I Am Supreme


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Yun Yang is the central figure of the Nine Supremes of Yutang, heroes of the world. When the Nine supremes were ambushed and killed at Tianxuan Cliff, Yun Yang was the only one to escape the massacre albeit with heavy internal injuries. Watch as he takes revenge for his brothers against all those involved.

– – – – – –

Heavenly order has flaws, humanly world has injustice

Cast aside romance, for evils prevail

Misery brings forth kindness, rage won’t lead to disputes

Beyond principles and rules, let me carry out the execution

Spread my might in the world, slaughter injustice of the world

Blade in hand, passion in heart;

Passing judgement for life or death, sentenced by heroes with the blade,

Staring at the world with cold eyes, I have no regrets in my life

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Ta là Chí Tôn
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keklel rated it
July 6, 2017
Status: c55
I will be comparing this novel, IAS, with one of FLTX's previous novels, TTNH. Sure, TTNH had imperfections, but those were made up for by the interesting backstories and anticipation of exciting developments made possible by the fact that the MC traveled back in time. This explained how the MC was able to know so much, why he was able to outwit his opponents etc. In IAS (and RITF), there is no time travel, so the MC knowing so much and being able to outwit his enemies made no sense.

RITF... more>> followed basically the same formula as TTNH, just not as well. In RITF, the MC had a love interest, but the fact that she was in danger wasn't really revealed to the reader until much later on. Also, there wasn't as much reason to care about the MC's love interest as in TTNH, since less of their relationship was revealed to the reader. Nevertheless, this still was a reason to keep reading. I wanted to find out if the MC would be able to meet up with his love interest and make up to her. For me, this was something to look forward to. In IAS, there is nothing like this. The MC has no love interest and all his friends died.

It's been 55 chapters and still not a single likable character has been introduced, nor are there any likable characters to look forward to meeting (as opposed to TTNH, where the MC knew he would meet his future gf due to having future knowledge). This is a major downgrade in my opinion. If a story doesn't have any likable characters, I'm not going to keep reading it. The only thing to look forward to is the MC avenging his friends, which to me, feels futile, because it's not going to bring them back from the dead. Now, if the MC was to go on a quest to bring his dead friends back to life, then that would be something I could look forward to. But to begin with, we were never given any reason to care about any of the dead characters. What were the Nine Supremes like? What did they do? We're given nothing. Not a single line of dialogue from any of the Nine Supremes, not even a single mention about any thing any of the Nine Supremes did (other than dying). We don't even know the MC's relationship to them (other than "they're brothers"). They're just names. We're not given a single reason to care about any of them. So what's there to look forward to in this story? Whether the MC, who we know nothing about, is going to succeed or fail in his quest to kill some unknown entity that we know nothing about in order to avenge some dead guys we don't know anything about?

There's a problem with FLTX's novels which is that everyone other than the MC is retarded and always act out of character so as to let the MC win in every situation. Conversely, the MC's decisions are only sound given the foreknowledge that everyone else is retarded and would act out of character so as to let the MC have his way. In FLTX's novels, rich people are apparently always open to betting their entire fortunes with the MC even though they don't know anything about the MC nor his abilities. As the saying goes, "a fool and his money are easily parted". I remember there was a major betting scene in TTNH, but it was an actual event where betting made sense (something like horse racing IRL). But in the more more recent novel IAS, there was an instance where Ximen Wandai bet a significant amount of assets with the MC over something he didn't really care about (some lightning cats) "Wealthy as the Ximen family was, the loss of these hefty assets would still cause significant damage to their coffers." IRL, there is a type of con called a prop bet, but they usually involve a small sum of money that the victim wouldn't feel too bad over losing, and it also relies on the victim not being a "sore loser". Ximen Wandai on the other hand, was revealed, by his actions, to be the type of person who would use whatever underhanded means possible to win the bet, so him letting the MC just walk away scot free at the end with all his assets was completely unbelievable - especially since he had all the guards with him. In reality Ximen Wandai would have just called the MC a cheater and have him arrested, taking the lightning cats and forcing him to give him the ninth level beast offspring. And even if he didn't want to go that far, he could simply renege on the bet, since there was nothing forcing him to do it. So this felt like an event contrived to make the MC seem smart, but instead comes off as the MC taking candy from a retarded baby.

