantic triangle with two girls, neither of them perfect in character, and both quite fiercely competitive.

It's not an action story at heart. Expect the story to be all romantic drama and internal anguishing over love; there'll be moments of sweetness, but much of the story is the above, as Song Soo-yeon falls deeply in love with him and whose emotional turmoil, in despair of seeing the MC grow closer romantically to Solace, drives the story forward. Combat scenes are short and without tension.

Some parts, especially towards the last third, might tug quite strongly at your heartstrings. I personally loved it, because I adore drama, especially when a man is loved so strongly by his romantic interests, but your mileage may vary.

The ending is quite abrupt, so might be rather unsatisfying, though it's not anything ruinous (I believe the author confessed himself to be a coward and didn't want his readers to hate him; the ending is too pleasant and smooth a denouement to the whole mess it reeks of unnaturalness, but whatever, still enjoyable).

Have fun reading, it was quite the ride. <<less
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December 14, 2023
Status: c5
I like the idea, but the implementation is naive. I won't rate it since I feel like this is more of a slice of life than an action series. I'm fine with slow, in fact I prefer slow, but I just don't care for the direction this was taken.

So the protagonist is a former villain who regressed and now wants to save people. He does this by opening a restaurant that people don't have to pay the bill at.

This is naive because real restaurants have something like a 90% failure... more>> rate. They're one of the worst places in the world to start a business. Yet this guy wants to make them even more unstable.

The protagonist bumps into another former villain and becomes obsessed with saving her. He continuously bumps into her trying and failing to help her.

Overall, the this was more of a slice of life redemption story. Regression, fantasy, and action seem to hold a back seat. Although I admit I didn't read for long. <<less
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bladedvengence rated it
January 23, 2024
Status: c43
Decent story focused on characters and their emotions, things start to drag and get very repetitive after a certain point (around ch20ish). The setting is very obviously to lure readers in, it has 0 effect on the story or anything in it, including the main character. If you enjoy character focused dramas this is likely for you.
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
January 7, 2024
Status: c35
Frankly, I feel that despite the background setting and themes being bout heroes, this novel is actually a drama. It touches briefly on heroes as an asset, or merchandise, or their focus on being glamorous, but like I said, its really brief and mainly serves as a way to make the characters more dramatic, more "oh-woe-is-me-sobsob" if that makes sense. Put simply, if you're looking for some action ala Da-in from "Hero is obsessed" or even MyAcademia, this is not it. There's zero action in the 35 chapters translated so... more>> far. The entire story itself is actually about a former villain trying to show simple kindness to others like him and give them a chance when no one else would, and it would have been a great story based on that, but it finds itself being dragged down by typical Korean drama about misunderstandings and misinterpretation.

I'm not joking. What should have been a great and heartwarming novel turns into a messy soggy mess from the sheer number of chapters everyone spends just trying to get one s*upid message across.

The fact that the former number villain is somehow a complete pushover and crybaby that can barely talk in a full sentence before people (primarily all the yandere girls around him) misunderstand him and immediately flip their top just doesn't help either. <<less
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ScaredTeacup rated it
December 12, 2023
Status: c12
This novel is an enjoyable and heartwarming read so far. It uses the "second life" formula, so if you're into those kind of stories you'll likely enjoy this. There's no reinvention of the wheel, but the writing and characterization is solid enough to attract me in.

I strongly believe this kind of story is carried by its characters, and so far this author is doing a great job of making me attached to them. It's only been 12 chapters, but I already have emotional investments into the MC and the heroine.... more>> The writing (and great translation) does a fantastic job of depicting the characters' motivations and personalities.

I hope this gets translated for a long time, as I'm fervently looking forwards to more chapters. <<less
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Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm rated it
December 6, 2023
Status: Completed
I'm rating this novel at 4 stars but I'm giving it 5 stars to offset the low rating. The people rating the novel low when the novel doesn't even have 10 chapters translated yet + not leaving a review on top of that are the reason why nobody trusts the reviews on this site.

It's a nice refresher compared to some other novels such as The Main Heroines Are Trying to Kill Me that have an unrealistic story and makes the heroines s*upid for no reason.

I Became a Villain's Hero is... more>> short and sweet, spanning only 125 chapters.

The problem is it's short and sweet. More character interactions would have been nice. The ending could have left off on a better note as well.

Overall, it was a fun read. Give it a shot. <<less
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d3adlyjoker rated it
December 26, 2023
Status: c23
Fantastic read in my opinion. It is very rare I see something with self-sacrifice and genuinely good intentions written well and captivating, and I love girls who have a somewhat hard time being straightforward (being a bit mean when they talk). I read up to c23 (current translation) in one sitting. Would recommend.

