I Became a Foreign Worker Loved by Transcendents


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[Unique Trait – Those you meet will remember you. No matter what happens, they will remember you forever.] In a world on the brink of ruin, people summoned to save it are categorized as heroes and extraterrestrial workers, abbreviated as “foreign workers.”

For some reason, I became a foreign worker who is loved by transcendents that view humans as mere insects.

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I Became A Foreigner Loved By Transcendentalists
초월자들에게 사랑받는 외노자가 되었다
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5 Reviews

Mar 10, 2024
Status: c16
-If you want something new. Something refreshing between the onslaught of generic isekai harem story. This is perfect for you, it is dark, it is gruesome, it is unforgiving. A very original take on the whole genre, with a pretty decent storyline too.
-For the reason on why I'm only giving this a 4 star and not 5 is that it's too much for a wimpy bit*h like me. So this score is just my wimp-ass speaking and don't let it deter you from reading this novel.
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Dec 17, 2023
Status: c39
Very interesting so far. Main character is basically the one star character in a gacha that is deemed useless, and who essentially has to be the low level labor since nobody is willing to invest in him. His only ability is that people will always remember him, something which he unwittingly manages to play to his advantage.

Yet that power isn’t really why he’s fun to watch. He tries hard, and his past experiences as the porter to other heroes, many who fit various isekai and gaming tropes, allows him to... more>> grow to become someone worth knowing.

Its harem, so I find that personally a bit disappointing, but the characters introduced that seem to have the strongest romantic connections also appear to have enough focus on their own characters that it’s not an empty harem romance that so many other harem stories fall victim to. It helps that even the main character realizes very clearly that this is a dark fantasy world, and things play out with that in mind. Situations that often seem comedic or from an adult visual novel very quickly get resolved in a way that is fitting to the world.

Overall, so far this deserves five stars from me. There hasn’t been any point that has disappointed me, and I’ve enjoyed the characters introduced so far, and can’t wait to see more about them. <<less
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Nov 23, 2023
Status: c10
Somewhat unique novel in my opinion, but there is only 10 chapters. Each chapter you can see illustration (checked novelpia), I dont know if it's AI art or no, but it looks somewhat good. Anyway, story seems pretty funny and it immediatly breaks some cliches which you can see in... I will skip this part and just say that it's better to wait for more chapters, before giving this novel, ratings like 1-2.

For now, I will give this novel rating of 5.
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Mar 09, 2024
Status: c60
Before diving into the review, let's unpack the plot. Our protagonist, far from the conventional hero, starts off as a weak laborer after being summoned to the current world. His uniqueness lies in the "Existence Imprint, " a special ability making everyone who acknowledges his presence remember him indefinitely. This goes beyond mere recollection, surpassing even the memories of loved ones or cherished individuals, impacting all sentient creatures, be it monsters, demons, dragons, gods, or ego weapons. Combined with his extraordinary encounters with "transcendent" beings, this ability makes him impossible... more>> to ignore.

What sets this KR-novel apart is the relevance of every side character to the unfolding plot. Characters like orc general, death knight longing life, and virg*n hunter vampire, once adversaries, contribute significantly to the protagonist's character growth. The heroines add another layer of intrigue, each uniquely special—a demi-god seer, a witch, a dragon, a commander of the demon army, with the promise of more to come. Each heroine possesses captivating backgrounds and individual stories, contributing to the narrative that extends beyond the protagonist alone. The story intertwines various perspectives, offering a broader worldview beyond the protagonist's limited knowledge.

The novel is not without its surprises; what initially seems like a typical novel takes an unexpected turn into R-18 territory after 50 chapters. While a warning might have been appreciated, the R-18 elements are manageable, contained within a single chapter.

In conclusion, this novel exhibits significant potential and provides an enjoyable reading experience. The interconnected stories, character depth, and unexpected twists contribute to a narrative that keeps readers engaged. Despite unexpected R-18 genre shift (I didn't know it's R-18 at first because the tag is missing, I edited it now), the overall experience is positive, making it a highly recommended read. <<less
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Mar 02, 2024
Status: c52
The story is original, the characters are well-developed, and their development is interesting. The author cleverly uses genre clichés, and the writing and translation are pleasant to read. The main character isn't overpowered from the start and survives thanks to their realism. There seems to be some +18 scenes, even if they are only hinted at for now. I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment.
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