Nobody ever seems to get suspicious about the most glaringly suspicious things about the MC. The fact that the monkey ran down multiple city blocks just to jump onto the MC apparently didn't arouse any suspicions from the girl:


This man had to be either be a legendary beast trainer, or possess some sort of gem to have charmed the monkey to such an extent. As her question left her lips, she allowed her powerful senses to reach out to the man, conducting multiple delicate probes which eventually left her puzzled.

She could sense nothing at all!

His depleted cultivation base was only slightly stronger than an average person; he was no expert, and definitely not a trainer either. What then, had happened to the Thousand Illusion Monkey? For all the time that she had been taking care of it, it had never behaved as lovingly to her as it did to this total stranger.


She never asked him what his secret was and just assumed he was some beast trainer. The fact that the lightning cats all ran towards the MC didn't arouse any suspicions at all from Ximen Wandai either. Apparently nobody in the novel ever wonders why every single mystical beast is completely obedient to the MC and loves to jump onto him.

The above is only one of many problems with characterization in the novel. I've always felt characterization to be weak in FLTX's novels, mainly because the characters act inconsistently. The MC in IAS is supposedly a "genius" but he seems to act emotionally all the time, for example murdering a bully in broad daylight then going off to kill his gang for no reason other than that some woman (a veteran's widow, because of course) was being bullied, seemed very impulsive to me. Also, his primary purpose was supposed to be revenge, so he needs to get stronger as quickly as possible, right? But then after getting his hands on spiritual stones, instead of using them to increase his cultivation, he sells them off to get a sh*t ton of silver, which he then distributes to veterans' families. Now, I know FLTX is a veteran, so "giving all your money to veterans" probably seems to him to be a "heroic" thing to do, but doesn't this also put the MC at risk of being caught as well as sabotaging his own revenge plans? Seems like the MC is not really serious about revenge if he puts "giving money to veterans" at a higher priority than getting himself stronger. Also, the female characters seem to have experienced a significant deterioration in IQ from TTNH and RITF. At least in TTNH and RITF the MC could not get away with tricking them like they were babies, but in IAS the MC literally treats the girls as if they're retarded children and gets away with it. But by this point Ji Ling has been in the story for so many chapters that she's probably going to be one of the main characters in the story, so this is probably a permanent downgrade. It feels like the story is written for much younger children than the previous novels.

Yet another problem with FLTX's novels is that the MC always happens to get the most OP artifact and skills at the most convenient moment. In this novel the MC literally gets a skill which allows him to raise cultivation by killing "evildoers". No explanation is given regarding how the skill determines who is evil and who isn't. There are other minor things I could mention, like the moronic conversations between the MC and Ji Ling, and the reused scenes from OEM and RITF (the one where the MC after cultivating, has sh*t coming out of his skin and jumps into the fishing pond and kills all the fish) because they are obviously terrible, so there's not much need to talk about them.

All in all I was quite disappointed to see that the author has produced such a mediocre work. Perhaps he's bound to some contract so he's just writing without putting much thought into it. I cannot honestly in good conscience recommend this to anyone, which is why I'm rating it 1 star. If you want to read something good by this author, which does everything this novel does but better, then go read TTNH. <<less
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Danzerus rated it
July 7, 2017
Status: c270
After Realms In The Firmament finished, in the last chapter, the author admitted it was bad and he didn't want to write it himself, and he promised to start a better one after a big break. Guess what. This new one is still seem forced and bad. He keeps using almost the same script, the same revenge plot, the same crappy characters that are unlikable. I really hate the author's guts that refuse to come up with something new and creative.