Edit: to 4 stars
I finished the novel with a decent translation but maybe a bit subpar. The problem is that later in the story it drags misunderstanding and indecisiveness, and hard to understand motives, out wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too... more>> long, and then when they are finally happy it ends really quickly. Not a satisfying read imo. After maybe chapter 35 or something.
I liked the characters though, and they carry the story. But yeah. <<less
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Wanted to like it, but there's an element that feels forced. I think its the dullness near the 20's in the chapters. Our protag is one of the best villians from his timeline, so I feel like he'd be sharper on the uptake, even if he's a muscle brain.

It's kind of dangled like a carrot that he might do something interesting with his OP power, but ultimately I feel like that's a valve for any sort of interesting conflict to deflate before it even begins.

The one interesting moment we get... more>> is sort of gone too quickly, and then the humdrum later lingers too long before anything happens. It's my sense of it at least. <<less
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Araefis rated it
January 13, 2024
Status: c33
A phenomenal and truly emotive chapter 1... followed by what I can only describe as a bag of mixed emotions.

On the one hand, the author does a great job describing feelings, and the characters are complex enough to make you interested in them.

On the other hand though... This story is not what I expected. There are zero action sequences. We don’t even know what the male MC’s power is, as it’s not relevant to the plot. We barely see any superpower being used at all anyways.

The world-building is really simple.... more>> The story just follows the 2 main characters: Jung-gyeom and Soo-yeon, and later the heroine Solace.

This is not a problem per se, if Soo-yeon was not a manipulative b*tch. Not my words; it’s a direct quote from a comment.

I can understand how she acts. She had a rough life, which almost made her jump from a building. She has a rough time expressing her feelings ‘cause she has never received love other than Jung-gyeom’s. She maintains her rough personality because she is afraid to show her weakness to the only person that has been a hero to her.

That was actually kinda endearing while reading the novel from her POV...


But the charm faded when she kept acting like that during her graduation.

I felt so bad for Jung-gyeom.

And then she feels envious of Solace, who appears to save the situation.


I can understand her feelings. I can’t bear reading about someone like her, though, that’s why I’m dropping this novel.

The author was cooking, but I’m left with a too bitter aftertaste.

2/5. <<less
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AMissingLinguist rated it
December 30, 2023
Status: c20
Does Song Soo-yeon count as a Korean tsundere?

As for the story, Dice is a villain who decides to turn over a new leaf after a fatal confrontation with his archenemy, Solace.

... more>> I Became a Villain's Hero is about giving kindness to people who need it the most. People who have been hurt in the past from betrayal from someone they believed could help them in a moment of helplessness.

As a superhero story, this one does not really showcase the nuance of hero worship or hero sponsorship. As a story about being a true hero, this one is written well. I recommend reading it, though I have only read 20 chapters out of 125. It could still go downhill from here. <<less
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Fineslow rated it
December 25, 2023
Status: c125
It is a good story, the story does not concentrate on powers and battles, but on the day to day and the progress of the relationship of the main characters, later the story becomes more tragic and murky but the suspense of not knowing what will happen with the FMC it is a great experience, I think it was a good romance (leaving aside the shady things)
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ChillSir rated it
December 12, 2023
Status: c12
Huh, its not action packed per say, but, so far a coherent plot as part of a larger overarching one has been progressing nicely each chapter. Characters have clear personalities with their own motivations and thoughts, at least one stereotype is present but it was also given a plausible backstory.

And although MC might seem toothless to others right now but he is actually proving himself to be quite savy, he knows how to win pretty hard without actually trying to punch his way out of everything despite having the power... more>> to do so. Setting has governmental heroes in each nation and he didnt waste any time in barging into their fancy building and causing a public shitstorm for them when it suited his cause of "greater good" which was quite funny. <<less
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MrCents_04 rated it
December 6, 2023
Status: --
I hate to say this, but the people who rated it 1 out of 5 is doing crazy stuff, lmao.

The story is pretty good, but the structure is a bit messy.

I understand the readers are looking for a villain story, but since they discover he aint. The development is a meh. I do understand why they rate it 1, lol.

... more>> I will rate it 5 to save its content. The story could hurt the heart of the heartless, and they sees themselves in this drama.

Some readers dont like drama, so they will skip it. But who knows.

The story deserves a score above 4.1, though.

I know some of us will be disappointed, but this is not comedy. <<less
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Paradoxum rated it
December 6, 2023
Status: c9
Damn this is good.

It follows the usual world of heroes and villains, grammar is great and I quite like the interactions.

MC is a bit naive or perhaps innocent, which may or may not be a consequence of the regression.

... more>> He is a pushover but not weak? He doesn't rely on his powers anymore but I think it make everything much more intense, at least it's enjoyable for me to constantly wonder if he will be broken again and end as villain.

Chapters are not short but also not extremely long, it took 1 hour to read 9 chapters. <<less
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