The first poem is also mistranslated. So yeah watch out... more>> the for translation. update: 1 to 2 only because of the humor.

Up to recent chapters, MC supposed to be intelligent and strategic but he still isn't on par with the smart brother guy in TTNH. <<less
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Keimichi rated it
June 7, 2017
Status: c267
In general, Fengling Tianxia's MCs has always been charismatic, with intelligence and yet a quirky shrewdness that just get you attached to them personally. His works is based a lot on the MC using strategies and mind games to defeat his enemies (and for once you actually feel like the MC is intelligent not because the others are dumber but because he actually outsmarts people who can be equally as smart as him). This work starts off with a different feel than the others. The author said at the end... more>> of his last series that he will really up his game for this one and make something different and well planned. So far it does feel a little bit different: this MC is a much more calmer MC than the author's previous MC's.

In here, the MC is actually officially acknowledged as the smartest of his group. Like imagine TTNH's main group, except instead of the MC being the "big bro" and leader, he's the "brain" of the group. This makes me excited because while the author's other MC's have been said to be very smart, they were still not the official "chessmaster" and in PURE intelligence they were still half a step behind the chessmasters (a tiny tiny half step). So now I'm excited to see a MC that is even more level-minded. (Also very excited because the author values sworn brothers relationships a lot, and yet at the very start we are told that they are dead and this is gonna be revenge. Like imagine TTNH's group dead!). A nice refreshment is that this MC is actually truly selfless. Sure, in other stories we do have some MC's willing to share their spoils, but this is under the condition that they no longer need those resources (like being too high level for them), or knowing that it will bring him some sort of profit in the end. Honestly I think those type of MC's are actually selfish bastards with a halo, because everything has the purpose of benefitting them in the end. This MC is the opposite actually, because really impressed that the first treassures he earns he dissipates it all for the sake of the family of his subordinates who died. As a priority. This is while he desperately needs resources himself. But no, he decides to put others before him. Anyway, I'm recommending this because of the quality of the author's other work, and so far there's high expectations for this one. I don't know how truthful and well done the translation is, but hopefully it doesn't butcher the novel too much. On the bright side, the translation seems to be quite up to date with the daily Chinese chapters. Update chapter 115:

Are there flaws in the story? Yes. I won't deny it. I think the story's relying heavily on the fact that we're all old readers. The author took less time setting up the story like in his last works (where the protagonist has a slow start from a nameless position so we slowly get attached to them), but rather threw us right into the action. It might be off-setting for fans of his previous work, even confusing since we don't really know any of the characters from the start. But at around 100 chapters, it's really just slowly setting up the story. Bits and pieces of information have been revealed, and more will come. This includes the dead brothers, which we are slowly getting flashbacks and notes and back stories. It does take longer to get attached to the characters because we feel like we're catching up to them (and the plot), rather than growing with them. Because the other characters have come into a new world where they weren't really integrated into and thus start with nothing. But in IAS, the MC already have a lot and was well integrated in his world, but lost it. So it's a different process and starting point from all the other. People keep complaining that the author's staying in the same type of plot, but the same people are complaining about the author's attempt to start something different. Yes less character time, but it's a stronger plot background. I really love plot focussed stories, and there are so many mysteries waiting to be unveiled. The story isn't horrible. So many stories that are complete trash still gets rated at least a two or three on this site. This one is getting one star ratings only because it doesn't completely fit into the old readers expectations. It is true it is not the same quality of the previous works, however it is far from being a horrible novel. The terrible reviews are people who loved and yet are disappointed that this novel doesn't meet the same high expectation the previous ones set. <<less
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Shuchou rated it
August 21, 2017
Status: --
I really don`t know why people rate this as 1. First of all, comparing it to the Author`s other works is not a good idea. And 2nd, making the comparing as a review is also a so very wrong. But even so, I will also make my review by comparing it to author's work.

If by comparing then, IAS is a whole lot better than TTNH if it is about Brotherhood. IAS is a whole lot better compare to RITF if we are talking about cultivation (in RIFT, cultivation concept are... more>> not really that good and in IAS cultivation doesnt really matter because of the MC's mysterious cultivation). If by comparing then IAS it is a whole lot better compare to OEM if we are talking about the kingdom etc matter like being a young master or debauchee or something.

So why would other people rate this as 1 ? Well, because the first 3 novels are already done while this one is still ongoing making other people disappointed plus the concept of the story is a whole lot different to the first 3 novels which is, The first one is about a guy who got sent back to past to change his destiny, the other is about a guy who wants to return to his previous realm while the other is about a guy who reincarnated to other world and just want to live a debauchee life. While the last one and the still ongoing work of the author, is about a guy who survived the plot against him and his brothers, to extract revenge and keep the family of his fallen brothers and his kingdom safe.

Personality wise, Yun Yang (IAS) is far more superior compare to the other 3

Comedy wise, IAS is also superior.

Enemy wise, IAS is a whole lot better. His enemies have their own story which gives you the feeling that theyre not just a 2D character but a real person instead

Brotherhood and familial piety then IAS also have the advantage.

But if we are talking about how intelligent the MC is then, Ye Xiao (RITF) , Jun Moxie (OEM) and Chu Yang (TTNH) have the advantage as they're "Reincarnated to someone from lower realm", "Otherworldly guy" and "Someone from the future" respectively while Yun Yang is a bonafide young master who doesn't have that cheat.

Maybe thats the very reason other people doesn't like this novel because "He is indeed doesn't have that cheat then why is he so handsome, so intelligent and so strong?"

If thats your reasoning then F"#$ OFF! So if the MC is strong and intelligent it is not acceptable but if its a side character or a background character like a super legendary guy who lived 30000 years ago it is acceptable? Does Outwitting one;s enemy should be either a Person from the future, other world or from higher realm???? Are the heroes from our history that always outwitted their enemy are such persons? Do you need to be a person from future to do that? Is being intelligent means you are something like that??? Gosh I don't understand such logic!

And Yet again If you really want to read it then see it for yourself than reading other people's bullsh*t (our bullsh*t reviews) and maybe, even with a lot of negative reviews, there might be a chance youll like it. Because as far as im concern, despite having a lot of negative reviews, I find the novel very interesting and while the other chapter is very funny, theres also a chapter where feels makes one heart bleeds.. Anyway GL

But I highly recommend this novel to those people who wants to read great camaraderie, brotherhood, familial piety, loyal, FEELS and REVENGE ! Because the early 200 is all about this <<less
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HunterYHunter rated it
July 8, 2017
Status: c51
All the negative 1 star rating from people who didn't even read it pissed me off. It's a great novel. Rating 1 star is doing a huge disservice to the author and the translator.

This novel is just as good as the two other novels by the same author.

Transcending the Nine Heavens (Same Franchise)
Realms In The Firmament (Same Franchise)

I like the mystery over the organization that destroyed the MC's band of brotherhood. The MC is weak now but he has a strong will to come back. I'm looking... more>> forward to the future chapters. <<less
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Aoto rated it
August 1, 2017
Status: c131
If you already read his other books, you will be a bit dissapointed, because the plot is pretty similar and also has alot of similar characters. But you can say that this novel is his best work so far. He took note of his mistake out of his previous books and also implemented a few new things that make it better to read. The humor also improved (at least in my opinion). Furthermore the cultivation system he uses in this novel is finally somehow interesting. I was extremly dissapointed in... more>> the cultivation systems of his other novels and can finally acknowledge this one.

Long story short this is basically all of his previous novels combined where he took out all of his mistakes and only added small details. If you are new to his novels it is in my opinion definitly a MUST READ, but if you already read his previous novels it can also serve as a good time filler. <<less
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DeathStroke96 rated it
June 24, 2017
Status: c25
Sigh, its a great author with a good track of novels, which mainly are OEM, TTNH and even RITF which I didn't find as appealing as the first two.

Truthfully when I went into this novel I didn't expect anything as the author only had a 2 month break since he finished the nearly 2k long RITF and from what I heard the ending was catastrophic, so I was clearly aware that he was already burnt out and even if he wrote a new story it wouldn't be as fresh as... more>> people would expect.

right so I will bring about the points which I find could have been done much better and this novel would have started out brilliantly.

    1. MC he is just like the previous 3, the know it all with the difference that he didn't reincarnate.
    1. Side characters, we have seen the same kinds of characters in the previous 3.
    1. using the exact same stuff from the first novel, with the difference being straight (didn't drag it out too much) at the beginning.
    1. OP object from the beginning that is inside his body (similar to the pagoda from OEM, but different not an object but a living existence)
    1. even the introduction of the first harem member was exactly the same as in one of the previous novels.
the stuff that was mildly interesting but not too much for me;

    1. cultivation - the least interesting aspect to me, naturally cultivation lovers will enjoy it, to me it is just a power up and nothing else.
Overall I do not believe that this novel is anything special, it could probably have been special and worth reading if qidian didn't force him to write like they did with RITF and look how RITF turned out... I bet that in the last 10% of this novel it will be the same situation as it was with RITF and his excuse that he was forced to write it.

my advice is, if you don't have anything else to read than go ahead with it, otherwise just ignore it. <<less
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dancb05 rated it
June 3, 2017
Status: v1c4
I have a good impression about this novel since it was written by Feng Ling Tian Xia. And I gotta tell yah I'm a fan of his other three work, (which are TTNH, OEM, and RITF). Hopefully, the novel can be updated quickly.

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Otherside79 rated it
August 12, 2017
Status: c128
The reason why most of the people give 1 star rating is because they have already read the authors previous three novels (OEM, TTNH, RITF) for someone who is new tochis works like me this novel definetly deserves a 5 star although I hate QI (only the management not the authors or translators (forced to sign slave contracts or go the court))
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Shaiole rated it
August 29, 2017
Status: --
Read 158 straight. I could not stop for some reason.

The novel is sad, and revolves around angyst. Since the MCs brothers are dead, you don't actually see their interactions like the sillyness in TTNH. However, the feeling of brotherhood is still there, even stronger.

Despite the novel's theme, comedy is still present.

... more>> This novel will make your heart bleed and laugh.

I don't think the novel is for everyone. I mean you suddenly read at the first few chapter that some eight brothers are dead and why should you care? You don't. Your heartstrings will only get pulled as the story goes. After the story introduces their identities.

I think I like this better than other author's works. It's strongest point is that the MC does not have knowlege of the future. MC is careful, cunning, responsible and sorrowful.

(Edit) since I caught up with the translations, I noticed that the pace is too slow. Although chapters come with 1-2 chapters per day, I feel like the author overdid it with descriptions. Because of this reason, I temporarily dropped other novels of author.

ITS VERY COMMON FOR CN NOVELS TOO DRAG ON AND ON. This one is no different. I suggest to read it in chunks than to read it as soon as it comes out. <<less
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Delusion rated it
December 4, 2017
Status: c450
Qidian intl being a translation service from qidian splendidly screwed up the translation of beginning chapters, making quite a number of readers to abandon the novel in its beginning stage. (Thus leading to its current abyssmal ratings.)

The story itself on the other hand takes a slow approach towards actual plot line where we slowly find MC not only wishing for revenge but also serving his nation and wanting to fulfill his brother's requests. Subtle clues for world building are given to display the structure of the world and levels... more>> of cultivation. While not exactly on the level of TTNH or OEM, the story has its own approach in appealing to the readers. For unbiased view, its best to rate it only after reading about 100+ chaps.

While I would give it about 3.9/5, but since the other ratings make the novel seem way worser than it is, I will give it a 5. <<less
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Hitexh rated it
July 28, 2017
Status: c94
I dont understand how the negative vote has happen here. I shall say that the comedy in this story is very good. Although the inteligence and reasoning have many holes, but I still consider them passable.

Now I believe to make this story someone less mysterious or confusing, I shall spoiled a bit of information.

... more>>

There is nine supreme, I consider them as avatar, who can control fire, earth, wind, and water. Wait, they are only 4? The rest is the additional cheats. Lol. The interesting thing here is that those supreme are chosen and the only ones who can manifest power of nature. Thats why they are very powerful like a mage on battlefield when army still only fight with sword and arrow.

The story plot is the nine supremes are fallen into trap because of traitor and only the ninth supreme remain. From the begininng of story, he already hide his identity as a young master Yun for 3 years to recuperate from his injury. From chapters 1-50, the MC has awakening his ability as beastmaster and win a lot of gambling to gather allies. From 51-90, the MC found a few traitors and win the war with new ability of other avatars. Yes, the nine supremes power can be access by himself, as each supreme left behind their will and cultivation at their tomb. This place only accessable by chosen one of course.

The interesting part of this novel is the comedy, the plot, and how MC will fulfill his brothers' will which will lead to harem.

The only downside is how all his plan, reasons, skills, cultivation level is kinda too good to be true, into a fact 'MC is always right, and always win'. For example his father in name, marquis Yun is an expert of ninth level, one of the strongest in land, yet he doesnt want to put him into the team. However he disagree how his brother's father who is one of the strongest expert, go alone roaming the lands to seek revenge. He regrets such an expert doesnt want to work together, on the other expert, he reject an expert because he is not trustworthy. While there is an expert that less powerful and less thrustworthy in his home he employed (one who his treasures are he stole).

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Larriken rated it
September 15, 2018
Status: c478
Literally the worse novel written by author. Bored to death from all of the filler chapters. Expect at least 1/3 of the novel to be wasted on brainwashed patriotism. Cut and paste^nth power (die for your country and for your brothers) is spread across the entire novel. Some portions, you have to wonder what the heck are you reading. Author makes a lame attempt at turning it into military genre but fails miserably. Tactics and war building is pathetic added with a bunch of memoirs of random soldiers doomed to... more>> die for emoism. I'd turn to Ender's Game or Eric Flint for some actual military goodness. OEM and TNH were amazing but I have no idea how the author came up with this crap. It's more like the government had a gun to author's head and forced him to write a stupid novel about patriotism.

To sum up the morals of the story:

The government gave you what you have so you must be ready to sacrifice your life in the army.

All foreigners want to conquer us because they are jealous of our land. <<less
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AutumnSnowz rated it
February 4, 2018
Status: c187
This novel is so annoying. Why is it that in almost every Chinese novel the guys get push around by a girl using the dumbest threat. He literally just kill 10 people but a little girl say she'll reveal that he gets along with animals really well than all of a sudden he force to do what she wants. I hate it when author use this kind of sceneries to force romance or relationship to start between MC and a female. And I like to mention this novel is very... more>> similar to his other novel with a few difference here and there but the ideas of the novel is the same and you sometime wonder if you rereading one of his other novels. Sometime it's exactly the same just with different character. Let's also mention that I read 3 of his other novels and apparently in each one of it the MC has to hide his true ability and act like a fool. I have nothing against this but he does it in every of his novel and and it the same way each time. It's getting tiring and boring reading the same recycle novels.

Update:I was able to read up to 187 and now I'm dropping it. The author writing has gone way down hill in my opinion compare to his other novels. His other novel seem more balance between enemy and the MC but in this one he's really bias toward the MC. Mostly making the MC country to be the holy land with amazing people living there while the other barely has 1 or 2 of those people and even than those people still have issues. It's so annoying bias that it pull you out of the story frustrated. <<less
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advaydeb rated it
December 17, 2017
Status: c170
Honestly I am Supreme can be considered as a refinement. In terms of story, general setting, or characters - there are very few differences between this and Fengling Tianxia other novels. However I can without doubt confirm, that this is his best novel so far. While those who have given this novel low reviews, are disgruntled readers who feel as if nothing is different - that there is lack of originality. They are not wrong, but as someone who has read all his novels - I can tell that the... more>> author has learnt from his previous mistakes. I'm relatively new to Chinese web novels, however I can say with all certainty; that of all 63 novels i've read, I am Supreme is my resolute number two favorite just falling short of Spirit Realm. No matter what I'm reviewing, seldom do I ever give it a near full score. But in my eyes, this novel is worthy of such high regard. Trust me Dao brothers, this story is an absolute gem. Disregard the silly title cover, but if you ignore this tale it shall be a regret which may impend your future cultivation! <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
October 22, 2017
Status: c237
I feel that the cover's really dumb and doesn't really match the novel. Just sayin'.

I really like this novel. It feels like the author's other novels, but it's different.

For one thing, it's a lot more sad, emotional, and angsty overall. The MC doesn't really have any brothers anymore... they're just subordinates or there to be used. Kinda sad he doesn't have any friends.

However, the side characters are adorable! They're fun and don't feel flat. Not sure about the romance, but the girls aren't entirely annoying. I felt bad for... more>> some of the dudes the MC used.

The MC's getting pretty OP, gonna be there in the future. In terms of cultivation, he's not that strong, but he's got a variety of OP skills and his cheat. The cheat's fairly OP, but it's interesting and costly.

The comedy (although there's not a lot because angst) is golden, gotta love the MC trolling his enemies. He masquerades as a rich, arrogant young master (poppinjay lol) and trolls people.

MC's pets are also quite adorable. Even his cheat is cute.

The enemies are actually serious. They aren't easy to beat, but it seems possible eventually. Not for a long time though. He's not even 1/4 of the way there yet, RIP.

*sigh* I know it's unlikely, but I'll always hope that MC's brothers can be resurrected or are actually alive. They all seem interesting. <<less
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crossfire92 rated it
September 2, 2018
Status: c454
What I like about this novel.

  • Funny moments.
  • MC cares about his country and the leadership of the country genuinely cares for his citizens.
  • MC has deep emotional ties with his brothers and slowly develops equally deep ties with other characters.
  • Tremendous character development.
  • Possible female interests all have unique personalities. (No idea where the harem is coming from but none yet at chapter 454!)
  • All characters good or bad have rational reasons to behave as they do.
  • Some fights are emotionally taxing for the readers and some fights are pretty hilarious. The variation keeps it refreshing.
What I don't like about this novel:

  • The enemies the MC has to face are all extremely powerful and the pressure on the MC specifically is really horrible. I feel its too heavily skewed and that makes it a bit ridiculous he was still alive 454 chapters later. Granted he's a freaking genius and extremely well hidden... But ultimately I hate that because I really care about the MC...
  • This is a LONG story. It's basically an epic struggle of one man VS a huge overpowering monarch organization who spend all their free time as spymasters. The only reason this is a negative is because the story isn't finished yet and when I started this it was only translated to chapter 200... So I've had to wait months to find out whats happening to the MC.
  • One of the female leads is way too tsundere.
  • All the families not in the MC's country are kinda dicks to their kids.
  • Some of the people the MC cares for dies. It's unclear in one case if they truly did die but another is definitely dead.
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June 2, 2018
Status: --
Okey Fengling Tianxia is someone who to be honest if I was to explain his novels after his first one.

His novels are basically the same person wearing the same clothes only difference is the colour.

This is because the setting, characters, world and even plot is up to 90% the exact same across most of his work.

... more>> So if you read one of them you've pretty much read them all, no joke.

So for me I gotta wait at least 1-2 years to read another one so as to forget stuff.

This novel is also one of these and to be frank this review covers all of them to some degree.

The good points.

- It is for the most part well written and thought out.

- The fights are fairly interesting

- The plot is good though a bit generic and predictable

- It has humour and it is not to over the top or happens to often

The bad points

- Every novel is as mentioned the same

- Generic and forced harem


Though no harem tag all the author's works have harem, some of the heroines introduced are super similar to previous harem members and are gunning for MC while he had shown interest. MC also promised the dying father of his friend that he would make a big enough family and have enough kids to make up for his 8 companions who didn't get to make a family. So harem pretty much confirmed.


- MC's reason for doing everything feels forced at times

- The author has a habit of sometimes force feeding the reader stuff which makes some parts eithet boring or extremly predictable.

All in all compared to many other chinese novels and authors Fenglings works are very good but as mentioned you would do best to either only read one or wait a long time to read the next one.

4/5 For first time read

2/5 For anyone else since their all the same. <<less
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Moxmox rated it
October 5, 2019
Status: c400
[I will update this once I've read more]

So far... I'm annoyed. This MC is the most cowardly and fake MC of all of this author's mcs.

400 chapters in and most of these chapters are just the MC being a cuck who kisses the asses of all his enemies and going undercover.

... more>> There has been zero character development.

There has been zero relationship progression between the MC and any of his friends and family.

The MC, himself... is too afraid to actually use his real name.

He lies to all his friends and family. He uses the excuse of not wanting to put them in danger, yet he still puts them all in danger anyway. So all the lies make no sense.

The use of aliases just for the sake of using them.. is worse than the MC of the ultimate scheming system. At least the ultimate scheming system is meant to be a parody. This novel here isn't a parody. It's this author's worst novel imo.

I will dreadfully carry on reading this novel. Mainly because I hope the MC stops being a cuck. I hope the author has more in store than just plot after plot of shitty undercover roles. I hope the author puts in some flare from his other novels in this one.

Right now, this MC truly is not likeable, at all. I can't stress enough how much I hate nonstop undercover plots. This is the only MC I've ever seen in a serious wuxia, who is too cowardly to use his real name. This is a hollow MC. For wuxia lovers, thete is nothing worse than a hollow MC

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Anonymousse rated it
July 20, 2017
Status: c79
Not the ordinary 风凌天下 style of writings if you ever read OEM, TTNH, RITF, or any other of her novels.


If I may describe, novels usually have a fresh and light contents with all the jokes and comedy.

... more>> But in "I am supreme" everything are more gloomy and serious if u wanna avoid word "depressed". Even the beginning are kinda stressful, where MC is the sole survivor of an army because of an ambush plot.

Despite the writing have different style, this novel still have a good chance to become epic if the author already prepare a good storyline for the future. Nevertheless, Give this novel a chance since it just begins with 99+chapters and still ongoing...


Description so far:

Nine Supremes, a mercenaries group of nine individuals with extraordinary talents and mysterious background. They are the pride of Yutang kingdom. They create miracles and bring victories to every battlefield they fight in, which made them become the backbones of Yutangs military forces. Until one day, they perished in battle by an ambush. No survivor... or at least thats what the worlds though...

Yun Yang, son of Marquis Yun, a noble family of Yutang kingdom. Nobody knows he have another hidden identity. He is Supreme Cloud, the youngest and the brain of he Nine Supremes. He miraculously survive the massacre and become the sole survivor. Rise from under the piles of corpses of his comrades, brothers, and friends, he vow to take a vengeance of everyone whos involved in it. Yet... as the clues are gathered, he realize that everything might not what it seems in the surfaces. Theres plots, schemes, traitors, spies everywhere as most of the world seems tobe involved in the Nine Supreme falls. Still... BLOOD. MUST. BE PAID. BY. BLOOD.

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